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text 2018-07-26 08:45
Earning through candy business - start today at home

Sweet and confectionary business is an ever-green business in all the season across the world. Among those sweet products, candies top them when it comes to more liking and inclination. Children are the most fans of candies. They aspire for the getting of candies when they get pocket money from their parents. The taste of candies is very delicious and sweet. They enjoy eating the candies. The candies business is getting boom due to the high demand of the candies across the world. The business doesn’t need much investment. The only thing that matters much in the candy business is its unique packaging and wrapping that holds the paramount importance to make your business a famous candy brand in the market.


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As there are plenty of candies businesses working in the market, therefore huge competition prevail in the market. Due to the profitability of the business, you can start your own home-based candy business by investing little in the business and make your business boom by making it unique as compared to other candy business. This business can be rewarding, you may need to work long hours in the beginning to maintain steady monthly earnings. In addition to making tasty candy and cake, knowledge of business development and management, customer service and marketing are necessary to help your business grow. We will discuss here the stepwise guide to start a candy business at home.


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1. Conducting detailed & profound research

Research the candy industry to evaluate trends and growth. Identify potential competition, which may include other local candy makers, brick-and-mortar candy stores, and online candy stores. After conducting research, you would have ample information about candy business that will help your business working smoothly and effectively.


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2. Selection of brand name

In the sweet and cakes items, the name of these items matters a lot because the name indicates the deviousness of the item. Craft a name for your candy making business. Use a creative name that potential customers can easily identify with candy, sweets or the specific type of candy you plan to make.

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3. Registration of your business

After selecting the brand name of your business, the next step is the getting registering of your business with the local administration. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for information on registering your business with your state or local office.


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4. Getting of basic infrastructure

After registration your business with the local administration, the next step is to gain the basic and necessary candy making apparatus that will produce your desired candy type. Make a proper setup and place at home for their proper placement.


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5. Unique wrapping and packaging boxes

Children get lured to those products that are attractive and eye-catching. That’s why; the wrapping and packaging boxes for candies hold the paramount importance for the candies. You can make creative templets by getting online designs and printings from packaging blue. Pack your candies into wholesale custom candy boxes with logo manufactured from packaging blue. It makes your products distinguished and unique as compared to other candies in the markets. It will boost-up your sales and profit.

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text 2018-07-24 18:43
Reading progress update: I've read 18%.
Candy Boys - Jo Raven

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review 2018-06-13 15:02
Lethal Licorice (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery) - Amanda Flower

Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery, #2)Lethal Licorice by Amanda Flower
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harvest, Ohio, is a long way from New York City, where Bailey King has left her coveted job as a head chocolatier to take over Swissmen Sweets, her Amish grandparents’ candy shop. While caring for her recently widowed grandmother, she plans to honor her grandfather’s memory by taking his place in the annual Amish Confectionery Competition. But between blueberry fudge and chocolate cherry ganache truffles, Bailey may have bitten off more than she can chew when the search for a missing pot-bellied pig turns up a body suffering from sugar overload—the fatal kind . An Amish candy maker from the neighboring town who had wanted Englischer Bailey disqualified for being an outsider, Josephine Weaver died from an allergy to a licorice ingredient. The suspects include: Josephine’s niece, a young woman going through her rumspringa, and Bailey herself. Now it falls to Bailey, who’s sweet on the local sheriff’s deputy, to clear both of their names and find a killer with a stomach for cold-blooded murder .

The mystery has lots of twists, turns, and red herrings that make the reader keep second guessing themselves about the true identity of the killer really is until they are revealed. The characters are well written, realistic, and believable which makes how they interact with each other lifelike. The author gives the reader a nice peak into the way of life for the Amish and shows how life can differ between the Amish from neighboring towns. The author also shows what it's like for a family member who was raised English to try to interact with her family that have lived the Amish lifestyle their entire life. The author makes her settings and characters come to life with her descriptive writing, you can picture what is happening in your mind.

I did like that Bailey offered to help Charlotte who turns out to be a distant cousin of Bailey's when she needs a place to stay when she runs away from home. I also liked learning a little about Bailey's grandmother's early life and what she sacrificed for the man that she loved. I was glad when Jethro the pig was found since he did bring a little relief to some tense situations in the previous book with his antics and hopefully he will bring some of that relief in the next book. I also hope that the Bailey and Aiden Brody will realize their feelings for each other and a relationship will blossom between them. The one thing I didn't like was where the killer put Josephine's body, it seemed harsh since the killer was using the hiding place to send a message to another member of Josephine's family. I can't wait to read book 3 Premeditated Peppermint since this is a wonderful series.

I received an ARC of this book from netgalley and Kensington Books for my honest opinion.

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review 2018-04-10 09:05
Reasonably good story about a hobo in the USA
Rock Candy Mountain #1 - Kyle Starks,Kyle Starks

 This first volume introduces us to Jackson, a hobo, in search of the Rock Candy Mountain of the title and various characters that he encounters along the way. These include the Devil and the FBI. The story is pretty straight-forward and includes a fair amount of fighting and some bloodshed. The illustrations are very simple but reasonably effective. Ending on a bit of a cliffhanger, it will be followed by another volume at some point.

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review 2018-03-31 18:00
Assaulted Caramel - Amish Candy Mystery
Assaulted Caramel (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery) - Amanda Flower

This is set in Holmes County, OH. My husband's family is from that area and I have family up that way, so we spend a lot of time in that area. I love going to that area so much that my husband gets a hotel room for three days around my daughter's and my birthday to celebrate up there. 


Bailey has rushed to her grandparents home and shop because her grandfather is ill and she knows that she needs to be with them. But she is getting calls from New York where she is up for a prestigious job offer...head chocolatier for a well-known chocolate company. Soon as she arrives, she sees her grandfather threatened by a man who is trying to buy up the whole neighborhood of Amish Businesses. That night, she goes to the kitchen and finds that man dead. She is considered the suspect in this crime and feels that to protect her grandparents she must work to find the true murderer. 


There were things that I had problems with, that had more to do with what I know about Amish in Holmes County, but it just spurred me to do some research of my own. It also had to do with the fact that when a child leaves the Amish, they are shunned and the family has to shun the child and their family, so I had problems with the idea that they had such a close relationship with their "Englisch" grandchild and yet are not shunned by the community, too, for keeping the relationship. I didn't like the sheriff in the story and hope that he is removed in future stories and I do hope that this storyline continues. It was a fun read and I did enjoy the story on the whole. 

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