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text 2023-03-07 13:40
A-Ma Alchemy of Love (AoL #1) by Nataša Pantović

A-Ma Alchemy of Love

"A bridge builder between East and West, following ancient archaeological findings, she often dives into historic settings more than 2,000 years back in time.

In her novel the 52-year-old author makes a bold swerve into less-travelled territory. She chooses for her protagonists Ama, an African priestess, living in China’s Macao in the 17th century; Ruben, a Portuguese Jesuit priest; and Fr Benedict, an Orthodox Christian.

The book explores the rapidly-growing Macao, its changing sights, sounds and smells from different perspectives, from that of a bat to a goddess to a spirit. Its miracle and its enigma are within the worlds of inner alchemy of the Age of Enlightenment.” A beautiful mind Nataša Pantović with Sunday Times https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/a-beautiful-mind.810384 

A-Ma Alchemy of Love Paperback Links I could find: 












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url 2022-11-25 21:52
999 or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras by Nataša Pantović is FREE in the {UK} market during the #BlackFriday2022 week. Get your copy of this new book NOW! Leave a Review in Return!

https://www.amazon.co.uk//dp/B09YYVMTR8 999 or Playing the Glass Bead Game with Pythagoras by Nataša Pantović #historicalfiction book is FREE in the {Uk} market

Source: www.amazon.co.uk//dp/B09YYVMTR8
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text 2022-04-23 22:31
Lab Furniture Manufacturer China - A Guide on Setting Up Your Laboratory


A brief guide into Design Your Laboratory, and the furniture. Designing your laboratory, purchasing furniture and general quality of cabinets are all things to take into consideration when purchasing or creating a new laboratory using the option of used laboratory furniture or cabinetry and cases, or second hand cabinetry and laboratory furniture casework. However, I'm here to assist you today.


First Things


Furniture for your laboratory When designing your lab, it is crucial to follow safe practices. The furniture in your lab could be as modern as you'd like, however, should you not adhere to the safest laboratory practices then you are putting your workers and other employees in danger. Selecting the right Lab Furniture Manufacturer China and the right design is just one aspect of the responsibility. Stanford University Suggest that your "primary goal in designing your laboratory is to create a secure lab environment in which laboratory workers can perform their tasks.


Another goal is to ensure most flexibility possible for safe research. Teaching laboratories for undergraduates require particular design considerations. So every health and safety dangers must be identified and assessed carefully to ensure precautionary measures can be integrated within the structure. However well-designed the laboratory is, inadvertent utilization of its facilities will override the safety features that were engineered. A proper education for facility users is vital."


Set up your lab for the best Usability


Be sure that when setting up your lab that you consult with your chemists and lab technicians prior to deciding to set up your lab haphazardly. You must ensure that the lab you choose to set up meets your requirements, and has the capacity to make what you need quickly. In order to do this, you have to make sure you have enough lab furniture to the space available. Storage is a major problem too. It is not possible to store flammable or toxic substances in a standard cabinet.


You must purchase specific laboratory furniture, called Flammable Cabinets. They protect the contents of your laboratory from flammable substances and also keep harmful substances out. Additionally, many cabinets are equipped with locks to keep undesirable people out of your cabinet. It is important to not use too many lab sinks. They typically have a three inch base cabinet however they're generally not the best to store things in since you're dropping a sink in the cabinet. Make sure that you have sufficient storage space in other cabinets before installing more than one base for your laboratory sink.


Utilization of Desks


When you've got a table within your lab furniture you could offer the possibility for employees to write while working in the lab. Depending on the kind of lab and the tasks you're performing, desks may be extremely useful or ineffective. If your lab has to be completely sterile and sealed off for example: working on e.Coli and e.Coli, then you'd need to avoid having desks, as the writing work will be performed outside of the enclosed setting. However desks can be beneficial in classroom settings or in a safe laboratory environment. Desks provide your chemists with the chance to write as well as do tasks they would not normally be competent to perform in a labor in the laboratory within the lab.


