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review 2017-08-24 15:50
Heart of Fire (Legends of the Storm) (Volume 1) - Bec McMaster

A new series from the author that brought us the steampunk series, London Steampunk, is now trying her hand at dragons in 1800s Iceland. This was a fresh spin on the dragon genre of paranormal romance and I liked Bec's take on the lore. The two main characters were strong and suited each other well. The plot developed nicely and slowly, and also kept the reader entertained. The conflict and villains varied in degrees of badness and not all bad guys ended up actually being bad guys, which kept it fresh and moving along. Freyja was a strong character and I am curious about her origins because Bec doesn't tell us in this book what her origins are though little teaser hints are dropped along the way. Watching Rurik work to win her was fun and their passion was good though I could have used more. Overall, this series definitely has potential and I am already wanting to read more about the dragons and Rurik's path towards returning home and confronting his uncle and mother. 

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text 2017-08-22 10:17
'Myths & Magic: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection'
Myths & Magic: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection - Kerry Adrienne,Bec McMaster,Felicia Beasley,L.B. Gilbert,Jade Kerrion,Anne Renwick,Lisa Lace,Melle Amade,Michael Trozzo,Lily Thorn,Ilana Waters,Erin Richards,R. E. Vance,Cheri Schmidt,Tristan Hunt,CC Dragon,Bradon Nave,D.A. Roach,Katalina Leon,Boone Brux,

'Myths & Magic: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection' is a box set by various authors.
Kin Selection by L.B. Gilbert is the book I am reviewing. This is the story of Denise Hammond and Yogi Kane.
Denise and her group save Chimps and such for animal testing as such and on one of those missions she see a wolf cub who she can't help but take with her. Since the chimps have places they can ship them to save their lives they have no such place for a wolf cub so she takes him. But Denise soon learns he is also a baby.
Yogi has been asked to find a baby / cub named Oliver from the rival Avery's Pack. Oliver's father past awhile back and now the mother and Oliver a missing. Yogi finds the mother has died and Oliver missing but it doesn't take him long to find the baby with Denise. Yogi kidnaps her and the baby and takes them back with him.
I enjoyed their story!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."



Source: www.amazon.com/Myths-Magic-Science-Fiction-Collection-ebook/dp/B072LPDFQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1503265276&sr=8-1&keywords=Myths+and+Magic+L.B.+Gilbert
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review 2017-07-12 12:55
Review: The Mech Who Loved Me by Bec McMaster
The Mech Who Loved Me (The Blue Blood Conspiracy Book 2) - Bec McMaster

We first met Ava McLaren, blue blood and former Nighthawk, when she was captured and tortured in Perry’s book, Forged by Desire. Hague infected her with the craving virus and replaced her heart with a working, clockwork heart. She was recruited by Lord Malloryn as part of the Company of Rogues. Ava had been crushing on the only man who was nice to her after her ordeal. However, Byrnes’s wedding to his love, Ingrid, is where The Mech Who Loved Me opens, about six weeks after conclusion of previous book. While Ava may be a bit forlorn, she confides in Perry she has had recent feelings towards fellow Rogue, Kincaid.


Liam Kincaid spent much of his life as a slave to the blue blood Echelon after receiving his mech arm. He blames the blue bloods for the deaths of his brother and sister, leaving him to ponder why Malloryn recruited him as a Rogue. He finds Ava attractive, but the fact that she’s a virgin, wants to marry, and is a blue blood is enough to keep him away. Yet the more time he works with Ava, the less cynical he becomes.


The second story in the continuing tales of blue bloods and humans in an alternate London is a hit! Ms. McMaster continues her exciting, well-spun storytelling with another beautiful, sexy romance, while continuing to unfold the mysteries of the Sons of Gideon, Lord Ulbricht, and the secretive dhampirs. The overarching storyline involving a plot against rogue blue bloods and humans alike progresses nicely. But the heart of the story is the romance between shy Ava and weathered Kincaid. The pair is simultaneously sweet and sexy; reserved and passionate. 


Ms. McMaster started with two very interesting characters in Ava and Kincaid, then allows each to grow and develop over the course of The Mech Who Loved Me. Watching both find their own way in this new and changing world was rewarding; seeing them find friendship and love was wonderful. Theirs is a relationship of give and take, until they find their own new normal, accepting the other as both a whole, yet their own missing half. 


The mysterious and complex plots to bring about chaos and anarchy gain momentum and focus over the course of the book. I like that the story took one avenue of this conspiracy to its end, while leaving open other threads for further development.


Overall, I found The Mech Who Loved Me an entertaining read. I enjoyed Ava and Kincaid’s story, and loved that it ran parallel to the deepening plot of Ulbricht’s attempt to create chaos. Neither storyline overtook they other, and I felt they complimented each other. I look forward to the next installment of Ms. McMaster’s wonderful series.


My Rating:  B+ Liked It A Lot

Review copy provided by author

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review 2017-06-26 22:26
The Mech Who Loved Me (The Blue Blood Conspiracy Book 2) - Bec McMaster

The next installment of Bec McMaster's London Steampunk series brings together a Mech who hates Blue Bloods and a Blue Blood who doesn't like drinking blood and is the most innocent and sweet woman Kincaid has ever met. I loved their chemistry and their adventure as they seek out the Sons of Gilead and a mysterious poison that can kill Blue Bloods. Along the way, Kincaid comes to re-evaluate his beliefs and Ava learns to trust a man that in a lot of ways is her complete opposite. Their passion, their love affair, their adventure, and the road they take in getting to know and love each other was both sweet and enticing. He brings out the naughty side of the virgin Ava and she brings out the softer and more compassionate side in Kincaid. Perfect match. The culmination at the end with the conflicts and plot were great; it kept you turning the page to see if they were going to survive to love another day or walk away from each other at the end of the case.  The story was great. I love it.

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review 2017-01-26 13:37
The Last True Hero (The Burned Lands Book 2) - Bec McMaster

Book two in Bec McMaster's post-apocalyptic series was entertaining and a fun adventure. Book 2 follows Adam as he wonders the Wastelands after being run-out of the town he founded once his secret was revealed that he is a warg.  He finds himself in Mia's bar and there is something about Mia that keeps him coming back around to verbally spar and flirt with her.  He steps up to help her town rescue a group of women who are kidnapped to be sold in the slave markets.  While on their adventure, sparks fly between Adam and Mia, and battles ensue between them and revenants (zombies), reivers (criminal-minded humans hell bent on destruction), and of course wargs (men who turn into werewolves). I enjoyed their story.  I did like book one, Nobody's Hero, more than book two, but I did enjoy their love story and adventure. 

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