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text 2018-01-23 21:03
Reading progress update: I've read 5%.
Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

The cover is killing me guys. It just looks so cheesy. 

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text 2018-01-23 20:52
Libraries Rock! Week of January 22, 2018
We're Going to Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated, and True - Gabrielle Union
Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

I went and put a ton of books on hold. I always forget about physical books since I got on an ebook borrow binge last year. My librarian was nice enough to remind me we have all the books (seriously) I would just need to do holds. I feel like a moron.


I started having issues with images/pics so could not put all holds in this post. 


Borrows (Physical):



Borrows (E-Books):


Cover image for We're Going to Need More WineCover image for Secrets in Death


Holds (Physical) I technically put 8 books on hold but the images are jacked up:


[More detail about this title is available][More detail about this title is available]

Holds (E-Books):


Cover image for Where the Past BeginsCover image for Faithful Place

Cover image for Men Explain Things to Me

Cover image for Pet Sematary

Cover image for The Drawing of the Three

Cover image for Renegades

Cover image for Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Cover image for The Darkest Minds


Total TBR: 18 books!


Sorry for the messed up images, but BL is not doing great right now. 


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review 2018-01-23 17:11
Just an Okay Quick
'Til Death Do Us Part - Amanda Quick

Well now I know why the rating for this book wasn't that high. This really read as a paint by numbers Quick book. I was disappointed because I know she can write better than this (see Ravished) but this one was pretty blah. The hero/heroine were not that memorable, the main story-line was not working for me at all and we hear about the rape of a secondary character that ultimately moved me to pity and wondered why that was even thrown in the book. We do get a happily ever after though which made me happy. I am trying to remember what series she wrote that had the two leads just investigating and sleeping together and it drove me up the wall.


The heroine in "Til Death Do Us Part" is Calista Langley that operates a matchmaking service. The synopsis calls it an "introductory agency" but I am just going to call it matchmaking. She holds salons that have single men/women that come to chat about different topics while getting to know each other. Calista has somehow been targeted by a madman that leaves trinkets and other items to show that he means to kill her soon.

The hero, Trent Hastings is an author who has done his best to avoid polite society. Due to scars on his face and some lingering anger that he could not protect his mother, Trent believes that Calista has to be running some sort of scam. He finds himself attracted to her though and gets embroiled in finding out who means her harm.


We have some interesting secondary characters, Trent's sister, brother, and sister in law, and Calista's brother who helps her out by investigating potential clients.


I think my biggest issue is that Calista and Trent really didn't do much for me as a couple. Why they were even attracted to each other puzzled me. We just see them investigating and we get two love scenes. Big whoop.


The writing was okay, but the book dragged in places. I pretty much guessed most of the book, but not all of it. And I think Quick was way too rushed to explain everything. I wish that the clues we were given took more time to find and the true guilty party had a better reasoning behind what they did.


We do get a Happy Ever After though which was nice.

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review 2018-01-21 21:40
Book Review for Garrett by Jessie Cooke

                            Title: Garrett
Series: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club
Author: Jessie Cooke
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 15, 2018 

Garrett “Bear” Banks, has the stealth of a sniper and the strength of a viper. but the bad things he’s done, have taken their toll, and now… a life changing decision will free him from his demons.


What he hasn’t planned on, is a woman getting in the way. 


Paige is ready to put her demons to rest, when a giant of a man appears just at the wrong time to make the right decision.

Two tortured people standing at the same place in life, at the start of a journey that will change both of their lives, and those they love…forever.
This is the 8th book in the Southside Skulls MC Series. It is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from the previous novels, DAX, CODY, GUNNER, ZACK, LEVI, KAT & HUNTER are included in this story too.
The Southside Skulls MC Series is about members of the MC club, their associates, and friends. 
Each story, while focused around one or more main characters, is not necessarily about a Southside Skulls club member, but the story is related to Skulls members and the club. 
HEA and No cliffhanger. 
Intended for Mature Readers

