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review 2017-10-11 00:21
218 First Hugs
218 First Hugs (Book 3 of the "First" series) - E.L. Todd

Title:  218 First Hugs

Author:  E. L. Todd

Publisher: E.L.T.  

Series: First # 3

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  Five



"218 First Hugs" by E. L. Todd


My Thoughts.....


What a very interesting ending to a truly good series.  There were so many twist and turns that will put one on quite a emotional ride as you read through this series. I would definitely suggest that you start with the first two series so you will know what all has gone on earlier in this whole captivating story. All of the characters from Bree, Cypress, Amelia, Ace, Blade, Celeste to even Evan were all well developed giving the reader a relatable and believable read.  The titles for all of these series were just very unique as this author always seems to give her readers some interesting reads. I will say it was a good ending for all of the characters in how this author was able to  gives all a HEA in this well written and one awesome story.

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review 2017-10-08 00:19
Review: English River: Amish Horses by Thomas Nye
English River: Amish Horses Series Book III - Thomas Nye

English River is about a young man who is thinking of becoming Amish. He got a girlfriend and works on his uncle farm. What will his decision be? He as an English friend named Johnny and he a has a wife and soon to be a father.


In the process of thinking and work, he finds out a lot about himself and his uncle family. There he seems to make travel this English River theory that his Uncle Leroy must think and advice. He wants to find his friends brother and find out the reason for why he left the Amish and his family behind.


He also wants finds Davey. What will his friends and girlfriend do to make him understand, that she will go wherever he goes. Whatever lifestyle he chooses his love will follow. To find out what he decides and his friends do and how it ends you will need to read the book.

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review 2017-10-04 17:04
Review: Rewritten by Bronwyn Green
Rewritten (The Bound Series Book 8) - Bronwyn Green

NOTE: I beta read this book for the author. However, my review is my own opinion.


Forced to work together, Eliza and Angus soon become friends and realize the value in a partnership. Angus needs inspiration and motivation to finish the final and highly anticipated book in his hit sci-fi series, and Eliza is just the one to help bring it all together. It’s a good thing he realizes this within the first week of working together. However, the sexual chemistry only builds as the pair grows closer, and not only is engaging in a relationship bad business practice, but Eliza is hiding a secret so big, it is bound to tear them apart and ruin Angus’s career if word got out.


Rewritten is a wonderful romance that hits all of my emotional buttons. I love Eliza and Angus as a couple and found Angus simply amazing and too good to be true; a real dream man. I love Eliza’s strength and how she is stronger with Angus because he believes in her and helps her. The couple has incredible sexual chemistry that boils off the pages; yet the situation warrants much caution, giving their romance an incredibly hot slow-burn. However, once they get to it… *fans self*


Ms. Green not only writes characters I care about, but also ones whom I would want to call friends in real life. They come alive in my heart and mind, keeping me connected and engaged in the outcome. She also writes beautiful imagery that brings the story to life. One of my favorites:


“With precious little encouragement, it [her submissive nature] was unfurling within her and reaching for him like a vine growing toward the sunlight.” 


Eliza is the victim of abuse, which shades her actions and reactions. I appreciate that the author doesn’t sugar coat it, or have problems go away once Eliza finds herself in love with a good man. And while I didn’t love how much of a martyr she is a times, it is real. She would feel that way after everything she’s been through. 


In the end, Rewritten is a steamy, hot, emotional love story. I found myself lost in Eliza and Angus’s story, caught up in their journey. I love that Ms. Green writes books about couples who are perfect matches and people I’d want to befriend. I highly recommend Rewritten.


My Rating: A- Enjoyed it a lot

Review copy provided by the author

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review 2017-10-01 16:54
Lacking.... Well, just lacking
Fairy-Struck (Book 1 in the Twilight Court Series) - Amy Sumida

Ever watch a movie trailer and get excited, only to watch the movie and realize the best of it was the trailer? That's this book for me. The blurb sounds soooo good, but the reality was not so good. The writing is amateurish and repetitive and the characters lack development. The world-building isn't bad, but it just felt like it was thrown at the reader instead of flowing naturally throughout the story. Considering the book's length, there was plenty of time for development of what could've been a great story. Sadly, the blurb is the best of it and the book left me disappointed.

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review 2017-09-30 16:22
"Defending Cain", by Ty Patterson
Defending Cain (Gemini Series Book 2) - Ty Patterson

Book #2, in the Gemini series

This series is a spin off to the main series “The Warriors”. 

“Defending Cain” is the second role played by twin sisters Beth and Meghan Peterson as main characters. The twins in this episode will get involved in a search for Calliope Minter, missing and presumed killed by Cain, a vicious serial killer who is terrorizing New York.

Of course those who are fan of Mr. Patterson will know that the story will feature kick ass players, ones who will provide never ending action to entertain us till the very last words. To keep us captive and turning pages, the author never forgets to weave some kind of conspiracy into his unique and complex scenarios. The story is never a single story, multiple threads will eventually connect but meanwhile we are kept on our toes. This latest is a thrilling ride from the beginning to the end. I agree this is another brain teaser that brings layers of clues, many red-herrings and many dead ends…..

Again no fancy style here, words are rather plain and down to earth, the characters are good but not out of the ordinary, the story line may be over the top for some but I found it quite entertaining. Looking forward to see what comes up next.

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