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url 2017-05-16 14:06
Stand Up For Free Speech And Forests!

Join us in encouraging the publishing industry to send a strong message to Resolute.

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review 2017-04-08 02:45
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun? - Brian P. Cleary,Jenya Prosmitsky

A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What is a Noun? is another fun story by Brian Cleary. It is to be read with a lot of enthusiasm, because this story gives students an exciting route to learning parts of speech.


This book's reading level ranges from K-2; I would read this story aloud in a 1st grade classroom and as I am reading, I would have my students either hold their thumbs up each time they hear a person, place or thing, or write down a few nouns they heard throughout the story and repeat them after reading. Then I would give them a list of nouns and have them decide if each is a person, place or thing. An extension would be to have them to a creative writing activity, giving them a number of nouns to have in a story they create.

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review 2017-03-29 01:59
Irregular Plurals
Feet and Puppies, Thieves and Guppies: What Are Irregular Plurals? - Brian P. Cleary,Brian Gable

I really enjoyed this story. Brian Cleary's series provides an awesome way for students to engage in learning parts of speech while reading fun, entertaining stories.


With this story, I would first define irregular plurals and give examples. Then we would read the story, and I would have students go back through together and find plural words, deciding if they are regular or irregular and dividing them on a graphic organizer.


Grade level: 2-4th

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review 2017-02-01 16:03
A Mink, A Fink, A Skating Rink
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun? - Brian P. Cleary,Jenya Prosmitsky

This book centers around nouns. It presents many different nouns throughout the book and even presents the nouns in different color text. It is engaging and makes introducing or reviewing nouns a more enjoyable experience for all without as much work. 


I would use this book to introduce the topic of nouns or review in upper grades. 


Developmental Reading Assessment Level - 34

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review 2016-09-05 10:44
Leo continue his life as a better man
The Secret Speech - Tom Rob Smith

The story continued on where Child 44 left off. Leo has a family now and is working on murder cases as the head of an investigation unit.


Leo is still struggling as a new man. The story continue to see how other people see him, as one cannot really tell he has changed on the inside.


I like the way that the story didn't skip over the fact that the girls' parents were killed when Leo was investigating them. The older girl held him responsible and hated him as part of her remembrance for her parents. 


There are a lot of action in this one. Leo is just trying to live as a new man. But there are more force at play here. The secret speech is no longer a secret. Now the speech itself is a view as a challenge to the authority because it has a officer admitting that they tortured people for political reason. 


I thought free speech would bring change. It does, but it depends a lot of how willing the people in power willingness to give up this power. That is the country I'm living in now. Those in power fear of losing it so much that they torture people and stop people from speaking by enforced disappearance. 


People didn't learn from history would only repeat the same mistake. As it is in real life, the mind is not free if the person didn't read or allow themselves to think outside of the state preferred line. 


A good story. 


A 4.5 stars story with only pages to go. 


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