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review 2016-08-17 00:00
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles - Dominick Dunne I read this in hardcover form many years ago and I can certainly say that my tastes really must have grown a lot!

What should have been a very interesting look at a 'Cinderella' relationship, quickly became a tedious look at the excesses of post war America of the ultra-rich.

I could not stand smarmy Billy, his Mother (can we say trite?) who excelled at being the martyr and Ann who was also a trite character and highly unlikable. I know that Ann was supposed to be written this way, but couldn't she had at least one likable characteristic?

Still, this was an interesting look at how the other half lived at that period in time.
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text 2016-03-04 17:41
Recent entries on thedollop.net (with books, of course, so many suggested books)
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DEAD PEOPLE POSING: The Mystery Behind Dead Photographs (FULL EDITION: Photographs explained) - Alexander Coil
Saddle the Wild Wind: The Saga of Squirrel Tooth Alice and Texas Billy Thompson - Laurence E. Gesell
The Run of His Life : The People versus O. J. Simpson - Jeffrey Toobin
Another City, Not My Own - Dominick Dunne
The Museum of Hoaxes - Alex Boese

Podcast Episode 156: The Marblehead Smallpox Riot: Smallpox Blankie, or Why Are My Neighbors Bumpy?


Podcast Episode 147: The Greenbrier Ghost: Meatless Mondays are Murder!, or Ghosts Make My Head Spin:

true story of the only known legal case where a ghost testified about her own murder


followup entry: Postmortem Photography: includes a premortem photography story about my great-grandfather


Podcast Episode 145: Squirrel Tooth Alice: No pithy Bullwinkle title because there are vintage nudes, yes sir you are welcome


Podcast Episode 126: RA Cunningham and Tambo: Nickels in the Dime Museum, or How to Buy Other People for Fun and Profit!


and, Resources: American Crime Story (and a personal fable, boogeyman and all): relates back to several episodes and ties them all together:


All of thedollop.net entries has the mp3 of the corresponding podcast episode embedded in the beginning of the blog entry, so you can easily listen as well as read. Also, all of the entries have many, many more suggested books to read than I have highlighted here. Because it's me.


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review 2013-10-12 00:20
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles: A Novel
The Two Mrs. Grenvilles - Dominick Dunne This is one of those supposedly first person accounts where the narrator (Basil Plant) disappears into the background, with it reading more like omniscient. A gossipy, voyeuristic omniscience spinning a compellingly readable yarn based on the true murder case involving Ann and Billy Woodward. A blurb from Publisher's Weekly points to the appeal of the novel: "knowing glimpses of high living in high places." The author Dominick Dunne, a writer for Vanity Fair, had walked in such places, among such families as the Grenvilles. The elder Mrs Grenville, the matriarch of the clan, is aristocratic enough she could fluster Austen's Lady Catherine de Bourgh of Pride and Prejudice. As a girl she had her portrait painted by Sargent and lives in a "pile" on New York City's Upper East Side. Her family weekends on an estate on Long Island's North Shore and summers in Newport. Her son, Billy, went to Groton and Harvard. And then he married the woman, Ann Arden, born Urse Mertens of Kansas, who becomes the younger Mrs. Grenville. A showgirl on the chorus line at the Copacabana that is "N.O.C.D." (Not our class, darling). And there lies the fascination of the tale. Neither Mrs Grenville is remotely likable, although I do feel some sympathy at times, especially towards the end, for both. All the little details of this social dance and the deterioration of Ann and her marriage wouldn't let me look away from this trashy little tale for one moment. Well-written page-turning trash though.
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review 2011-09-11 00:00
Too Much Money - Dominick Dunne Mr. Dunne was a star-f***ing snob to the end.
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review 2010-08-26 00:00
Murder in Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley? - Mark Fuhrman;Dominick Dunne All I can say about this book is "yet another Kennedy getting away with the murder of a beautiful young woman..." Hmmmm, who would have thunk it?
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