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review 2018-01-22 18:45
Splatterpunk Fighting Back
Splatterpunk Fighting Back - Dave Benton,Jack Bantry,Tim Curran,Rich Hawkins,Duncan Ralston,Glenn Rolfe,Bracken MacLeod,Kristopher Rufty,Adam Millard,John Boden,Matt Shaw,W.D. Gagliani,George Daniel,Elizabeth Power

 For me, this anthology was nearly perfect. Almost every single story hit home with me, and the fact that the purchase of this anthology benefits the fight against cancer makes it that much sweeter.


Without further ado-these are the stories that affected me most, in the order in which they knocked off my socks:


MOLLY by Glenn Rolfe. I have read a number of Glenn's works now and it's my opinion that he's an author to watch. With this story, he has arrived! A killer doll, a hotel, sexy women and weak men-add them all together and what have you got? Molly. 5*


LIMB MEMORY by Tim Curran. It sucks to lose an arm. Turns out that it also sucks when the arm comes back! 5*


THE GOING RATE by John Boden. A super short, shocking story! LOVED. IT. 5*


EXTINCTION THERAPY by Bracken MacLeod. Beautifully written with one of those punch-in-the-gut endings that I adore. 5*


THEY SWIM BY NIGHT by Adam Millard. Who doesn't love a good story about sirens? (Not like on police cars, but like in ancient mythology.) You have to ignore those singing ladies, or they'll get you every time. 4*


THE PASSION OF THE ROBERTSONS by Duncan Ralston. This was gross, funny and messed up all at once. 4*


FEAST OF CONSEQUENCES by W.D. Gagliani and Dave Benton. This story was a constant stream of Oh No! Followed by YES! I 'll let you guess upon which of those the story ended. 4*


DARLA'S PROBLEM by Kristofer Rufty. This being my first Rufty story, I wonder why I've waited so long to check him out. When Darla comes to you with a problem-take her seriously.


SPLATTERPUNK FIGHTING BACK was an anthology that totally worked for me, and I'm guessing even though it's only January, this will be included in my best anthologies of the year.




You can buy a copy here, (remember-proceeds go towards fighting cancer):

Splatterpunk Fighting Back 

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review 2015-05-15 17:14
Operation: Ice Bat review
Operation Ice Bat - Brian Keene,Christopher Golden,J. F. Gonzalez,Mary SanGiovanni,Kelli Owen,James A. Moore,Robert Swartwood

Quality collections of stories from a gaggle of different authors are difficult to find. In fact, I'd go so far as to say they're rare enough in the literary wilderness to be considered an endangered species. What a relief then to find one edited by Brian Keene that, after a slowish start, ends up being an excellent selection of mostly horrific tales. And better still, it's all in the name of helping out a friend of many of the authors included here, Dave "Meteornotes" Thomas.

Operation: Ice Bat opens strongly with Christopher Golden's BREATHE MY NAME, a tale of a group of miners trapped underground and slowly dying of asphyxiation, before taking a major downward detour with Kelli Owen's ho-hum, THE TIN BOX. Unfortunately things then go from mediocre to perhaps the worst story in the entire collection in the form of the almost-incomprehensible FOR WHOM WE MOURN by Geoff Cooper. It was right around here that I was sighing and shaking my head, ready to be disappointed by yet another short story collection.

Thankfully, Mandy Degeit's ultra-short and incredible effective INVIOLABLE righted the flagging ship, before Nate Southard knocked it out of the park with his excellent MOUTH (seriously, this one should be a novel all of its own). There follow a few average stories - including one very odd piece by Michele Mixwell that feels completely out of place when compared to what else is on offer in Operation: Ice Bat - though THE TASTE OF OUR INDISCRETION as Robert Ford's version of what death may be like is entertaining enough in its own right. Keene then slots in his own bizarre homage to all things Robert Howard with THE GUARDIAN OF TSALAL, which is too ridiculous to be taken as anything other than his practice run at writing weird fantasy before The Lost Level.

