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review 2017-04-11 00:00
Odium 0.5 The Dead Saga
Odium 0.5 The Dead Saga - Claire C. Rile... Odium 0.5 The Dead Saga - Claire C. Riley This is the tale of a woman worried about pretty shoes and diets. She and her husband are always annoyed with each other. Then, the zombie apocalypse happens. Survival is all that's on her mind now. This is not a feel good book. It's not going to make you smile, but you know that when it ends, it isn't the end of the story. This is just the prequel.
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review 2015-11-13 00:00
Twisted Magic
Twisted Magic - Claire C. Riley Twisted Magic - Claire C. Riley
Twisted Magic is a mysterious PNR about a witch outcast from her coven. The story begins with her returning to the homeland of her people for the funeral of her grandmother.

Right away the reader can tell that Sarah is trying to work something out in her head. Then a man appears from nowhere behaving strangely. Slowly Sarah pieces the puzzle together while trying to keep safe from the other witches.

The rhythm to this story is much like that first huge hill on a roller coaster. It's slowly building and building and building. Then it’s over the crest and everything is flying at the reader. This book goes out with a bang that definitely left me wanting the next installment.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

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review 2015-08-10 03:52
Thicker Than Blood by Madeline Sheehan and Claire C Riley
Thicker Than Blood - Claire C. Riley,Madeline Sheehan

Well-written, chock full of zombie gore and the depravity that "humanity" can reach in a state of lawlessness, sad and no happily ever after. It's everything you want and expect in a book about a zombie apocalypse.


But mixed in through that is the story of the love between two women, two best friends--soulmates, determined to stick together through thick and thin, and especially the thin. It's the love and fight these two have for each other that makes this book. This isn't the best zombie related book I've ever read, but everything about Evelyn, Leisel and their relationship with each other is what makes this book worth reading.


"Always together, I promise."

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review 2015-08-08 00:00
Beneath Blood and Bone
Beneath Blood and Bone - Madeline Sheehan,Claire C. Riley

There are so many things I like about this series. The reader never knows what to expect. The storylines follow no patterns, and the books thus far are very different. Even though it's fiction, it's real. The decay and stench of life at it lowest are in vivid technicolor and jumping off the page at the reader's senses. At the same time, sparks of humanity that can't be snuffed out always shine through.

In the first book, E was not the hero, and he still isn't. He's the antihero. He's been through hell (the reader learns of this in flashbacks) and came out the other side. Life has no meaning for him anymore. Full of hate, he's only a shell surviving out of habit.

We don't really know anything about Autumn going into Beneath Blood and Bone. She pretty much appears to be cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Full of fear, she's regressed to a snarling animal surviving on instinct.

Most of the plot in this book takes place in the camp called Purgatory (so many things can be read into that name). It's a place without joy. Day to day survival is how it breaks down. The bold lord over the meek. Liv is the queen bitch. She wants to control everything with E being at the top of the list. It doesn't go over well when he takes an interest in Autumn.

I didn't hate E in the first book. He wasn't a good guy at all, but I still couldn't raise up feelings to hate level for him. Although E compares his likeness to Liv's more than once in this book, I was prepared to slit her throat myself.

Overall, it's a story about the human condition. When is enough, enough? What is the point of living? How far gone can someone come back from? I loved it, muy mucho, and I'm looking forward to more from these authors.

P.S. E did win me over. I don't excuse him for the bad things, but I still can't help loving him either. And that's the way love goes.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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review 2015-07-20 00:00
Odium II. The Dead Saga
Odium II. The Dead Saga - Claire C. Riley
Wow! That ending!

I've read a few zombie books, but Odium highlights some things that hadn't garnered my attention before and left me with plenty of questions. One survivor has a way of herding the undead by way of electric currents. Zombies don't have body functions so when they eat it has no place to go; thus, you get deaders with pieces of bodies inside them. The smells, the smells! How far are people willing to experiment in order to find a cure? What if it's not a virus but rather the next evolution?

Nina is relatable to most of us. She tries to be strong and help others. She's plagued by what is right morally versus strategically. At the end of the last book, Nina is at the mercy of the forgotten. Let's just say they aren't very merciful with her. And our girl Nina just can't keep her queries at bay. She has a habit of sticking her nose into things, out of one situation and into another.

Several new characters enter the story, some in passing and others in major ways. Hilary and Deacon are a couple that have a story running parallel with that of Nina and her crew. I definitely can't wait to find out more from them. Also, notice the blurb says "Some secrets are too horrific to ever be forgiven, and some people should never be trusted." We've witnessed some of this already in the previous book but not like this. It's the apocalypse—people be crazy!

I loved this book, and I will definitely be continuing the series.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

FULL REVIEW CAN BE FOUND AT http://fangirlmomentsandmytwocents.blogspot.com/2015/07/odium-ii-by-claire-c-riley-review.html
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