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review 2017-05-22 15:04
ARC Review: Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart, #1) by Anna Lowe
Lure of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 1) - Anna Lowe

Review originally featured at Angel's Guilty Pleasures


Lure of the Dragon

Aloha Shifters - Jewels of the Heart, #1
Anna Lowe
Paranormal Romance
Twin Moon Press
April 18, 2017
ARC Review Copy


Nothing is forbidden to this elite corps of shifter bodyguards and private investigators…except falling in love.
Good dragons? Bad dragons? Twenty-four hours ago, private chef Tessa Byrne didn’t know about the terrifying world of shifters. Now she knows too much, like the fact that a ruthless dragon lord is determined to claim her — forever. Tessa flees to Maui, where sunny skies, swaying palms, and a handsome stranger conspire to play tricks with her heart. Can she truly trust Kai Llewellyn and his band of battle-hardened shapeshifters to save her from a gruesome fate?


Don’t trust a human, and never, ever fall in love with one. Those are lessons Kai learned the hard way. But Tessa is different. Her emerald eyes mirror the mysterious pendant she wears, and her flaming red hair makes his heart race. Is his inner dragon just greedy for a new kind of treasure, or is Tessa his destined mate?


A paranormal romance with adult content / 50,000 words.






Lure of the Dragon is a wonderful start to a new series by Anna Lowe. It’s full of suspense, mystery, and romance.


Lure of the Dragon shows us that everyone has secrets and that not ever supernatural is good. The story was a little slow to start and it took me sometime to get into, but once I did, I enjoyed it.


We are introduced to a band of brothers, men who severed in a special military unit together. These men have been through a lot and have formed a family. I feel in love with the shifter brothers that were introduced. Each one is unique, has their own personalities, and pasts. I’m curious to learn about each one and see who their mates will be.


I loved how the author brought all her characters together and that we are still in the same world with ties to Twin Moon. The plot has a few twists and surprises.


I do have to point out that the first kiss between Tessa and Kai, Holy Smokes it’s smoking.


It was great to get our first taste of dragons, good and bad, fated mates and lost treasures. I’m curious to see where this new series goes and how it all unfolds.


Rated: 3.5 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by Anna Lowe with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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Challenge(s): New To Me (Series) Pick Your Genre (PNR) New Release (2017)





Owner/Review and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. However what I am not is a writer. I apologize now for the grammatical and punctuation errors I make, because I know I’m going to make them. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. My favorite animals are horses. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2017/05/arc-review-lure-of-the-dragon-aloha-shifters-jewels-of-the-heart-1-by-anna-lowe
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review 2017-05-09 07:24
Cats, Cats, Cats
Cats, Cats, Cats - Andy Warhol

Call me a philistine, but I never quite understood the whole thing about Warhol's soup labels or Monroe's portrait.  They're cool, but not my idea of art in terms of Art of the Ages.


But boy, do I love his cats!  This short, 10 minute read is full of Warhol's gorgeous, whimsical drawings of cats and this is the art I can get behind.  If I were amongst the money-to-burn crowd, I'd bypass Warhol's Mao and opt for his Meow.  (Sorry, had to be done.)


Each exquisite feline is coupled with a quote of Warhol's, and while they're not bad, the cats are better.

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photo 2017-05-04 17:22

My pretty MacBook Air cover case arrived in the mail yesterday. The computer casing comes in many different options for any type of laptop. 


As you can see I'm a fan of Animation/Anime/Manga. I love the movie My Neighbor Totoro and so does my son. 


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text 2017-04-30 14:29
Angel’s Monthly Wrap Up – April 2017


WOW! Where has they year gone? We are already done with April.


April was a very busy month for me and my family. My son had spring break the week of Easter and grandma came to visit. I love when grandma Rollie is in town. We do so much and my boy gets to spend time with family. I got little breaks, which is nice, but only one book read during the break. That is how it goes. Not sure how summer is going to be, since my boy is off for two months and I have no camps set up for him. 

