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text 2017-10-10 15:39
Personal Reading Challenge Update

Mid-October seems a good time to do a status check on my two personal reading challenges, and I'm doing pretty damn good on both!


This is the first year that I've tried to be deliberate in my reading, both in terms of what and how much I'm reading, and to actually track and measure success. 


How Much: The 2017 Reading Challenge

I really wasn't sure I could read 90 books in one year, but I've actually hit my goal already with 2 1/2 months to go!


What: The HA 2017 Mount TBR Challenge

In my ongoing battle to whittle down the number of books on my physical TBR shelves, I joined this challenge and have been forcing myself to stay out of the bookstores all year long. So the goal was to read at least 40 books that I already owned prior to January 2017 during this calendar year, and I've done pretty well, although I started ramping up my efforts this month. I have been using the various book bingos and other games to try to choose only from my physical TBR, and that has helped. I think I'm going to do this again in 2018, but it's killing me to stay out of the bookstores. Still, my bookshelves are getting more manageable. I'll post a shelfie later!


Disclaimer: Although I have marked the books "read" for the purposes of these challenges, I am including books that I DNF'd. And I am not shy about abandoning books if they aren't working for me. Still, as far as I'm concerned, just getting to them and having a final disposition counts!



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review 2017-10-04 10:00
Haunted Blade (Colbana Files # 6) by J.C. Daniels Review
Haunted Blade (Colbana Files Book 6) - J... Haunted Blade (Colbana Files Book 6) - J.C. Daniels



Haunted, Hunted…and harassed.

Never let it be said that Kit Colbana had ever been given the easy road. Or even the semi-paved road. Only weeks after dealing with the mysterious—and murderous—being called Puck, she’s got another killer on her hands. Perhaps even two.

Some of the bodies turning up bring up haunting memories of a past she longs to forget, but as always, that past is chasing her at her heels, like a hated shadow.

As the body count racks up, there’s an imbalance of power, particularly among the vampire population, and Kit must yet again deal with ugly memories as one of the monsters who tried to break her is set free to deal with the imbalance of power. Yet while a power struggle rages in East Orlando, there’s another, more subtle battle taking place and Kit feels like the center of it all.

Arrogant? Maybe. But the dead bodies don’t bear the mark of her grandmother’s pet killer by sheer coincidence…and she doubts her nemesis being released is either.




Kit Colbana’s back and she has another killer (or is it two?) on her hands which means she’s up to her eyeballs in thrilling suspense and drama.


The twists keep coming and I get a quite the adrenaline rush when I become immersed in Kit’s life, it’s full of adventure, action, drama, suspense and romance. The series is full of interesting characters and lots of magic, some good and some bad with Kit having to deal with it all while handling her personal angst and drama, which draws readers in and refuses to let go.


Between her love with life with the sexy cat and her evil family, Kit’s life is quite exciting, but when you add in her job and The Assembly, you get lots of twists and excitements and this time is no different, the vampires are mixing things up and what’s more, her nemesis being released just may be her last straw. The story is fast paced with the action and drama being a roller coaster ride of thrills throughout the book, which keeps the reader on the edge and the suspense has readers biting their nails wondering if Kit’s going to come out on top. Her magic is adding a few surprises to Kit’s arsenal and the repertoire between Kit, her companions and her enemies are full of snark and attitude. 


Kit may have lots of enemies but she also seems to be gaining allies which hints there is much more to come in Kit’s life, especially since some of those allies have her questioning their motives and wondering just what they are up to. I can’t wait to find out what happens next, especially as it seems the big bad grandmother is going wreck even more havoc in Kit’s life.


4 Stars


Haunted Blade is the 6th book in:

Colbana Files


Find J.C. Daniels at:

Website   Goodreads   Facebook   Twitter



Kindle   iBooks   Kobo   BN   GPlay

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review 2017-09-23 14:47
The Duke of Danger (The Untouchables) by Darcy Burke
The Duke of Danger (The Untouchables Book 6) - Darcy Burke


His reputation precedes him, but it's his heart that tortures him.  Will it lead to his undoing or become his saving grace?  One moment changed a man's life.  One choice set in motion a chain of events that connected the lives of three people forever.  Out of greed, guilt and violence comes a romance as passionate as it is heartbreaking.  Lionel and Emmaline are unwitting pawns in an ugly conspiracy set in motion by a dangerous man.  When the tide turns in their favor, will they survive the revelations it brings with it? Duke of Danger is an exciting twist of fate romance.  It appeals to the romantic while feeding a need for adventure and seducing with passion.  A big story in a tiny package.

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review 2017-09-18 05:34
Will and Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married #6) by Leta Blake
Will & Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married Book 6) - Alice Griffiths,Leta Blake

I really wanted to strangle Owen in this one, even more than Tony. 

And Will, but not so much, maybe a little ;) ...cause he's too cute for words. 

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2017-09-03 17:29
No Rating
Dark Embrace (Dark Gothic Book 6) - Eve ... Dark Embrace (Dark Gothic Book 6) - Eve Silver

I deliberately gave no rating; from a technical point of view: there were a few typos (auto-correct?) but that was not why.


I quite liked the first two in this series; the next three were okay but nothing special.  It was my first foray into gothic style romance (okay, other then many years ago Victoria Holt) so I was not entirely sure what to expect. I had already pre-ordered this one and after the last three had meant to cancel the order but forgot.


The book (the reader will know early on) took a paranormal turn. Vampire novels just don't do it for me. 

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