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review 2018-03-11 06:11
Dirty Laundry (Get Dirty #2) by Lauren Landish
Dirty Laundry - Lauren Landish


Lauren Landish manages to pack an abundance of emotions into a small package. Dirty Laundry starts with deception, but the secrets are just the beginning. Looking through the eyes of love we explore betrayal, pain and the start of something special. Elise and Keith remove the rose colored glasses. Loving someone is not always pretty. The heartache is fierce, the sacrifice brutal, but the rewards are endless and worth the risk. If you're looking to fall in lust with love, Dirty Laundry is the read for you.

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review 2018-02-26 21:57
Sizzler!! Adult Content
Dirty Therapy (A MFM Ménage Romance) (Th... Dirty Therapy (A MFM Ménage Romance) (The Dirty Series Book 1) - Tara Crescent

Dirty Therapy by Tara Crescent is a fairly short read, perfect for those with limited reading time.  It is a M/F/M menage book though, so it may not be for everyone.  Ms. Crescent has delivered a well-written book.  The characters are fantastic and lovable.  Mia finds her fiance of two hours having sex with someone else.  Ben and Landon are sex therapists.  Their story is packed with drama, humor, smokin' hot sex and a bit of suspense.  I enjoyed reading Dirty Therapy and look forward to reading more from Tara Crescent in the future.  Dirty Therapy is book 1 of the Dirty Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2018-02-22 21:25
Fighting Dirty (Blind Jacks MC) - J.C. V... Fighting Dirty (Blind Jacks MC) - J.C. Valentine,M. Carroll

The story of Ryder and Tiffany continues in this second book.  You should read Marked For Death before you read this one.

As Ryder and Tiffany are getting settled in a life together, she can't help wondering if she is really cut out for the biker lifestyle.  Tiff loves Ryder like no other man before, but certain things that she sees in the biker's way of living she is not too keen on...danger....violence....whores....etc.

When something happens to Darkness, president of the Blind Jacks, all hell breaks loose.  While trying to contain that situation, it becomes apparent that Tiffany's ex has found her again.  Not wanting to bring more problems to the bikers, Tiff makes a rash decision that almost pushes Ryder over the edge.  Tiffany finally realizes that her and Ryder really do belong together and together is how they confront her crazy ex-husband.

All the suspense leading up to the confrontation was really enjoyable and made me want to keep reading.  I really enjoyed the characters of Ryder and Tiffany.  They were both fun and believable.  I also loved the situation between Darkness, Sammy and Rose.  They added some extra fun into the intense drama with Ryder and Tiffany.

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review 2018-02-15 06:47
Dirty Games (The Dirty Series) - HelenKay Dimon

This is the second book in the Dirty series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading the series in order.


Justin and Finn have a sort of antagonistic past.  Both of them have been insanely attracted to one another, but for some reason cannot stand the other.  This keeps them apart, which is good, since Finn could now be considered Justin's boss.


Finn has come a long way to try and solve problems that Justin asked for help with.  His reception when he arrives, however, is lacking.  Anger seems to be what the men have in common and it keeps them apart.


This was a story so full of interesting subjects.  Like other books in the series, the characters just seem so real to life leaping off the page.  I love the banter, even the anger, since it shows such real emotion.  This book gives us such compelling characters and storyline - I cannot wait to read the next installment!  I give this a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers, in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2018-02-02 00:00
Dirty Dancing at Devil's Leap
Dirty Dancing at Devil's Leap - Julie An... Dirty Dancing at Devil's Leap - Julie Anne Long Buddy read with Joanna Loves Books. Thanks Joanna! It was fun.
..I'll link to her review when it's up.
This is fast becoming one of my favorite series....I can't tell you how many times I've reread parts of book 2!

I thought the first one was, well, weird, and I really only liked the hero...And from this one there was a (thankful) noticeable absence of an annoying oak tree. Where [b:Wild at Whiskey Creek|29436302|Wild at Whiskey Creek (Hellcat Canyon, #2)|Julie Anne Long|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1473678817s/29436302.jpg|49704361] may have felt a lot longer, this one was a snap. Maybe too much of a snap. It was still beautiful, the characters were still complex, but I did think the conflict was slightly weak and based on about a lifetime ago. Ultimately, the resolution felt really rushed, but at times I didn't get the motivations behind everything.