Fume Hoods



If your work or experiments will involve the release of fumes through a bottle or vial then you need a fume hood. you'll need to vent your air in order to not cause harm or make anyone sick. They can be strategically placed since they are equipped with bases, usually cabinets that are flammable. You can also set your lab around your fume hood , or reverse the order. Get more info about lab furniture, Visit here: www.laboratoryworkbench.com


What kind of Counter Tops to choose?


Based on your specific work You must select counter-tops specifically designed for use in your laboratory to ensure maximum efficiency and usability and economical value. If you are deciding, consider what projects that involve an flammable or corrosive material which could be heated on the counter for a long time. Or , do you simply use non-acidic and non-flammable substances that won't cause harm to your counter top. The harmful results of corrosive tops, the flammable liquids can be avoided through the use of an Epoxy top. The durable counter-top will make a fantastic option for your laboratory furniture. A regular laminate top is extremely durable and simple to keep clean. They aren't as heavy as they appear. Any of these options can be used in your laboratory, but ensure that you choose the durability and quality of the product that meets the demands of your work in the lab.

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text 2022-04-12 12:06
A Brief Info of Manufacturing Processes for Semiconductor Devices


Television, radio, phone, as well as other electrical and electronic goods contain semiconductors within these devices. The semiconductor materials used in devices are capable conducting electricity, but not fully conductors of electricity such as copper, aluminum, and steel.


A semiconductor is somewhere in between the two. They are often used to create Integrated Circuits. An excellent illustration of such a is silicon. This is the most frequently employed material in the microelectronics field due to a variety of reasons. One of the major reasons is the low cost and accessibility.


An integrated circuit is comprised of small components, such as resistors diodes, and transistors. These tiny parts can be damaged easily when a lot of current is passed through them. This is why the silicon wafer, or substrate is generally employed as a base, instead of an conductor. This kind of wafer offers better consistency for current flow than conductors after a special treatment. A circuit integrated is typically composed of a resistor, a wafer and electronic chips. This type of circuit board is essential in the working of electronic devices or electrical ones.


In the fabrication of semiconductor devices there are a few key steps. Deposition patterns, removal, and alteration of electrical properties are the most important. Deposition is the act of applying another material to the substrate. This can be accomplished with the help of technologies such as PVC or physical vapor deposition or chemical vapor deposition, or CVD.


In the event of a removal wet or dry techniques of etching are used to remove the material from the substrate of semiconductor. Patterning is the process of shaping or shaping to the substrate. One of the most common techniques is the lithography. The most popular methods used to modify electrical properties is the ion implant. Like the name suggests, Ions are implanted on the substrate to alter the physical properties of the substrate. More info about Semiconductor Protective Film.


The wafer test is performed to see if it is in compliance with the requirements. When making an extremely small layer of the substrate, as in the case of PCMCIA card or a intelligent card, grinding must be done to decrease the thickness. The other key steps are the preparation of dies along with IC packaging. Die preparation involves mounting chips onto a substrate and die cutting.



For IC packaging The most important techniques are integrated circuit bonding as well as Encapsulation. For integrated circuit bonding thermionic or wire bonding may be employed. The most common examples of IC Encapsulation techniques include baking and plating. The testing of integrated circuits is crucial to test the functions of the microchips and substrates. It is the last test of the entire device prior to packaging and delivery to the buyer. Read more: www.deepmaterialcn.com


In short to sum up, semiconductor devices are employed in every electronic or electrical products that are available. The process of manufacturing these devices require a number of stages. The main processes include process of wafers, preparation for dies, and IC packaging. The testing of integrated circuits is performed to verify the general functionality of all chips and substrates for final testing prior to packaging and delivery to the customer.

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review 2021-10-13 05:17
If You Were Me and Lived in...Ancient Ch... If You Were Me and Lived in...Ancient China: The Han Dynasty - Carole P. Roman

Very interesting book about the Han Dynasty in Ancient China. I learned so much. This touches on living arrangements, names, careers, food, leisure activities, ancestors, religion, school, and famous people.


It is simple for children to understand what life was like for the poor and the nobles. It explained the religions found in Ancient China. I liked how each subject was looked at and explained with softly colored illustrations showing what was explained. There was a lot of information which I found interesting and educational. This reminded me of books I read as a child from a series called "Let's Find Out About..."


Well written and informative. It is worth reading.

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