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review 2022-08-26 22:07
Issued to the Bride One Navy SEAL (Brides of Chance Creek Book 1) - Cora Seton

Cass and her sisters have been running off overseers and guardians appointed by their father from their ranch for years. When another overseer has been run off, their father decides to take more of a hand in it and sends in a Navy SEAL with the hope that he can see what is going on and, possibly, marry Cass. What he finds is not what he expected. Can he help the women? Will they let him? Will they run him off?


I enjoyed this book a whole lot! I liked Cass and her sisters. I also enjoyed Brian and his soon-to-be teammates. Cass and Brian are good together once Cass lets down her walls. He shares his past with her, and she shares hers. She also lets him know what has been going on with the ranch for the past year. Action and adventure galore when their plan kind of backfires. I get my HEA and the set up for the next book in the series. This is going to be fun!

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review 2021-03-31 05:00
Military weaponry, tactics and protocols highlight sci-fi non-stop battle thriller

Seven Soldiers: War of the Worlds

by Clark Wilkins


Military weaponry, tactics and protocols highlight sci-fi non-stop battle thriller



In September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill claimed they were abducted by aliens on a rural road in New Hampshire. After being taken aboard a spaceship they were subjected to a number of examinations including tissue samples, then released unharmed. The Hills informed the authorities and under hypnosis divulged the details of the events including the alien’s home star of Zeta Retiucli. This event was sufficiently genuine to be investigated by the FBI, CIA and Air Force.


Fast forward three hundred years.


The Interplanetary Defense Force (IDF) is in full retreat. They arrived on the planet to put down a rebellion and in their first encounter have taken a vicious beating. Who is this unknown enemy that turns their own weapons against them? An enemy they have yet to even see.


Their only chance is to regroup but how can they do that when the enemy is picking them off as they fall back. Once the army has withdrawn across a dam, they might have a chance but only if they can hold the dam and stop the advance. They need volunteers to make this stand. Seven soldiers step up for what is most likely a suicide mission.


Not only must they keep the enemy at bay, but the beautiful Dr. Nirawon Kaiser demands they capture one of the enemy to discover possible physiological vulnerabilities.


The battle ensues and Kaiser gets her wish only to discover an astounding link between the capabilities of the enemy and a UFO incident three centuries ago.


Once again, author Clark Wilkins excels in detailed research, this time into weaponry and military tactics and protocols. It’s well worth the read as an entertaining education into these specific areas. Seven Soldiers: War of Worlds is well structured with rising tension building to an unexpected climax.


Characterization is thin and stereotypical though thorough enough to carry the plot from one detailed description of weapons, their deployment and tactical strategy to another.


In previous works, Wilkins has cleverly blended fact with fiction adding an extra level of authenticity. However, in Seven Soldiers: War of Worlds, since the suggested link introduced by the actual Zeta Retiucli prologue doesn’t manifest itself until some three hundred years in the future the technique fails to invoke that sense of eerie intrigue.






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review 2020-10-27 08:10
Blog Tour w/Review - Code Name: Rook


Code Name: Rook 

(Jameson Force Security, Book #6) 

Sawyer Bennett 

Release Date: October 27, 2020





Being a highly skilled operative for a company like Jameson Force Security is exhilarating and important work…until it comes time to date. I like to keep my profession under wraps for a number of reasons. Some of what we do is top secret, most of what we do is dangerous, and more than one woman has tried to latch onto me because she was more enamored with what I do than who Cage Murdock really is. And since I’m more of a ‘here for the night’ than a ‘here for forever’ kind of guy, what’s the harm in a little white lie about my job? My harmless deceit has never failed me. Until now. Because I met the most amazing woman and did the unthinkable. I married her. And now my beautiful, unsuspecting, probably-going-to-leave-mysorry-behind-when-she-finds-out-the-truth wife doesn’t know that I’m not a used car salesman like I told her when we met. As it typically does with lies, the truth is about to come out in a big way when Jaime unwittingly gets herself mixed up with some unsavory characters and I, along with the team at Jameson, have to intervene. Now I need to save my girl and hope I can save my marriage too. Let’s just say I have some serious explaining to do.


Download Code Name: Rook: Amazon | Nook | Apple | Google | Kobo Print | Audible (narrated by John Lane and Emma Wilder)





Code Name: Rook (Jameson Force Security, #6)Code Name: Rook by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book #6 in the Jameson Force Security Series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. To avoid spoilers, and fully understand the series, I recommend reading this series in order.

Jaime finds herself being charmed by a hot man who thinks she is beautiful. It's a treat to be wanted, and even better appreciated. It is electric chemistry almost from the very beginning. And it's mutual.....

Cage is back from a difficult mission. He needs some down time. Why not spend it with someone who is fascinating? He really likes her and actually wants to be around her. Maybe its time to give a relationship a chance?