For me this series just gets better.As the series progresses I keep finding more and more story characters to be my favorite but, I think Garrett has turned into my absolute favorite character.This story was a pager turner and we loved it from cover to cover and we couldn't put it down.For me there was always so much going on in the story emotional as well as the continuing club drama making it intriguing and suspenseful.
I loved both the main characters as you were at times overwhelmed with their pain and sorrow that both carried within them.For this couple you had to believe in fate as Garrett and Paige were put in one another's path for sure each becoming the others savior.
One thing that I love about this club and its members is that they are trying to make right the wrongs others are doing to innocents.This club has been trying to take down as many human traffickers as possible who are dealing in women and children.You got to loved them for their cause .Being in this position of saving innocents Garrett was able to relate to Paige in more ways than one.
This tale really touched my heart and tugged at your emotions. Paige's pain was due to the fact that she believed she was responsible in some way for her sister death.Garrett's pain was due to the loss he suffered from being at war and protecting our country and a rights as well as our freedom.So many of our soldiers end up like Garrett and it breaks your heart thinking of the horrific things they have done and seen yet come away broken and unable to cope in the life they return to.For Garrett his brothers were his saviors for a really long time but, never really seeing how much pain he was really in.For me the most touching part of the story had to be the letters and the effect that it had on his loved ones.I have to say right then in there the tears started to fall and continued falling throughout the rest of the story.I love when a author is able to bring you to tears.
I always pick who's going to be my favorite character and mine is going to be Garrett.I just loved how protective and kind as well as loving he was.I loved how he took charge of Paige all the while putting his own life on hold as well as ending his own demons.This couple were good for one another and truly understood the kind of pain each other were in.Love was the true healing balm for this couple.
The chemistry between this couple was amazing.Holy hotness! These two were each others soul-mate for sure. I love being on this couples journey of healing and sacrifice.
Although the story was emotional and suspenseful it had many other secrets come to life that you were like omg! how did I not pick up on that before now!It was good to be surprised in that way and made things even more interesting.I love when you never saw that tidbit of info coming to light.
I love when you are able to connect with the characters that you are reading about and I was able to do that as I started loving them for the onset of the story.Let's not forget the other brothers as they made this story even more entraining as we love them as well .Each of them are so different from the other but, you see the love they share for each other how protective they are of each other and love and laughter is always guaranteed amoung this family of misfits.
I loved this story and I am loving this series.A recommend read to all and it series!
5 stars from Us
Another amazing read that goes onto the keeper self to be re-read again and again.
“Winter wonderland, my ass,” Garrett said aloud as he trudged up the hill, dressed in white from his head to his toes. He blended easily with the fresh snow, so he should really be happier about it, but cold just wasn’t his thing. It wasn’t that Vegas couldn’t get cold in the winter. Those desert storms could make a man’s balls feel like frozen meatballs. But it was still not the same as winter in Massachusetts. He was anxious to finish this job for Dax and get back home. He’d been in the middle of wrapping up his business when Dax called.
Garrett had five sealed letters in the saddlebags of his bike, but for some reason he’d been carrying the sixth one around in his pocket. Maybe it was because that was the most important one. That was the one that explained to his little girl why she would be better off in a world where he didn’t exist. One last kill…one more sin to add to the list of many, and then he’d be ready to stand up and answer for them all, in front of his maker. If his mother was right with the stories she told him when he was little, and there was a set of pearly gates and a little man named Joseph who sent you up the escalator or down into the heat, he knew where he was going, and it was good that he’d rather be warm. His life hadn’t been all bad, and his sweet little Jessie was proof of that, but he had done unspeakable things and answering for them was the only part of dying that worried him.
Right now, though, he needed to put that on the back burner and concentrate on the task at hand. He kept walking, climbing steadily, and each one of his steps left an indentation in the virgin white powder that covered the earth. He was a big man, weighing in at 310 pounds the last time he checked. That number might be worrisome if he weren’t six-foot-six and the weight weren’t evenly distributed and almost solid muscle. Of course, even if it were fat, it wouldn’t matter now.  
The higher Garrett climbed, the more frigid the air became. His face was covered with a white knit ski mask, but the skin around his eyes stung from the ice that was clinging to his bottom lashes. He should be wearing his goggles, but he hated walking around in them. He’d put them on when he reached his rendezvous point. His thick, white leather gloves were heated at least, and they felt fucking fabulous. His hands were the most important tool he had besides his rifle, so he had to take care of them, but the rest of his body was fucking freezing. The thick, white coveralls he was wearing were saturated with the wet, falling snow and if he thought he was ever going to need it again, he might have worried that his dick would freeze solid and crack right off.
