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review 2012-05-30 05:22
Jaws - Peter Benchley I really enjoyed the shark parts in this book. They were just as scary as the movie. Don't expect the book to be the same as the movie, though. The character's have different personalities and there is a romantic section in the book that isn't included in the movie. I can see why it was left out. I could tell certain bits were written by a male. All in all, I enjoyed Jaws, especially the first and third sections. I would have liked to have read more shark action, but on the whole, it was an enjoyable and thrilling read. I won't be getting in the water any time soon. :)
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review 2012-02-26 20:10
The Boys from Brazil: A Novel (Pegasus Classics)
The Boys from Brazil - Ira Levin Wir schreiben das Jahr 1974. Sechs Männer, alles ehemalige Nazis, die jetzt in Brasilien leben, machen sich auf den Weg in unterschiedliche Länder. Sie alle haben den Auftrag insgesamt 94 Männer zu töten. Ihr Auftraggeber ist Josef Mengele, der Todesengel von Auschwitz. "Die Boys aus Brasilien" ist 1976 erschienen. In diesem Roman setzt sich Ira Levin mit den Machenschaften des Dritten Reiches und dem Unterkommen ranghoher Nazigrößen in Brasilien auseinander. Hier leben diese von der Regierung völlig unbehelligt. In diesem Thriller nun taucht Josef Mengele auf und will mit Hilfe eines Experimentes die Naziherrschaft erneuern. Sein Gegenspieler ist der Naziverfolger Ezra Liebermann. Zur damaligen Zeit wurde dieser Thriller als das spannendste Buch des Jahres bezeichnet. Die Handlung wird schnell voran getrieben, die Personen erscheinen glaubhaft und authentisch. Dieser Thriller ist eine andere Art der Vergangenheitsbewältigung als ich sie bisher gekannt habe. Und warum auch nicht? Ich vergebe vier von fünf Sternen, da dieser Thriller leider den heutigen Bedürfnissen nicht mehr so ganz genügt. Viele Episoden sind schnell durchschaubar und meiner Meinung nach fehlt hier und da ein Stück Raffinesse. Dieser Roman wurde verfilmt mit Gregory Peck und Laurence Olivier in den Hauptrollen.
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review 2011-11-04 07:09
A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning (Oxford Applied Linguistics)
A Cognitive Approach to Language Learning (Oxford Applied Linguistics) - Peter Skehan ***Language In Mind The theories about SLA and language acquisition spring up every couple of years. The changes in this field have been quite crucial and still proceed. Skehan presents here the psycholinguitic perspective of SLA with the psychological processes responsible for the language learning process and language use. SLA depends, according to his theory, not only on successful cognitive processes but also individual differences of the learners, the setting they are working in and implemented tasks. Skehan is in favor of TBL and gives an account of that by illustrating how given tasks may enhance and not hinder those psycholinguistic aspects leading to the successful SLA process. Skehan's book is informative and analytic and may be a valuable resource for someone interested in the field. But I would't recommend it for a freshman, at the beginning I found it no-really-reading-friendly (I think that Susan M. Grass's book is more readable). As I acquired knowledge and got used to Skehan's way of thinking and presenting cases, the book started to be quite useful and comprehensive.
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review 2011-09-18 10:41
Old Man And The Sea (Scribner Classics)
The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway a lovely short story. I'm surprised it won a nobel prize as it is really quite a simple tale. but very eloquently written.
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review 2011-08-18 11:02
Evening Class
Evening Class - Maeve Binchy It was OK. I did find that I lost interest along the way sometimes. It may not have been the story's fault though. I have had my mind on other things.
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