The heat in this story starts right from the beginning. I love how this couple is attracted to one another so much they can barely be apart. The pace of the story moves well, and goes kind of quick. This fits the lifestyle, and this works to sell the storyline. Rich and deep characters, we have looked forward to this book - and I loved it.

***This ARC copy was given in exchange for an honest review and opinion.

View all my reviews


About the Author:


New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.


A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs.


If you’d like to receive a notification when Sawyer releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter (sawyerbennett.com/signup).


Connect with Sawyer: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | BookBub | Amazon Newsletter | Master Blogger List




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review 2020-10-16 09:21
Ride the Tide - Julie Ann Walker

This is book #3, in the Deep Six series. This book can be read as a standalone.  For reader enjoyment, and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading the series in the order intended.


Alexis wants Mason and she has made no secret of it.  Her uncontrollable attraction appears one sided, but he shows her repeatedly with though and deed that is not so.  Only they have to dodge attempts on their lives and search for treasure while keeping themselves apart.


Mason has no idea what to do with Alex.  One minute she is the smartest, most beautiful woman he has ever known, and the next she is the most cunning sexpot alluring him with her honest mouth.  Can they survive it all?


The pace of this book moves very fast as there is much inside.  Lots of surprises for the reader, as well as a burning heat between the main characters that may move the reader to need a fan.  The gang is all here in this one, and the new installment is satisfying, if not a slow burn.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers, in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2020-09-30 12:43
5. The Military Diet

If one is thinking about weight loss, they should consider the Military diet. Take note this has no link to the military. No research has proven that this diet aids weight loss. This diet has side effects like hunger, grumpy, and fatigued due to its low-calorie nature.

The Promise  

This plan is claimed to help one lose 10 pounds or more in just one week. It is a strict low-calorie diet with food that may seem healthy, while others may not seem healthy. The plan dictates what one eats for every meal that is breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Snacks are not allowed, and one does not eat food based on what they prefer but what is prescribed.

This particular military diet is to be followed for just three days; then one goes back to their routine and healthy diet for the other four days. If one wants to lose more weight, they should repeat the diet as much as possible while taking the 4 day breaks. One should not follow this diet any longer than 3 consecutive days.

What One Can Eat And What They Can’t Eat:

Every single thing one eats is pre-selected for them. One must adhere to this plan entirely so that they can get the best outcome. This diet has no super foods such as salmon, quinoa, and almonds; instead, there are usually foods like eggs that are hard-boiled, cheddar cheese, and canned tuna. Some meals include bread but not the healthy bread with whole grains. There is at least a meal that has saline crackers.

The Menu Has Nine Different Meals In Total For The 3 Day Period. 

Below is what you should eat in one breakfast menu;


  • Half a grapefruit


  • One slice toast
  • Two tablespoons full of peanut butter
  • One cup often or coffee without sugar or cream.


One Menu For Dinner Has:

  • Two hot dogs minus the buns
  • A cup of broccoli
  • Half a cup of carrots
  • Half a banana
  • Half a cup of ice cream vanilla flavor

One is allowed water, black tea and black coffee. Soda, juice, alcohol and juice are not allowed. One must ensure they adhere to this menu strictly. One is allowed to switch out particular foods in case of allergies and any dietary needs but they can only swap with approved diets. For instance, one is allowed butter made of sunflower seeds instead of eating peanut butter or even eating tofu dogs instead of eating hot dogs. However, one is not allowed grapefruits instead of oranges or even cookie dough or mint chip instead of vanilla ice cream.


The Effort Level Is Medium:

The military diet does not involve one purchasing packaged meals or even attending meetings. Everything on the diet is easy to get in a normal grocery store and food preparation and cooking is at a minimal. One normally gets very hungry on the diet so a lot of willpower is required to prevent cheating. One will only ingest 1500 calories a day and they may feel very sluggish and exercising may increase fatigue.

This diet has no carb, dairy or any food restrictions. One should avoid eating out because the foods are strict and finding them on a normal diet may be hard. While exercising everyday is good, one should not exert themselves by lifting weights or even running but must stick to light exercise like yoga or walking.

Does the diet allow for any dietary preferences or restrictions?

A Few Adjustments Can Be Made As Discussed Below:

Vegans and vegetarians; the list allows for swapping of tuna, eggs, meat, hotdogs and tuna for lentils, tofu, nuts, and tofu/soy dogs. Vegans may swap cheddar cheese for tofu/nut cheese and soy ice cream and also cottage cheese that is vegan.

Diet that is gluten free; if the menu requires crackers or toast one can find options that are gluten free.

Diet that is low on salt; one can easily get versions of the processed foods that have low salt like swapping saltiness for rice cakes or even melba toast that is low on salt.

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