The shining light of this novel was the hero, Mac. The heroine has a big heart, and is a tough, bold, loved and loving sort. The book begins like many others, with Avalon catching her boyfriend fucking the intern in their bedroom. She does the obvious thing and heads out of town. I've read so many contemporaries set in rural areas that start exactly this way, but Julie Anne Long does a great job at painting Avalon as looking like she's got life conquered but is really adrift. As usual, the familial and town interactions were rewarding, though a little short-changed in this book. And I'll begin to illustrate some of the highlights and issues I had with this book under the spoiler tag.

We know Avalon left town carrying a flame for her old summer muffin, Mac Coltrane and that somehow he broke her 16 year old heart and she never saw him again. The somehow was the major hang-up for me. It seemed like some earth-shattering mystery, but it wasn't, even though it was well-explained and easy to empathize with. It was frankly a bit out of character.

Meanwhile, Mac's had his life unravel (his dad imprisoned for fraud, lost his wealth) and seems adrift. At one point, Avalon even says "she won" over Mac. Of course, though, Mac has it mostly figured out. He is slowly revealed to be a multi-layered onion of a hero with deep insecurities, grudges, and vulnerabilities. He's also smart as hell, funny, sweet, and unaccountably romantic--though he never shows it. His hope in the darkness and the thing he's holding onto- "the one lit bulb left in his string of Christmas lights" is his old house...where he felt happy in the summers he spent in Hellcat Canyon and on Devil's Leap. There's an auction, and we found earlier that Ava plans to bid too. But Mac is so emotionally invested in purchasing his old house that I was rooting for him and really really didn't get why Ava wanted it. Turns out she was going to flip it, and hadn't realized she missed her family, her animals, and her small town yet. This, once again, was really confusing for me.

Obviously Ava wins. Mac still owns the caretaker's cottage and a parcel of the land-including Ava's favorite (why does she care if she's planning to sell to her friend, I don't get) - Devil's Leap. The rock formation where they are brave, the founding spot of Mac and Ava's relationship, and a beautiful romantic setting. This is where the pranks and trying to drive each other off begins. She wants to buy his parcel, he wants her house. Bit by bit, the pranks bring them closer together with mutual admiration for a game well-played (or not so well-played. Turns out Ava was wrong and Mac gets along well with a Hummingbird troop, for example). In addition, in this process, they find out how adrift Ava is from herself or initial plans and how Mac is basically living the life we'd think she'd want. There are many wonderful moments of revealing the vulnerability and sweetness of Mac - thinking of The Cat here - but that feels like it simultaneously endears the hero to us (that's where I fell in love with him) and would make the heroine on the edge of irritating. A lesser heroine couldn't do it. Mac doesn't share his feeling easily, though he's direct. So unlike Eli, who is quiet and thoughtful and then FREAKING RIDICULOUSLY eloquent, Mac stumbles when discussing the emotional and is much more a man of action.

I just didn't buy Avalon's lack of self-awareness or willingness to change her lifestyle. I still don't understand her desire to flip the house and not sell it to Mac.

The end was sadly rushed-and ultimately, I thought she had more to prove to him because of her rejections and cuts during adulthood, her experience with being loved, adored, and accepted by her family, and him putting himself out there already. While I liked his grand gestures, he wasn't the one who was afraid the whole time. She was the one not taking chances and I would've liked to see her step up here. How many times did he tell her "I only want you to be safe," and what exactly did that mean to her? The looking for her thing was so weak, I can't even start with that. That would've been weird.

The book was hot, hot, hot. Wonderful sexual tension, wonderful sex scenes. I seriously think one was 10 pages long and I would've read 10 more. The characters were a great pair with what I understand is a JAL hallmark, flying and funny dialogue. Ultimately, this doesn't get a five star from me for some weak plot points including the conflict and too much rush at the end.
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