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review 2018-09-18 11:33
‘Dark Descent’ gives Elizabeth Frankenstein a voice, in a retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic, now 200 years old
The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein - Kiersten White

It has been two hundred years since an eighteen-year old Mary Shelley gave life to one of the most haunting novels of all time and the first true work of science fiction, so Kiersten White’s retelling of ‘Frankenstein’ couldn’t come at a more perfect time. To think that the original book was written when a young girl accepted the challenge of writing a ‘ghost story’, and she originally didn’t lay claim to her own work.


Kiersten White has chosen to write ‘Dark Descent’ as a retelling from Elizabeth Lavenza’s perspective, a feminist retelling if there possibly can be one, set in a time when women were taught to be objects to be acquired.
In Shelley’s story, Elizabeth Lavenza (later to become Frankenstein) is a ‘gift’ given to Victor Frankenstein, a socially awkward child, and she is taken in by the affluent Frankenstein family in Geneva, saving her from her own mother and a life of destitution. Young Elizabeth tries desperately to win the favors of the volatile Victor, and to secure her place in the Frankenstein household, and soon brings in another young girl, Justine, much like herself, saving her from a life similar to her own. Justine Moritz is brought into the home as a governess to the other Frankenstein children, a calling that she is a natural at, and she and Elizabeth become fast friends. Much of this background is given to the reader by way of flashback interludes, as are the times that Elizabeth and Victor spent together back in Geneva before he leaves.


‘Dark Descent’ traces Elizabeth’s and Justine’s footsteps as they travel to Ingolstadt to find Victor - and his friend, Henry - which is where he went to continue ‘his studies’, but recently haven’t heard from. Following clues that are found in his letters home, they don’t have much to go on, but Elizabeth fears Victor’s obsessions and fevers have overcome him, and only she knows how to help him.
She also comes to the realization of what his experiments really signify, and wants to protect them from being discovered.


Without going further (maybe there are some people out there who don’t know the Frankenstein tale), what I will say is that this is a captivating, dark, and tragic story; times were bleak for many, and even more dismal for women, and this is made painfully clear in this retelling. White has made sure to paint a vivid picture of the ugly prospects that women had in the times of Elizabeth Frankenstein: the choices she mulls over in her head constantly are framed by how society judged women’s place in society and expected them to behave. None of that was science-fiction, and it provides a fascinating historical perspective, and leading questions into feminism. It’s not by coincidence that Shelley herself was the daughter of radical social philosophers, with her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, being a writer of one of the most important founding works on family structure and women’s education in the eighteenth-century.


*It’s worth noting too, that the backstory and tumultuous early life of Elizabeth mirrors that of Mary Shelley (brought up by foster parents, suffered a lot of losses in her life). I find this fascinating, and feel that this permeates the writing of the original novel, and White tries to reflect this shadowing of tumultuousness, particularly in the flashbacks.

Initially I found the book slow to get into, but I later likened it to the slow discoveries that Elizabeth was making, and how the travel at the time must have felt, and I realized that this is the type of novel that I didn’t need to rush through after all. That said, at about half way, the pace picked up considerably and I didn’t want to put it down. Once the ‘monster’ comes into the story, everything seems to happen almost too quickly, and I had a lot of overwhelming emotions in the second half of the book that made it a weightier read as it went on, descending further into grief and desperation. The title is incredibly apt in that respect. I also especially love that the tone and prose feel in keeping with the period; Kiersten did an excellent job with this.


Few works of fiction can garner the status of crossing so many genres (horror, romance, sci-fi, literary fiction), have affected pop culture and so many types of media, for so many generations, and with one mention of the title, conjure up so vivid images and visceral reactions to its central story. Kiersten White has captured those images and the emotions effectively inside her version, without the cartoonish depiction of the modern monster, returning him to Shelley’s imagining. Upon reading, there is a sense that Elizabeth and the monster have much in common, and the misunderstanding from the world around them is palpable. There is a distinct uneasiness at the end though, and much like the end of the ‘Frankenstein’, and even ‘Dracula’, you’re left with the feeling that things are unfinished, and that the myth will continue. It’s a feeling I relish. If you have a taste for dark, gothic, or classic fiction, give this one a read; it’s also a fabulous pick especially for lovers of classic horror and science-fiction. Thank you, Mary Shelley!