What we did was celebrated a family members birthday, went to a cousin’s baseball game, did a little Easter hunt, went to several parks (Lands End Lookout), planted for Earth Day and much more.

My son’s Aunt had a birthday!


Cousin’s Baseball Game


Earth Day planting


Easter Hunt, yummy food, and fun toys!


Lands End Lookout Adventure


My garden has been doing great. We planted more on Earth Day to celebrate and as you can see they look nice. I love watching the change and growth.



Last, my hubby bought me a used/new MacBook Air. I’ve been wanting a laptop for sometime now. I love being outside. I wanted a way to blog, check social media, and read outside. I still have my iMac which I love, but now I don’t have to be stuck indoors. I can work outside. Living in CA we have a lot of warm and sunny days. Now, I just need to buy some patio future for our rental place. I have my blue chair and the plastic chairs that came with the rental, but I need a table to sit my laptop on. I have the black leg thing, but I’m finding it hurts after a while using it. I’ll survive for now.





Now onto the blog.























Make sure to double check $ pricing.
Some books are still free while others are back to their original or sale price.
Affiliate Disclaimer: If you do purchase a book through us, it helps the blog! Links leading to Amazon may be affiliate links. We earn a small advertising fee from them for any purchases you make. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and it helps keep the blog running (so thank you!). It’s greatly appreciated!


Amazon Free – The Devil in Disguise, Bite The Dust, Shifting Dreams, Federal Paranormal Unit Bundle, The Renegade’s Heart, Dragon Rose



Amazon Bought – Lure of the Dragon (Sale $.99c)




Nook – Breath of Fire (Sale $.99c), Bring the Heat (Pre-Order)





Review Books

Thank you to NetGalley/Edelweiss/Tour Host – Silver Silence, Wildfire, The Red Lily




Busy Month for kid movies and books.


Movie – Lego Chima The Power of the Chi, Lego Batman The Movie DC Super Heroes Unite, Doctor Strange, San Andreas, The Accountant, Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu, Justice League vs Bizarro League, The Adventures of Clutch Powers, The Lego Movie


Kid Books – A Book of Sleep, Peep and Ducky, Good Night Gorilla, The Little Dump Truck, Owen’s Marshmallow Chick, Is It Passover Yet?, The Rainbow Fish, Nate Likes to Skate 




BooksFool Moon, Mercy Blade, Wild Ride, Irresistible Force, Raven Cursed, Wild Embrace, Grave Peril 






Hell on Wheels (reread), Magic Stars (reread), In Rides Trouble (reread), Mercy Blade, The Wolf’s Choice, Fool Moon, Blood Vowed, Wild Embrace, Wildfire, Exiled, Drakon’s Prey, Lure of the Dragon, Hunter Claimed, Silver Silence






Thank you to Author Juliette Cross and the blogs I won the books from.

The Werewolf Meets His Match (eBook), Reapers and Bastards (Book), Cross Prize Pack





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Owner/Review and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. However what I am not is a writer. I apologize now for the grammatical and punctuation errors I make, because I know I’m going to make them. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. My favorite animals are horses. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2017/04/angels-monthly-wrap-up-april-2017
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text 2017-04-23 20:09
Freebie that was recommended
Graveyard Shift - Angela Roquet

Just downloaded this first book (with more of series already published) based on a friend's recommendation.  Currently free for kindle.


Sounds like I'll like the main character if the story isn't too much like too many other UF/PNR books.


Synopsis reads:

"The Inferno has Evolved… Lana Harvey is a reaper, and a lousy one at that.


She resides in Limbo City, the modern capital of the collective afterlives, where she likes to stick it to the man (the legendary Grim Reaper himself) by harvesting the bare minimum of souls required of her. She’d much rather be hanging out with Gabriel, her favorite archangel, at Purgatory Lounge.


But when a shocking promotion falls in her lap, Lana learns something that could unravel the very fabric of Eternity. If the job isn’t completed, there could be some real hell to pay."


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