He pushed on. He’d worked in a lot of worse places under a lot of worse conditions. He slowly maneuvered a path that was littered with hidden bushes, stumps, and rocks, but by now he knew where every one of them was at even though the snow had blanketed them all during the night. The branches of the trees that were still visible hung heavily toward the ground, the icicles tugging at them and dangling perilously close to Garrett’s head at times. He walked the obstacle course in snow up to his knees, and it took twice as long as it would have taken in clear weather. It was easy to see why Dax hadn’t tried to take on this job himself, and despite putting his own urgent business aside to do it, Garrett didn’t really mind. This was the one thing in his life that he’d been good at. He was sure it wouldn’t be the thing that got him into heaven, but once he took his own life, that probably wasn’t going to be an option anyways.
When he finally scaled the top of the snowy ridge, he dropped the heavy rifle that had been slung over his shoulder and the backpack he carried, down into the snow, and let his heavy body fall beside them. He lay there in the snow for several minutes, creating a snow angel the size of a dragon before he finally sat up and grabbed his water bottle. As he drank, he looked in the direction of the curling smoke. He couldn’t see the cabin with his naked eye, but he’d already scoped the place out, and he knew Josiah Miller’s routines.
He reached over and unzipped the protective case the rifle was sheathed in. He pulled it out and began his safety checks. The rifle was like an old friend to him. It had taken countless lives…but it had saved countless more. He worked as part of a team in the military, with a spotter, but the truth was that he preferred to work alone. It was the same with most of the rest of his life. He preferred solitude, and he didn’t have very many close relationships. It was why he’d chosen to be a nomad, why he hadn’t seen or talked to his mother in three years, and why he knew he’d be a terrible father to his beautiful little girl—at least, it was one of the reasons. He sighed and began pulling things out of the backpack and setting up his area.
Garrett had studied aerial maps of the place before even going up the mountain for the first time. He’d looked at photographs and satellite pictures, and the first time he went up, he took photos of his own from every angle. He walked the perimeter until he found the perfect spot to stage his kill and then he’d established his own escape route. Then for the next few days he watched Josiah Miller come in and out of the cabin and he got familiar with his target’s routines. Now, he lay down in the snow, ranged the target, and adjusted the position of the gun for the wind and elevation and other variables.
Garrett didn’t like to think of himself as a killer, but he had to admit that was what he was. While he was in the Navy, he could justify what he did by telling himself it was only a job, and one that was saving humanity at that. But once he got out and his job had morphed into traveling the United States for the MC and doing almost exactly the same thing, he wasn’t able to justify it that way any longer. He kept doing it, because it was all he was good at…and he took jobs like this one for Dax because, well, there were just some people you didn’t say no to. Garrett had known Dax for so long that he knew Dax wouldn’t have faulted him for turning the job down, but Dax had been one of very few constants in Garrett’s life. Dax wasn’t frightened or fazed by the changes in Garrett’s personality when he was gone, and he was also one of a handful of people that Garrett knew would be there, saddled up and ready to ride or die, if he needed him. So, he wasn’t about to tell Dax no, even if the job did get in the way of his own plans, temporarily.
Garrett took the high-powered binoculars out of his backpack and while he sat with his back against a tree, he brought them up to his face. He adjusted them until the cabin came into focus. There were no signs of life outside, but the smoke from the chimney told him Miller was inside. It was almost time for him to rise and drink his coffee on the porch. It was what he did every day. Garrett marveled sometimes at how people were such creatures of habit. It was what had gotten a lot of them killed, and they probably didn’t even know it. Garrett had the opportunity to take Miller out many times over that week that he’d been watching him, but he had to wait until everything was in place.
This man had taken Dax’s old lady with the intention of doing her great harm. Even to a killer like Garrett, that was not okay. Miller thought he was paying Dax back for ending his old man’s miserable, hateful existence. He couldn’t see that Dax had done the world a great favor. Dax had also saved Cody and his older brother from continuing to suffer the horrors of abuse the man heaped upon them, but Josiah Miller either didn’t know or didn’t care about any of that. From what Dax told Garrett about what he’d been able to find out about Josiah’s past, the old man hadn’t been any easier on him. But the kid had watched Dax kill him, and then he had spent eighteen years locked up. He was a kid when he went to prison, and according to the prison psychologist’s notes that Dax had somehow gotten his hands on, Josiah had created a fantasy parent in his head. He’d managed to block out the broken bones that could still be seen on an x-ray. When the psychologist asked him about the knife and burn scars on his back, he’d blamed them on his mother and her “string of men.” If not for the fact that Cody had almost identical scarring on his own back, that might be believable.
Josiah had allowed his hate for Dax, Cody, and the Skulls to fester for all the years he was locked up and he’d come out mean, vengeful, and dangerous. The only way Dax could rest easy and know that his family was safe was if this man was no longer on the planet, and Garrett was okay with that. But Josiah had found a place where Dax and his crew would never be able to take their bikes to get at him, so Garrett had made a promise to Dax that before he took him out, Josiah would know who was behind the bullet. He’d set that up last night and now all he had to do was wait.
He lowered the binoculars and, with some effort, got his big hand into the pocket on the front of the coveralls. The photo he put there was hard from the cold. If he bent it in half, it would probably break. He smiled as he looked at Jessie’s little face. His daughter looked like an angel, and Garrett still marveled at how he could be any part of her. Jessie had just turned four years old. She had blonde hair and big, round brown eyes. Her eyelashes were longer than any Garrett had ever seen and all she had to do was bat them in his direction to get anything she ever wanted. She had the softest skin. Garrett had touched many women, and he loved the feel of a woman’s soft skin against his calloused fingers. But Jessie’s was even softer…it was so new. Everything about her was new, and that was a big reason why he had finally decided she’d be better off without him.
