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review 2017-08-23 03:19
Ice Blue - Emma Jameson

I read this as it was one of GR groups August value book read.


Ice Blue is the first book in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series.  I have mixed feelings about this book, in fact I nearly gave up before the end of the first chapter.


First of all this is a supposed to be a cosy mystery so I did not like the racism shown towards Muslim DS Bhar or the fact he joked about being in the Taliban.  Secondly, although this book is set in London I think it was written to appeal to an American audience.   The first couple of chapters were littered with American phrases not used in the UK such as home invasion, janitors,  homicide and car lot.  The most cringy was when Kate Wakefield called her boss a plonker -  I have never hear that word outside of Only Fools and Horses.


However, the mystery was good fun and I loved the characters in this  book.   Lord Anthony 'Tony' Hetheridge an officer with an unblemished career who enjoys fencing in his spare time.  Mrs Snell who serves Lord Hetheridge a cooked breakfast on a silver platter at work every day. Feisty DS Kate Wakefield who is single and bring up her nephew Henry and carer to her brother Ritchie who has learning disabilities.  I also like DS Darinder 'Paul' Bhar who is intelligent with a dry sense of humour.


Although this is not my usual type of book it was a fun, fast read with likeable characters I have book  4 on TBR list, I look forward to reading what happens next..  

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review 2017-08-22 03:12
Heat Trap (The Plumber's Mate #3)
Heat Trap - J.L. Merrow

Oh geez, so much going on in this one! 


I complained in my review for the last book that I thought Tom and Phil's relationship took a backseat. That was not the case here. The case Phil's working on effects them both personally and even brings out some secrets Phil has been hiding about himself. It really tests their relationship, bringing up old concerns, but doesn't go into melodrama territory. 


The case is again well-done. Marianne, the new bartender at the Dyke, is running from her abusive ex-boyfriend, and Phil's asked to dig up dirt on him. The ex is a Douche-with-a-capital-D and annoyingly wily when it comes to the law. 

And I can't believe Tom fell for Grant's line about being misunderstood. Com'n Tom, that's Abuser Manipulation 101.

(spoiler show)

This has some good and creepy twists to it and definitely doesn't end up anywhere I thought it would.


On the personal front, Tom's still trying to sort out how he feels about a family secret coming out in the previous book,

about his mother having an affair and his father not being his biological father,

(spoiler show)

so there are family tensions to deal with but again it avoids from going into melodramatic territory. I enjoyed seeing more of Cherry and Greg, and of course Gary and Darren are always a hoot. Oh, and I have to give a shout out to Arthur and Merlin too. They're just the coolest cats, if maybe a bit too quick with their affections. :D

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text 2017-08-21 09:57
book about laser pointer you will like

Because of the high brightness, so the heat is relatively high, immediately after the image file related to Hyun time management, CAP, if you wish, the laser pen this tradition is no longer through the traditional product evolution "n years Star Wars" in the Jedi Knight Mostly turned to the rear, similar to the lightsaber, saw a lot of laser pen. Resistance technology wide laser pen blue is very high, the laser life is set to have an adjustable reflector and lens super - heat resistant to about 2000 hours when the handle is not burned can have different characteristics to switch the various exposure methods Between the handle lighting areas in most cases, due to significant gold problems solved in more practical and lighter uses.

USB Interface Laser Pen

The box is wide enough to hold the battery connection cover and the laser target inside the portable battery, the foam will need to be closed by the box, thus the portable laser in the memory block. I received this new manual class 3 laser pointer in the solid box is the male package and the hand-held laser.In addition, it includes a 1000mW laser pointer for the portable and the two with a laser lock release key body, and a 3.5 mm front sleeve punch line can be connected to a remote operating system to allow the laser. Everything is from the outside of the box, and the foam-containing filler material is large. However, the laser pointer body of the cutting insert has no fixed battery cover. So, laser the portable memory, remove the battery cover. In general, this is not a key issue and during storage, the battery can be removed from the red pen laser - is a good idea anyway. It takes a small amount of unit before the time spent together, it may be in the low light problem.

This green laser pen is not bright enough. I have a similar product, I bought 50 euros, it is very bright. A laser pointer is used in everyday life, especially in the environment where education is everywhere.This kind of hand-held laser has enough pocket ingredients, you know what - what you keep. The body laser sight information and more labels contain a warning. Click on the maximum label on the body placed - just above the pressure, click on a button to close. The label warns that the laser is a quasi - for professionals and 18 years old. It seems that the laser 5 to 10 minutes duty cycle. With at least 1 minute. I got this laser, hopefully it would be comparable to the 4 level IT project about 3 m radius, though. It was nice to have a laser pointer that was not heavy and would not accidentally open like my old belt. The fact that it uses only one battery makes this laser lighter than I expected.

My family all likes this pointer green laser pointer 200mW! It is so small, but full of function, and he carried the field with the scene! It does not include the battery requirements, so be sure to make sure you have a 18650 battery, so when it happens, you can try! It has different modes and levels of light, including high power, high and low. Another book focuses on the blue laser on the reflective surface. When using this, you can instinctively avoid direct pointing to yourself or others, but you may touch the surface with shiny neglected and others cause problems with the eyes to send enough energy. In addition, even with limited contact, you can not "blind" it may kill every small piece of the retina. Your brain will make a mistake to correct, so you will not notice, but repeated damage will have a cumulative effect. Please be careful.While my husband will use it for emergencies and random things will be perfectly run, camping, reading, fishing, hunting, or keeping in your wallet or briefcase. After playing with it for a while, we realized there was a different way to use it. I am honest for me to receive this product for free. If you have a mobile phone with a flash, use only, do not waste this money on your purchase of powerful green lasers. It is such a small light is not enough. Note: I received this product at a lower price in exchange for a fair review.

