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review 2021-07-21 14:39
Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch
Love & Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch

What a sweet read!!!! I'm not just saying that because I love all things Italian, including my hubby, but this story really gave me the feels! Lina and Ren are one of my favorite couples and the road to them coming to be is one that I loved taking. A book lover friend of mine asked me about this book, but noticed the length and was a little put off. I can tell you that even though it's 400 pages, the pages go so fast you don't notice how long it is. The story doesn't feel long enough once you close the last page. Oh, how I want to see what happens now that Lina knows who she is, what she is doing with her life, and dating Ren. I just can't get enough! Plus she has this relationship with Howard that I know will grow and be wonderful. These are things we want to witness as readers, you just get so invested. If you like a feel-good romance, with a touch of drama, then you need this book in your life. It's definitely going on my faves list!





Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2021/07/love-gelato-by-jenna-evans-welch-24.html
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review 2021-01-07 01:45
LOST DECEMBER by Richard Paul Evans
By Richard Paul Evans Lost December: A Novel (First Edition) - Richard Paul Evans

Luke breaks his father's heart by not taking over the family business. Instead he takes his trust fund and goes traveling with his friends. He does not listen to himself or others about these friends. In the end he loses everything including his self-respect.


I like the way this is written. Short stories of what is happening with Luke after a chapter beginning of his diary. From the beginning you know how the story will go but I was interested in how he would rebound. I am glad there were people who taught him and stood by him on his way back up. I also liked the lessons he learned and how he applied those lessons.


This is a story that will stay with me long after I close these covers. So much is here to reflect on.

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review 2020-06-23 11:15
Audio Review: My Life As A Rock Album (My Life As An Album) by L.J. Evans, Narrated by Sarah Puckett, Neill Thorne
My Life As A Rock Album (My Life As An Album) - LJ Evans,Sarah Puckett





My Life as a Rock Album by L.J. Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audio Review: My Life As A Rock Album (My Life As An Album) by L.J. Evans, Narrated by Sarah Puckett, Neill Thorne

The amount of heart that went into Seth and PJ is evident by emotions they made me feel. There were moments when I almost got chills from the heartache. Puckett and Thorne may be leading the tour, but Evans is never far away. Rock Album shoves you through the rain toward a rainbow that proves itself to be a well hidden and hard earned reward. A captivating whirlwind.

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review 2020-06-09 16:06
Within the Glass Darkly
Within the Glass Darkly - William Gareth Evans

by William Gareth Evans


The writing in this one shows a little amateurish sentence structure and I've caught at least one missed word and the occasional typo, but the story is engaging and the editing otherwise fairly good. It's a vampire story, but not the romantic kind. It's more what I expect from the Horror section. If anything, it gets a little more gratuitous on the violence than I would say is really necessary.

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review 2020-06-09 15:05
Beaded Jewelry Wirework Techniques: Tools and Techniques for Making Unique Earrings
How to Wire Work Beaded Jewelry: Tools and Techniques for Making Unique Earrings. a Storey Basics Title - Carson Eddy,Rachael Evans,Kate Feld

by Carson Eddy, Rachael Evans, and Kate Feld


This is a craft book that focuses on teaching how to string beads on wire and to work with tools and wire. Unlike most books about this kind of activity, the book focuses almost totally on the technicalities instead of giving a lot of design patterns.


The first chapter is all about types and sizes of wire, followed by a chapter about working with chains. Then we learn all about findings, followed by tools. During all of this we learn the relevance of types of metal used and what gauges are good for what purposes. The book goes through basics and far more detail of different types of wire than I ever imagined, so it's very informative. There is also a conversion chart for working in imperial or metric measurements.


The chapter on techniques is very thorough and has detailed illustrations to show how basic wraps are done. The book finishes with a glossary and some information about different qualities of precious metals that are used for wire.


Though the book is very basic, it would be very useful for the person new to working with wire wrapping or bead stringing.

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