Garrett was home on leave when he met Leanne. She was the cousin of one of his brothers in the Sin City Flames and she was home from college at the same time. Garrett met her at a party at the club and by the end of the night he’d taken her back to his place. They’d spent the rest of the weekend in bed, and in the shower and on his couch and even once up against the wall in the garage where he kept his bike. She was hot, and they both consumed a lot of alcohol that weekend. A few times he remembered using a condom, but a few more times they’d gotten caught up in the heat of the moment and they hadn’t.
It was Garrett’s club brother, Leanne’s cousin, who had written to him and told him about the baby. He was in Niger at the time and the letter took months to reach him. By the time he got it, the baby was four months old and Leanne had met someone. By the time Garrett made it home again on leave, Jessie was almost a year old and Leanne was planning a wedding. The man she was marrying wasn’t in the club. He had some professional job and a big house and a nice car. He was well-groomed and educated and articulate and worlds apart from who and what Garrett was. But when Leanne asked Garrett to sign papers giving up his rights to the baby, he had flatly refused. He knew as soon as he saw her that she was his. It was some kind of unspoken bond as soon as his eyes met his daughter’s eyes. They were his eyes, and although everything else about her was her mother, he recognized the same eyes he saw in the mirror every day, looking back at him through his baby. He’d never loved anything or anyone at first sight before, but Jessie’s smile was seared into his soul, the first time she pointed it in his direction. He’d gone to his platoon leader and they’d arranged for a DNA test that proved Garrett was her father.
She was almost two by the time Garrett came home again and they met in court with their lawyers. Garrett was having second thoughts about staying in the little girl’s life until he saw her again. Most kids were afraid of him. He was like Goliath to their David, and he didn’t blame them. But Jessie had seen him that day and once again she’d smiled and stretched out her tiny little arms. Leanne cried when she saw him pick her up, and the man Leanne married had been the one to suggest they call the hearing off and share custody of the baby.
Garrett had to go back for almost another year after that and when he came home again and visited the toddler, things between them were still just as good. The difference was Garrett. He was plagued by nightmares and flashbacks. He refused to take the medication the army gave him. He’d be damned if he’d walk around drooling like a fucking zombie. He self-medicated with weed and alcohol, and sex. His life was an endless party while he was awake and a house of horrors while he slept. The only thing that brought him peace was Jessie. He was selfish enough at first to revel in that and visit her as often as Leanne would let him.
But it had only taken him a few months of visits to realize she had the kind of life he’d never be able to give her. She had a huge room and it seemed to have everything in it that any little girl could ever want or need. He would sit on the floor for hours sometimes while she introduced him to her dolls and stuffed animals and fixed them all tea with a china tea set he was afraid to touch. Or they’d sit in the backyard of the house that looked like a park. It had rolling hills and a play set unlike any Garrett had ever seen. Jessie was always smiling and she talked nonstop to him about her friends at preschool and her mommy and Jake. Jake was her stepfather, the one that worked every day to give her everything she had, everything she wanted, and everything Garrett knew she deserved. It didn’t take him long to realize that the longer he stayed in her life, the more she’d come to know that her real father was the man who tucked her in every night and told her a story…not the funny giant who just came to visit and didn’t have anything of value to offer her.
The day Garrett had that realization was the day he started planning his own death. He would have gone through with it by now, but the letters had taken him weeks to write. He wanted the people he cared about, and most importantly Jessie, to know that leaving them was a necessity, not a choice. He wanted Jessie to know how much he loved her and he needed her to know that the only thing that would ever take him from her was the knowledge that she was going to be so much better off without him. She might forget him eventually, and her mother might choose to not even give her the letter, but his soul wouldn’t have been able to rest if he hadn’t tried to explain it to her. Garrett wasn’t a talker and when he did talk, he wasn’t articulate like Jake. He’d spent hours on spell-checking the letter alone. He didn’t want his little girl to think she’d come from a man without a brain. He wasn’t stupid, but even as a kid, school had not been his thing.
Once he finally finished her letter, he’d written the rest of them, slipped them into envelopes, and was gathering what he needed for his final trip. That was when Dax called and now instead of resting in a box, he was freezing his ass off on the side of a mountain. Thankfully, that would be over soon. He saw movement near the cabin and with one hand, he tucked Jessie’s picture back in his pocket and with the other, he picked up the binoculars.
Garrett focused them on the porch and saw Josiah Miller. He was wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt and a pair of jeans and boots. He had a coffee mug in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He was leaning up against one of the wooden beams and looking out at the snow that surrounded him. Garrett knew it would take Miller a few minutes to see what he’d left him. He lay down in the snow behind his rifle and put the binoculars down. He sighted his scope, taking his time as Miller continued to nurse his coffee. Garrett’s finger caressed the trigger and watched through the powerful scope as Miller’s eyes grew wide, his face went pale, and the mug slipped from his fingers. The bullet tore through his head before the mug even finished shattering against the wooden porch.