Press the PLAY button to see how he did it. This item is not for the faint heart: it is quite dedicated components and welding, but with your friends camping when the Varela value, you point to your mobile laser to start the fire hand on the fire. DIY laser extraction DVD burner, drill into a small flashlight to create a 2000mw high output power laser portable can ignite matches and explode the balloon.For more information, Kip paste molds Instructables. Update: Some readers have rightly pointed out that your portable laser series can represent human safety risks, especially when pointing out the eye. Pay attention to your child, according to your own risk, because you will treat weapons and so on.



Source: www.kitlaser.com
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review 2017-08-21 00:08
The Glamour Thieves by Don Allmon
The Glamour Thieves (Blue Unicorn) - Don... The Glamour Thieves (Blue Unicorn) - Don Allmon

JT has managed to build a good business and a good life - not and for an orc and former criminal

But his past comes back to haunt him - namely in the hands of the very very sexy elf Austin. His ex and definitely bad news. JT should tell him to leave. JT shouldn’t have anything to do with him. JT should definitely not believe anything he says

But the threat against one of his dearly loved old compatriots is not something to ignore… of course the question then is, just how much has Austin lied this time?

Well that was incredibly different - and extremely fun and exciting to read. I need more of this, so much more of this.

Our main characters are Austin and JT, an orc and an elf, two men and two lovers. They’re joined by Buzz, a human, a man and another leg to their love triangle

And normally I’d cringe because there’s no quicker me to make me run for the hills than a love triangle - but this really works. It isn’t a matter of jealousy (though jealousy is certainly there), so much as different men bringing different things to the relationship. I love that their relationships are complicated and layered, with JT seeing different qualities in Buzz and Austin and valuing both for different reasons. There’s no real spectre of a happily ever after and the conflicts are very reasonable based on the very complicated histories between these characters which casts wide shadows on them.

Their relationships are very real, not overtly romanticised, often very gritty, with very real emotional conflict between the characters. I can really feel the history of these characters, what has past between them and how that makes their current relationships really fraught and difficult. At the same time, despite being an important element of the story, the romance does not completely overwhelm the plot by having confusing romance elements in life-or-death situations, etc.

It’s also blessedly free of the usual tropes and stereotypes we see about gay men and gay relationships - so many tropes that are almost mandatory in any story with men in relationships with each other. One of the more intriguing elements is that JT, the huge huge huge massive, super-huge orc is a bottom while Austin, the elf, is a top. Yes, it’s a simple thing but in a genre where fake gender roles are often imposed on characters in a same-sex relationship, it stands out. Equally the fact that Austin is definitely a more physically dangerous character is noteworthy. These characters are really awesomely deep, nuanced, relationships with each other with no tropy subtexts and no rigid romance paths. And they have some really good hot sex which, yes, I actually find hot (I have very very very very rarely actually found many written sex scenes remotely appealing) while at the same time being appropriate to the plot.

Frankly, if this were the only good thing about this book, I’d honestly still love it because I loved this so very very much. But there’s also so much more

This world is awesome - we have a really excellent Shadowrun/cyberpunk world going on here which I love. We have a world with traditionally fantasy world characters - wizards, orcs, elves in a technological setting - but an almost futuristic technology with cyberspace and networks in everything from minor networks for cars and huge, sweeping networks that can cover entire cities with grafitti’d, crowd sourced hacking. This creates almost a parallel realm that has to be acknowledged and taken into account in most encounters. To use an RPG parallel, your party needs a hacker as much as it needs a wizard or a warrior.

This creates a lot of levels of complexity, especially since orcs and elves are apparent recent additions to society, there’s lots of hints at dystopia and a dystopian event and there’s also an interesting take on the idea of magic and technology not mixing. This is a very old trope and one of those genre rules that has been so long that you do kind of wonder why it has become such a mandatory thing (like werewolves and vampires hating each other). What is intriguing in this case is we have a sci-fi, hyper technological society with those parallel cybernet realms means that a character who has and uses magic is effectively cut off from this. We see JT bonding with his car with his mind, turning his drones into extension of his own consciousness which was really excellently done (and an awesome part of the world) and through the power of this awesome description we realise that Austin, a character with magic, is expressly excluded from this world. This isn’t like, say, Harry Dresden being annoyed because he can’t use a computer or his car is unreliable; there are huge parts of this world that a magic user is expressly denying themselves for the sake of magic. At the same time, when we see the choice Roane made to get technological implants, we also see the implications, even the horror, of this elf expressly turning her back on her innate magic to gain access to this technological world.




Read More


Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/08/the-glamour-thieves-by-don-allmon.html
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text 2017-08-18 20:24
Trying to be Accountable Again: Weekly TBR Pile

I am just going to keep up with my weekly borrows and holds. Forget my TBR list. You don't want to see it.



Image result for shaking head gif


I am going to use the tag "Libraries Rock" since all of these are borrows and holds at my library. 





Zero! Yep, I just finished up with all of my borrows and returned them all. Sorry for the review flood, I had a ton of books that were waiting for me to finish them up. I think that I have to be careful with keeping in mind how limited my free time is right now to just provide updates now. I had so many books happening and I just didn't have the energy to post here and also on Goodreads.




Cover image for The LikenessCover image for The Tea Girl of Hummingbird LaneCover image for StartupCover image for Defy the Stars Series, Book 1


Cover image for The NarrowsCover image for NeverwhereCover image for Into the WaterCover image for In a Dark, Dark Wood


Cover image for Bird BoxCover image for The Cruelest Month


What is your TBR pile looking like? 

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