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text 2014-12-27 17:13
In Kelly's Corner (Fighting Connollys #1) - Roxie Rivera

Free on Amazon right now :)  I liked this book and if looking for a fun quick moving contemporary with former military protective male and I've like you forever themes you will too!

 Get yourself some








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review 2014-08-02 17:22
In Kelly's Corner (Fighting Connollys, #1)
In Kelly's Corner - Roxie Rivera

More than once, I had considered calling Kelly. There wasn't a man on earth I trusted more than my brother's best friend. He had been a permanent fixture in my life for as long as I could remember. If anyone could protect me from this unknown menace, it was Kelly Connolly.

I have really been in the mood to read a good romance book, especially with a strong alpha male, recently but I have been really swamped with my NetGalley books and other books in my tbr pile. I just couldn't help myself and picked up this book and ignored all the other books I had to read.


I really enjoyed reading about both Bee and Kelly and loved both of them, well until Kelly acted like an unbelievable jerk at one point but I'll get to that later. Bee may have needed help and protection once she thinks she is being stalked but she is also super smart. I loved that she was really smart and had her own successful business. What can I say about Kelly? I was just swooning all over the place. He is why I was so absolutely hooked in this book but also why I started to like it less towards the end. Something happens towards the end and Kelly becomes a jerk and I hated it. Frankly I felt it was thrown in there just so the final struggle at the end could happen more easily. I still enjoyed the book overall but I just did not enjoy what happened when Kelly became a jerk.


I would recommend this book if you are looking for a romance book with a hot alpha male, some great steamy scenes, oh and an appearance by the Russian mob.


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review 2014-03-28 18:40
Review: In Kelly's Corner by Roxie Rivera
In Kelly's Corner - Roxie Rivera
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review
In Kelly's Corner  is a romantic suspense with a strong (yet vulnerable) female lead and a very alpha male. This is a fast-paced story with mystery and twists that add to the fun. If you like strong alpha males who care about family then I think you'll like this series about the Connolly brothers.

Bee is a successful internet entrepreneur with a business that has taken off into the stratosphere. She is smart, sassy, and sweet all rolled up into one independent girl. After losing her mother and brother she laments her virtual estrangement from her brother's best friend, Kelly. When a stalker appears in her life, she runs to Kelly for help. Bee has been attracted to Kelly for a long time and longs to be with him.

Kelly is an ex-marine who doesn't like to be second-guessed or disobeyed. He seems to think nothing of throwing Bee over his shoulder and walking off with her. Kelly is also attracted to Bee, but thinks it's wrong to go after his dead best friend's sister. Silly man with his chivalrous notions. I loved that Kelly is so committed to his family, including his screwed up dad.

The story is told from Bee's first person view and also Kelly's third person view. I liked the different view points but found the shift from first to third person a bit awkward. There are so many interesting characters in this novel. I loved Kelly's brothers Finn and Jack. The ending was nice, though I think Bee was a bit too quick to forgive Kelly. She should have made him stew for a while... he deserved it.
Source: www.kimberleighwheaton.com/2014/03/blog-tour-fighting-connollys-series-by.html
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text 2014-03-22 19:00
Roxie Rivera (al)világa

Az elmúlt napokban - pontosabban a nyolcadik regény után -, feltettem magamnak egy nagy kérdést: van kiút Roxie Rivera alvilágából?

Bárhonnan közelítettem meg, határozottan állíthatom, hogy számomra nincs. Immár száz százalékosan is Rivera fan lettem, mivel mérhetetlenül belegabalyodtam a szereplők életébe ebben a sorozatban. Itt a 'rosszfiú' megnevezést is szó szerintkell érteni, hiszen az orosz védelmezők akár ölnek is, ha a család valamely tagja veszélybe kerül, aztán jön Kostya és eltakarít, na de róla majd később beszélünk :)))

Mondhatni az idei márciusom Roxie Rivera hónap lett, ezért is szeretném ha többen megismernék a könyveit. Történeteivel többnyire az erotikus műfajt képviseli, de a krimi szál is erősen hangsúlyos mindegyikben, amitől izgalmas kis regények kerekednek ki belőle, egyben keményen megmutatva a világ egy kevésbé csodás oldalát. Régóta szemeztem már vele, de miután Klaudia is belekezdett, már én sem tudtam tovább ellenállni.

Nem írok egyenként a Her Russian Protector köteteiről (továbbiakban HRP), inkább csak bemutatom egy-egy mondatban a szereplőket, mintegy ajánlóként. Sokkötetes sorozatról van szó, ezért gyűjtöttem össze ebben a posztban az egészet, valamint ennek két spin-offját, és a hamarosan induló Her SEAL Protectort.


Her Russian Protector:


#1 Ivan - Ivan & Erin

#2 Dimitri - Dimitri & Benny

#3 Yuri - Yuri & Lena

#3,5 A Very Russian Christmas (9 történettel)

#4 Nikolai - Nikolai & Vivian

#5 Sergei - Sergei & Bianca

#5,5 Sergei #2 - 2014 április

#6 Nikolai #2 - 2014 május

#7 Kostya - 2014 június - Kostya & Holly

#8 Alexei - 2014 nyár/ősz - Alexei & Shay

#9 Danila - 2014 ősz - Danila & Macy

#10 Vasya - 2014 ősz - Vasya & Ty



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review 2013-12-16 23:01
In Kelly's Corner by Roxie Rivera
In Kelly's Corner - Roxie Rivera

This book was so much better than I thought it would be.  I was prepared for a fanfiction/the crappy side of independent publishing novel and got so much more than my little jaded been disappointed too many times heart was expecting. 

The storyline of Bee dealing with two stalkers and Kelly wanting to protect her while training for fights to work off his father's debt was engaging and fast moving.  There are a ton of side characters that are completely compelling; I must know about them!  It does distract from the main storyline and make the reader feel pulled in a million different ways, especially since this is a pretty short read.  I feel like there could have been some George R.R. Martin book length numbers with all these characters.  (I'm aware there is a Russian Protector series where a lot of these characters get their story.  Bet your sweet ass I'm slapping down the green to read it as fast as I can)

A slight complaint with the ending and very contrived, didn't feel natural of Kelly and Bee's bodyguards thinking she made up the whole obsessed-penis-pictureing-up-and-down-the-block stalker. Really? Over protective Kelly, who has known Bee for YEARS, just decides that she is a manipulative liar face and leaves her completely alone?  Not buying it.

Other than that, quick, intriguing, magnetic side characters, good solid reading.

Excuse me while I go get my Russian on....  

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