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text 2019-10-10 10:55
Oil Depot Gasoline Vapor Collecting Systems Market Current Trends and Developments Opportunities Report

Global oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems market is estimated to grow considerably in the forecast period due to increase in demand for petroleum products. Oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems are used to reduce the toxic vapours that release in the atmosphere. The petroleum exporting countries that perform loading operation at offshore sites have been releasing harmful pollutants, which is a serious issue on the global scale. Hence, oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems potentially recover and remove vapours from the storage tanks, creating less risk harmful vapours in the atmosphere.


The major drivers of oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems market include increase in demand from the transport industry, increasing awareness regarding the release of toxic crude oil vapor, large volume transportation by economies, and regulations by various agencies for increase in ground-level ozone from VOC pollution. However, complex and lengthy installation process of the oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems is hampering the market.


Increase in demand for oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems from oil-producing economies is trending in the market. Furthermore, growing awareness for spray absorbers, used in the oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems is an opportunity for the market players to expand their customer base. Oil depot gasoline vapor collecting system market is categorized based on type, application, end user, and geography. Based on type, market is divided into chemical products, petroleum products, and others.


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Based on application, market is divided into storage, transportation, and processing. Transportation segment is expected to lead the market due to increase in demand by the railcars, truck, and pipelines. Furthermore, high demand for oil and gas products by emerging economies of Asia Pacific also contributes to the growth of transportation segment.


In terms of end use, oil depot gasoline vapor collection system market is divided into oil and gas and others. Oil and gas, by process is further divided into upstream and downstream, whereas other is also divided into chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and landfills. Oil and gas segment is expected to hold larger share of the market due to increasing use of vapor recovery units for downstream process. Moreover, increasing use of emission control systems due to strict norms for VOC emissions in oil & gas industry also fuels oil and gas segment.


Geographically, market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Europe is expected to dominate the market in the forecast period owing to increased demand from Italy, Germany, and Turkey due to growing concerns for the release of hazardous gases in air by industries like chemicals & petrochemicals, landfills, and oil and gas. Asia Pacific also leads the market due to increase in demand from the oil and gas industry, especially from China and India.


The major players in oil depot gasoline vapor collecting systems industry are Chongqing Endurance Industry Stock, Sinopec Corp, Doule, Ruichang, Jiangsu Aerospace Hewlett, Dover Corporation, Wisebond, CEC-EP, Bayeco, Bohuitong, Flogistix, Kappa Gi, Carbovac Sarl, Cool Sorption, John Zink Company, SYMEX Technologies, Aereon, BORSIG Membrane Technology, Kilburn Engineering, HY-BON/EDI, VOCZero, Zeeco.


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review 2019-10-08 20:23
Francie and her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion by Joe Blitman
Francie and Her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion - Joe Blitman

I've been looking and looking for this! Francie, Barbie's "MOD'ern" cousin, debuted in 1966. She can be elusive, but irresistible once you get a handle on what you're looking for. Joe Blitman's other book 'Barbie and her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion' was a comprehensive and fun look at the 'mod' fashions for Barbie and her same-size friends. His book on 'Francie' is just as thorough and playful. It includes every Francie doll and outfit produced.


 Two blonde twist n' turn Francies. Standing is wearing 1966-67's 'Gad Abouts' missing a green knit hat with blue pom, and thin visor sunglasses. Sitting is wearing a vintage 'clone' outfit clearly inspired by Mattel.


In addition to a section covering dolls in their original packaging and outfits, the book offers two photos of each outfit, one neatly laid out with its accessories and another on a doll, or dolls, in posed shots with fun props and backgrounds. This makes for a more interesting read and it also offers different angles and textures that aren't easy to see when they're lying flat or still beneath plastic. This is especially true of the knit or crocheted leggings which are very hard make out in those small pictures.


Our latest find! The 1966 Francie house. It's an enormous vinyl suitcase. I can't imagine a kid lugging this around full of dolls. It's missing some pieces, as you'll see, but I put in some extras.


Francie in various forms was around for roughly ten years depending on how fast stores sold old stock. She had same-size friends in Casey and Twiggy (they shared a head mold). She never talked, but was given a Malibu make-over (a differently painted Casey head) in 1971. Her outfits then became less inspired as the '70s wore on before she was discontinued sometime in 1976.


A 1970-73 Francie with Growin' Pretty Hair in her original dress. The mechanism for the hair seems to be frozen. I'm not going to be the one to yank her head off trying to make the hair 'grow'.


Francie only ever came in blonde or brunette (the growin' pretties were only blonde, the quick curls were only brunette), but was the first doll to have the 'real' eyelashes enjoyed by many of the dolls of the late '60s and early '70s. In another first, Mattel released Francie as a black doll in 1967. This version is extremely scarce, but available online if a collector wants to pay. Another problem with finding any Francie in good condition is that in the 1965-69 years the vinyl has a tendency to yellow and/or develop a sticky residue.


A 1966-68 Twist 'n Turn Francie in her original swimsuit.


The other essential book is, of course, Sarah Sink Eames' 'Barbie Doll Fashion, Vol. 2'


We've made some progress collecting mod-era dolls, but we have a long way to go. With a few exceptions, we won't pick up anything after 'Malibu' happened. I didn't have many mod dolls before, so I've mixed a few of them in the last photo. :)


Party time! Another Growin' Pretty Francie wears 1968's 'The Silver Cage' escorted by a New Good Looking Ken wearing 1969's 'Rally Gear'. A Free Movin' Ken is in 1971's 'The Suede Scene' and a Twist n' Turn Julia wears 'Leisure Leopard'. By the way, those chairs are mounted in the vinyl and can swivel. Probably so a child (or grown ass man) could swivel the dolls underneath the table top (missing).

