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text 2019-01-19 04:17
Reading progress update: I've read 74 out of 634 pages.
Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 4 - Erik Larsen

Dragon literally has a mostly naked harem that sleeps clutching onto him.   I mean, given, they were slaves that he saved, and are living in an apocalyptic world, but the whole damsel in distress/big strong man that everyone falls over for while he saves the women thing is getting a little ridiculous. 


Yeah, he's also slept with almost all the women cops he works with.   The interoffice drama alone could be an angsty teenage drama, like seriously. 


He calls all the women honey or sweetheart at some point or another, and sees it as his responsibility to take care of them.   But as soon as he gets heartbroken, he jumps to another woman for comfort, and yet he also has this weird, deep emotional connection to, well, most of them.   Even his partner - in the cop sense - Alex sleeps with him and they outwardly agree that it's a rebound/sex only thing and they'll stay friends. 


Big shock: Alex is in love with him like 99% of the women in this series, and yes, he doesn't see it because it's inconvenient for him.   


He also sleeps with a woman who goes on to marry another cop.   When he sleeps with her, William, her future husband asks why Dragon would do such a thing knowing that William is in love with her.   (This is waaaay earlier in the series.)   There's a conversation in which Dragon blames William for not even asking her for coffee and then goes on about how it wasn't a thing-thing, it was just one night, or something or other.   I thought William was going to punch Dragon in his face, because this is like a soap opera if it did a line of coke, but William was like 'no, no, you're right.'   


Jesus fuck.   Is there a woman in the police department that Dragon hasn't nailed yet?   Why is there this weird gentlemanly/treat women like trash bags dichotomy?   


Why the hell won't I lower my five star ratings, did you ask?   Because, yeah, there is a lot wrong here.   But I, oddly enough, think this mirrors reality in a lot of ways.  I think it's subconscious, and I suspect the male author/artist doesn't think this is as sexist as it is.   Which means that this is being portrayed as the sensitive dude, people are buying it, and acting like this thinking they're doing ladies a favor.   But it's quite telling. 


Secondly, and I am serious, I feel like this series is as addictive as a line of coke.   Like really, why is it such a dumpster fire when it comes to woman, so soapy, and I still love it so damn much?


Did I find out that Hoopla has archive six through archive nine? I did.   I borrowed them all.   I have twenty one days to binge them all, too. 

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text 2019-01-18 22:14
Reading progress: 67%.
How to Date Your Dragon - Molly Harper

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text 2019-01-18 19:10
Reading progress: 18%.
How to Date Your Dragon - Molly Harper

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review 2019-01-18 02:25
Love this, too
Savage Dragon: A New Beginning! - Erik Larsen

Yes, for those reading before it's fixed: I goofed on adding the cover, because I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been.   Oops. 


Anyway, fast-forward though a hundred or so comics, and we're dealing with Malcolm Dragon, Dragon's grown up son who Dragon thought was dead at one point.   


It's just as amazing as the original Dragon storylines, and still as sexist.   It's this whole weird thing, where I can't tell if they're poking fun at it in general or just being really sexist. I honestly wish I cared more than I did.   This is the most glaring fault, and I hate it, but I love so much else about this massive soap-opera of a story. 


The art gets sloppier, but once again not enough to really detract.   This was the last thing offered via Comixology Unlimited, a subscription service.   Le sigh!  I may have to buy the rest.

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review 2019-01-18 02:18
Not into it
Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies - Michel Fiffe,Tom Scioli,Andrew Dimitt,Benjamin Marra,Kiel West,Vito Delsante,Jasen Lex,Ulises Farinas,Kris Mukai,Conor Hughes,Chris Sinderson,Jon Adams,Kat Roberts,Zack Soto,Hyeondo Park,Pedro Camargo,Jason Thibodeaux,Paul Maybury,Dieter Van Der Ougstraet

Other authors didn't balance everything I loved about the original series - the character development, the humor, the soap opera elements, etc as well.  I wasn't into a lot of these, actually, although there were only a couple pages long and sort of 'what if this had been different?' type stories. 


It's interesting seeing the characters living off-planet, or in 50s drag races, but I only really truly enjoyed a couple of these and that wasn't enough to save this anthology. 

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