Garrett took his time packing his things up, making sure he didn’t leave anything behind, before walking the two miles down to where the cabin was and the dead man lay, to do the same. The first thing he did was take down the picture he’d stolen out of Miller’s things while he was sleeping a few nights before. It was one that he’d had taken of Dax with his gun to some thug’s head. It was black and white and big enough for Miller to see from the porch where he stood each day. Garrett would gather the rest of the pictures once the body was taken care of. He’d take what he found in the cabin to Dax and then he’d go home to Las Vegas…for one last visit before he met Josiah Miller in hell.

Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them. 

Be Sure to Follow Us here :

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review 2018-01-21 17:12
Touched by Death - T.L. Martin
Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

Wow! This was a very intriguing, interesting, heartfelt read! It’s one of those stories that you won’t want to put down once you start it! It’s full of adventure, learning, loving, and living.


I was really surprised with the more that I read. The story line was something new to me. It wasn’t a concept I had read about before, but it was written in kind of a logical way. A way that seemed very realistic and a way that made you go “Hmmm..,” and I loved it!


There was really a great cast of characters. The lead and supporting characters all made the story great. Their relationships, or lack there for, were something to remember. The more you read, the more you’ll fall in love with these characters and the more your heart will break for them. Trust me – you can’t help but fall in love with them the more you read.


This story was suspenseful, in its own way.  I can’t say that it was full of action, but the way that the author wrote the scenes, really keeps your mind reeling, twisting, turning, and coming up empty handed at times.  It wasn’t until I was much closer to the end of the book did things really start falling into place and started making all the light bulbs go off.  It was fun trying to keep up and keep guessing with what was actually going on.


This is a story I would read again.  It was such a really heartfelt story and an intriguing story line. I enjoyed every minutes of it and would suggest to anyone to give it a shot. I think you would enjoy it!

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *
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