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url 2019-09-17 11:33
Multi-use Temperature & Humidity Logger with Real-Time LCD Display

Multi-use Temperature & Humidity Logger with Real-Time LCD Display


This revolutionary, multi-use, user-programmable, electronic temperature data recorder is specifically designed for measuring temperature and humidity during the transportation of refrigerated vaccines, biological material, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and for documenting the transportation of perishable commodities. Temperature Data Collection Devices Manufacturer


For more information visit at https://marathonproducts.com .

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review 2019-08-20 18:23
Who Won Second Place at Omaha? by Diane Kagan
Who Won Second Place at Omaha? - Diane Kagan,Meryl Joseph

Diane Kagan is an actress with a long history on the stage and a respectable amount of appearances in film and television. She is also, evidence this book, completely fucking crazy. This was published by Random House for chrissakes. What was going on in 1975?

"Who Won Second Place at Omaha?" is a surreal journey through a private house/museum filled with dolls and puppets and mannequins. It is a showcase for a series of black and white photographs depicting dolls ranked on shelves and staircases, in cabinets, in pieces, in looming clusters, and pressed against window panes. The narration is in vignettes and is sheer lunacy.


We were visiting a friend's bookstore and he greeted us by saying he had something for my husband - something completely creepy. I was expecting either an ordinary doll collector's book, because everyone thinks all dolls are creepy, or some twee faux-macabre art book.


Nope. It was this.


Our narrator greets visitors at the door - all persons are off-camera - and reassures them that they have the right time. It takes so long to come up from the workshop, you understand. The voice is mostly this host/collector explaining the various personalities of the dolls and cryptically commenting every so often about a stray second place award ribbon from Omaha. Who does it belong to? Everyone is a winner here....


We never do find out who this particular winner is, perhaps the Jumeau from the cover, but we do hear many tales of woe - laments about loneliness, missing arms, abandonment anxieties, and decaying clothing. Some are happy - Raggedy Ann and Andy are just fine in their plastic bags - suffocation is not a problem for them the narrator assures you. They've been lying there for five years and haven't said a word.


The photographs are often stunning and the collection itself is impressive, with many photos of rare and obscure items arranged in an interesting fashion. The text is gleefully demented, but it may not impress anyone who isn't also a doll hoarder like my husband. He was in tears from laughing over this thing.


In his words: "Every. line. exposes her psychosis more. This is amazing. This is insane."

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review 2019-06-11 20:19
The Vintage Ken Book by Anthony Gayton
The Vintage Ken Book: Ken & Allan Dolls and Their Clothing 1961-1967 - From the Private Collection of Anthony Gayton - Anthony Gayton

It should come as no surprise to any of you that we've continued to go nuts over Barbie everything, but the real hook that got me into the doll-collecting world was Ken.


I came across the website Something About the Boy when trying to find reference photographs for an outfit - and hit the jackpot. The author started collecting about 15 years ago and has not only amassed an impressive and complete collection, but his photography is so good. Just look at it. There are exclusive images and content in the book/PDF that is not available on the website, that, and just having the images and information handy at a show, store or yard sale without needing an internet connection, is worth the $20 price.


This book does not come in a bound edition, yet, but I'm hopeful it will appear someday. The art in here elevates the toy into something worthy of a coffee table book. All photos in this post, on the other hand, are mine.


This book only covers the "Vintage Years" from Ken's first introduction in 1961 to his discontinuation in 1967. The website goes all the way into the 1980s (Barbie and the Rockers!) and, OMG, just look at it. It's beautiful. I don't think I'll ever collect that late, but I love that he's doing this project and documenting everything Ken. 


Gayton goes year by year, and with careful research and documentation of never-opened dolls and accessories provides the collector with images of changes made in the production of the dolls themselves and in the clothing and accessories. The trouser identification guide quickly became that thing I didn't know I needed!



On the left is Allan in 1964's 'Special Date' #1401, and on the right is Ken in an assembled outfit that was eventually sold as "Victory Dance" #1411. It was released in 1964, but was made out of several repackaged items that had once been sold individually. The exposed zipper on the white slacks marks them as earlier, the lack of cuffs makes them transitional. Late '61, early '62.


Barbie is a popular brand but any information on Ken and Allan and their accessories has always seemed like an afterthought. Gayton advances an interesting theory that in 1963 Mattel had bigger plans for Ken as a toy for boys - 1963 saw Ken joining the army and navy, playing baseball and football, as well as boxing, skiing, and diving. The success of G.I. Joe in 1964 ended that possibility. That makes a lot of sense. Would girls in the early 60s have been expected to play boxing?



1963 'Dr. Ken' #793 monitors a bend leg Ken with "blush" on the cheeks going 'In Training' #780 from 1961. The doctor's surgical mask and reflector have ties that are too fragile to use.


Anyway, this is a great resource. That clued me in to a lot more variations in the dolls and their clothing then I thought there was. For your time, another new arrival:



We found the mask for the Big Bad Wolf (from the Barbie's 1964 'Little Red Riding Hood' costume) for $5 at a show. Couldn't resist! He's with a mid '60s Barbie clone wearing homemade clothes.

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