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review 2015-07-14 22:18
Legacy (The Niteclif Evolutions #1) by Denise Tompkins aka Kelli Ireland
Legacy - Denise Tompkins



Looking back on the wish she made on Midsummer’s Eve, Maddy Niteclif should have been more specific. She only wanted to escape the shadowy nightmares that plagued her nights, not to be thrust into a completely altered reality.

If a strangely familiar, sexy dragon-shifter named Bahlin, who causes a never-to-be-mentioned-again fainting spell, isn’t enough to make her question her sanity, his insistence she’s the Niteclif ought to do the job. Prophesied super-sleuth of the supernatural world—a world that desperately needs her help—isn’t a job she’s remotely qualified for no matter what her family tree says.

Catapulted into a very different London ruled by dark mythology, mystery and murder, Maddy makes a few startling discoveries. Paranormal creatures exist. Getting shot really sucks. And her body responds remarkably well to dragon magic—in more ways than simple wound healing.

But in this kill-or-be-killed world, reality bites. And Maddy must choose to go back to what she knows…or stay and fight for the man she knows she can’t live without.



My thoughts:


Most of you know by now that I’m a sucker for Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Books, so it should not surprise you I read them any chance I get.

This book surprised me, it was  different than I thought it would be, but in a good way.

I loved the twist with Sherlock Holmes, the whole murder mystery tied in with some paranormal. We get to meet a variety of supernatural beings, Fae, Vampires, Shifters, dragon or otherwise and much more but all that is ties into a newat little twist with the original Sherlock Holmes we know.

At first I thought we will have love triangle for sure, but after I while that showed not to be the case….. so far.


You can read my full review here 



Source: snoopydoosbookreviews.com/legacy-the-niteclif-evolutions-1-by-denise-tompkins-aka-kelli-ireland
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review 2013-11-21 00:16
Legacy (The Niteclif Evolutions #1) by Denise Tompkins
Legacy (The Niteclif Evolutions #1) - Denise Tompkins

Madeleine "Maddy" Niteclif needs a change. Where better to start anew than England. Upon her arrival, she feels a strong pull to head straight to Stonehenge. Once there, she makes a wish for "a changed reality".

That night, she quickly learns that wish or no wish, a changed reality is exactly what she's gotten. Turns out, she's a third generation Niteclif, descendant of Sherlock, and she's required to "... accept [her legacy] by age of thirty and pick up the mantle of service for minimum of ten years." And, to her surprise, two men (one dragon-shifter and one fae - both gorgeous, of course) want to "help her" and be her one and only.

The book was a quick read, however I wasn't fond of Maddy and the ending felt rushed. Had it not been for the supernatural twist on a old favorite, I probably would've rated it lower. I'd wanted to love this book and dig into another fun series. Hell, I even bought Wrath (book #2) before reading book 1. I'm just not sure I liked it enough to continue.

Good bits:
* Great opening line ... "I once heard someone say it's a good thing the world sucks or we'd all fall off."
* Nice paranormal spin on the story of Sherlock Holmes
* Dragon shifter with a Scottish accent *sigh*

Frustrating bit:
* Maddy says, "I don't read romance novels, so I refuse to use the words burgeoning, smoldering, blazing, heroic, manly, or turgid in any of my conversations - even in my dreams. So yeah, look pretty."

Then ...

She says, "I'm not into that supernatural, paranormal crap that seems to have taken over literature - okay, the world. Though I really do absolutely love Laurell K. Hamilton, and I did like Twilight, but ..."

Then ...

When asked, "I thought you said you didn't read romance novels." Her response is, "I had one forgettable adventure with that type of novel, and it was so generally bad that I had to put it down. Now I stick to the darker stuff."

For the record, thanks to my handy-dandy Kindle, I'm able to tell ya that she said "manly" once in reference to someone's "manly potpourri" scent. But, other than that she didn't use the other words at all.

I've never read a LKH book (shocker, I know), but I believe they are classified as supernatural, paranormal crap romances. Twilight is as well and it's definitely not classifiable as "dark". The disdain for "supernatural, paranormal crap" one minute, admitting to not only reading them but loving them the next, and then immediately accepting that her new reality is overflowing with the supernatural didn't fit for me.

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review 2012-08-19 00:00
Legacy (The Niteclif Evolutions, #1) - Denise Tompkins Did Not Finish...... The name dropping of Laurell K Hamilton several times within 2 chapters and the overdone scottish brogue of one of the characters just did me in.
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review 2011-11-19 00:00
Legacy (The Niteclif Evolutions, #1)
Legacy (The Niteclif Evolutions, #1) - Denise Tompkins It was a fun, easy read, and I would have enjoyed it even more if Maddy's emotions got toned down a bit. I really wanted to smack her a couple of times and say "Over dramatic much?".

Denise Tompkins certainly doesn't suffer from the lack of imagination. The world she's created is incredibly interesting and sort of co-existing with ours. Everything is possible there - dragons, Fae, vampires, selkies... any kind of magical creatures.

Madelaine decides she needs a change in her life after her parents death and comes to UK for a break wishing for a small adventure and some inspiration. Well, her wish is granted.

Somewhere along the line of her ancestors there happened to be Niteclifs - detectives upholding the law of supernatural world. In fact, her great grandfather found his immortality in human fiction as Sherlock Holmes. Now Maddy, like every other Niteclif before her, faces a choice - serve as paranormal detective for 10 years or let go of her legacy and live a normal life.

As you can guess, our heroine says yes ad gets thrown right in the middle of murder investigation, a wild love affair with a dragon, power struggle on the Council of paranormal species and numerous assassination attempts. Yup, one hell of an adventure.

Be careful what you wish for.

Legacy is a funny, vivid mishmash of paranormal creatures and original ideas. Maddy has had a rough start and hasn't evolved into a very strong appealing heroine yet but she is getting there (you can really see it by the end of the first book). There is plenty of potential, and I would love to see how the series progress from now on.

Fun facts:

Maddy admits that she is a fan of paranormal fiction, especially Laurell K.Hamilton books, and you can see LKH influences on the plot.

Bahlin, the dragon, is a sweetheart with a sexy Scottish brogue and a penchant for whisky.

Recommended for the fans of
Merry Gentry series by Laurell K.Hamilton
Sisters of The Otherworld by Yasmine Galenorn
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