*Kudos as always to Regina Flath for her brilliant design of the cover. Stunning.



Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/2305950033
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review 2018-09-18 01:24
Topper - Thorne Smith 
Topper; Classic American Humor Fiction - Thorne Smith

It is, by this time, a cliche: boring business dude meets a manic pixie dreamgirl who shakes up his days, keeps him up all night, teaches him about love, and then passes into the great beyond. What makes this book still feel marvelously fresh is that the MPDG isn't all that wacky, she's married, and she's already dead at the start of the book. Other than drinking mind-bending Prohibition-era quantities of booze, the adventures themselves are amazingly simple. Topper and his ghost companions enjoy several good meals, but otherwise they spend the summer mostly sleeping rough, swimming in rivers and the Atlantic, canoeing, reading [book:Ulysses|338798] aloud, and just digging the beauty of nature. There is singing and dancing, even a little brawling, but it's so charmingly bucolic. After all, if Topper gets up to 25 MPH in his car it feels fast and dangerous, and it no doubt was since roads were iffy and there were still a lot of farmers with horses about.<br/><br/>I was worried about Topper's wife. Needlessly. Smith is a writer who can produce the banter of Coward, and also spend a lot of time telling us how Topper feels about his cat. I knew it was going to have a happy ending, but I didn't know the ending would be so perfect. The overall effect is charming, but never twee. Highly recommended.



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url 2018-09-14 10:40
Have You Ever Thought Why People Love To Restore Their Classic Jaguar Car

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text 2018-09-13 06:40
Buy Alpaca Socks Online

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Alpacas have empty fiber downy which gives prevalent temperature direction. This implies your feet won't be excessively hot or excessively cool when you wear maloca alpaca Socks. Alpaca holds warmth against the skin without overheating. Dissimilar to other regular strands, alpaca does not contain lanolin and is hypoallergenic. This implies maloca alpaca Socks don't feel scratchy on your skin. Our alpaca socks are so smooth, they can be worn against the skin with no aggravation.


Alpaca fiber is likewise normally dampness wicking and smell safe. Maloca Alpaca Socks come in heavyweight and lightweight assortments. maloca alpaca Heavyweight Alpaca Socks come to put it plainly, group and boot styles. maloca alpaca Lightweight Socks highlight Baby Alpaca and come in lower leg, short and group styles. We have twelve hues that are ideal for work or play. Peruse our determination today, maloca alpaca Socks truly are a treat for your feet and your solace is ensured!


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Alpaca fiber is a sustainable asset that develops yearly. Alpacas are sheared every year and create four to six pounds of one of the world's most sumptuous filaments. Alpaca fiber has an empty center. This enables the fiber to relax. The empty center additionally traps pockets of air which go about as covers against both chilly and warmth. Thus, alpaca fiber is the main regular fiber that is warm in the winter and cool in the late spring. Buy Alpaca Blanket from Malocaalpaca.com and have amazing experience.


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review 2018-09-10 05:32
Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Another classic story book for the classroom for all age readers. This book is a fun example of what a child’a imagination is really like and also how quickly these imaginative thoughts can begin and end. The little boy goes on his own adventure to an island of wild things and dances the night away all in a matter of 5 minutes after being sent to his room without dinner only to return to reality and have dinner hot and waiting on him in his room. This book is an awesome opening book for discussing creative thinking and writing. I will use this book to introduce journaling in my room and having the freedom of imagination to write whatever my students want. Also, I would love to use as a retelling lesson where groups act out the events of the story. 


Guided Reading Level: J

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