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review 2018-04-05 14:36
Truck Full of Ducks
Truck Full of Ducks - Ross Burach
Ok, who ordered the ducks? This was a cute storybook and I loved the illustrations. The storyline is simple and I am sure after a few times through this book, young children would be able to recite and enjoy this gem by themselves.
It’s a truck full of quacky ducks and as ducks are, they ate the part of the invoice that had the address where they were to be delivered. Dog, the driver has to ask a variety of individuals that he sees on the road, if they had ordered the ducks and I enjoyed each of the responses that he received. They’re all different, each one is comical and the illustration is perfect. For example: dog asks a young girl if she ordered the ducks as she on the sidewalk with her phone. She tells dog that, she “called for a mall truck” and sitting right beside her is a large parcel with a head sticking out of it, a stamp across it’s lips. On the parcel is written: CONTENTS: 1 Brother Please mail very far away.
The illustrations are bright and colorful, the text font is large and simple. Watch the ducks as the truck continues on its journey as they don’t just sit still and enjoy the ride, they’re enjoying themselves. So, who do you think phoned in for the truck full of ducks? The final pages will tell you and it will definitely put a smile on your face. I highly recommend you check out this book – you really do need to read it!


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review 2017-05-14 21:29
Review: Regarding Ducks and Universes
Regarding Ducks and Universes - Neve Maslakovic

I’ve been curious about the title of this book since I first saw it.  I tend to like the odder titles that make me speculate about the contents of the book.  By the end of the first page, the “Universes” part is clear.  The story is about two alternate universes that, as a result of a scientific experiment that happened several years before the book began, have become linked together.  It’s even possible for people to travel between the universes.  The “Ducks” part of the title doesn’t really become clear until maybe halfway through the book, so I won't talk about that.


I think I’m somewhat predisposed to like alternate universe stories, and it’s been a while since I’ve read one.  I was a little iffy on the main character, Felix, who seemed a bit contradictory.  On the one hand, we begin the book with him essentially taking a vacation to the other universe with the intent of breaking the law.  On the other hand, he seems a little too passive as events unfold. 


I thought the author could have done more with this interesting setting than she did.  For example, we have two universes that, over time, have developed some significant differences.  There could have been many interesting differences to explore, but guess which one got the most page time?  E-books versus paper books.  Although I find it easy to get drawn into a conversation on the subject, because I have definite opinions on the matter, it’s not really something I want to read about in a book, especially when it doesn’t add anything new to the many discussions I’ve already seen over and over.


At the beginning of the book, Felix’s main motivation is to spy on his “alter” (the version of himself in the alternate universe) who he’s afraid might become a successful author before he does.  I found it difficult to connect with his attitude, but it was fun to consider how I might react to my own alter and her failures or successes as compared to my own.  It couldn't really relate to Felix’s fear that his alter might be “better” than him.  Any rational person goes through life knowing that, however good they are at something, there will always be somebody else out there who is better at it.  If you can’t handle that…??  I would love the chance to collaborate with somebody who was so similar to me, with similar aptitudes but possibly different experiences and skill sets that we could share and learn from to improve both of ourselves.  Who better to learn from than somebody who shares your communication and learning style, and somebody who can understand better than anybody else what motivates you?


Overall, I liked the premise and the book was a quick read.  The story was light and uncomplicated, but it did make me think a little bit.  However, sometimes the story got tedious, and I was never very attached to the characters.  Although the main premise was interesting, the story was stretched a little thin and could have taken better advantage of the interesting setting.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-05-17 13:21
Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks - Christopher Brookmyre

This is not only  a well-done mystery but it is also a fine indictment of a certain kind of chicanery, one that drives me particularly crazy.


I didn't warm to this at first because Brookmyre does an excellent job of suggesting that the reader is going to learn how real psych phenomena truly is. In the first chapters, I was actually getting frustrated, which just goes to show you the excellent job he does.

But the result is a damning indictment of psychics and mediums which is both engaging and funny. It's full of well-executed plot twists and only one or two groaning moments (including an absolutely terrible line in the last chapter).

And, in addition to this, Brookmyre ties his subject in with an attack on Neo-Conservatism, a fascinating link which I had not perceived myself, but one which I want to investigate further - the same credulity that allows for mystics allows for Neo-Conservative and other nonsense ideologies.

Anyway, just great stuff.

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text 2016-03-05 23:17
I Love You Already! - Benji Davies,Jory John

Humorous picture book about duck's love for bear.  Bear just wants to spend a quiet day at home alone, but duck has other plans for the duo.  With much enthusiasm duck tries to get bear to engage in activities with him, to no avail.  After many attempts, duck leaves bear alone for a moment and then confronts him with the question, "You don't even like me, do you?!".  Bears response? Of course I do, I love you already!!

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review 2014-07-10 01:17
book review why will hates ducks by cassandra clare
Why Will Hates Ducks: A Clockwork Angel ... Why Will Hates Ducks: A Clockwork Angel Extra - Cassandra Clare

this is taken place in chapter 9 of clockwork angel will explains why he hates ducks when he was kid he was feeding a duck and he didn't have enough bread so it bit him and then it bit him again and then it stalked him his sister ella took care of it the duck never bothered him again . Never trust a duck oh will.

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