The back third of the book is almost all quality, however. EMILY'S KILL by James A Moore mixes Sherlock Holmes with H P Lovecraft to intriguing effect (at least until a massive cheat of an ending robs the reader of what should have been the best part); I'M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY by Mike Lombardo is another excellent tale depicting a different type of apocalypse featuring Santa in a way you'll never have seen him before; while Michael H Antonio's THE WRETCHED SPAWN hits all the right buttons in describing the opening minutes of Cthulhu's rise out of the ocean depths near a tourist-filled city.

But for sheer creeping dread, the reader need look no further than Mary San Giovanni's THE MIME. I'm not sure how up to date her horror-film viewing is, but if I were her, I'd be asking my lawyers to take a fairly close look at the recent film, It Follows, to determine if she has a viable case of plagiarism on her hands. Finally, the collection concludes with another clever (though considerably less creepy) story, this time in the form of NOOGLE KNOCK by Robert Swartwood.

I haven't quite mentioned every story within Operation: Ice Bat, and truth be told, I didn't overly love any that I've missed singling out. But they were all absolutely fine; they just did not shine next to some of the excellent tales specified above.

In terms of number crunching, there are eighteen stories collected within Operation: Ice Bat. I truly loved four of them, really enjoyed six others, found five to be distinctly average, and really disliked three. For me, with my penchant for longer horror fiction, those are some pretty damn fine numbers.

So do yourself a favour, help out a good cause, and pick this one up. It's well worth it.

4 Sidelong Glimpses of a Creepy as Fuck Mime for Operation: Ice Bat.

Source: www.horrorafterdark.com/2015/05/review-operation-ice-bat-edited-by-brian-keene
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text 2014-03-20 01:46
Dance Like a Monkey for CJ Henderson



We don’t just want to do something, we want to do the very best we can. Right now CJ is laying in a hospital bed while they pump poison into his veins for four straight days…96 hours. Can you imagine that? Forget about how utterly horrible it would make you feel to have that stuff entering your body. Forget about how uncomfortable it would be to stay in the same place for all that time wondering if this time it’s actually going to work. Just think about how expensive that must be to lay in that bed for four days constantly getting medication. My husband was in the hospital for just the weekend getting saline in his veins and that was over $25,000 for just two nights of basically salt water.


CJ doesn’t have a job that gives him medical leave, or disability, or even basic health care. If CJ can’t work, CJ doesn’t get paid. Can you imagine worrying about that while lying in that hospital bed? Worrying about your wife and daughter, your mother-in-law, all who depend on you to provide their basic needs? Heck, worrying about all the convention organizers and fans you are disappointing each time you have no choice but to cancel a show…that’s what CJ’s doing. I know because CJ is my friend and I hear these things.


Let me say it again, we DON’T just want to do something, we want to do the VERY BEST we can. That doesn’t just mean meeting our campaign goal. That doesn’t mean hitting a few stretch goals. That means blowing them all out of the water. We need your help for that. We are providing our time, effort, and talent for absolutely NO compensation beyond the satisfaction that we are doing everything we can to help our friend, a man who has given so much to the fannish community in time and enjoyment and brilliant writing. In answering the hopeful author’s questions and offering guidance to those just starting out. CJ doesn’t just look out for himself, he keeps an eye out for all of us and does a good turn where he can.


We aren’t asking much, just return the favor. Chip in a few bucks to get a fantastic anthology. Post or Like or Share our updates on what we are doing and why. Maybe even dance a little…for a good cause. All it takes is a click of a button. Maybe one day of bringing your lunch to work. The sacrifice of the smallest bit of your dignity. Not much. But together think what we can accomplish with those little efforts. Everyone who pledges even just $10 gets an anthology full of high-quality stories by authors at the top of the industry. If we hit stretch goals there are a ton of perks that come with it. Free ebooks. Free music. Free audiobooks. Extra stories. We take this high enough and you get more than one anthology and CJ gets just a little bit of breathing room.


Keep those monkeys dancing and keep those nickels coming!



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