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review 2016-07-09 07:42
Interessant und flüssig geschrieben.
Das Hannibal-Syndrom: Phänomen Serienmord - Stephan Harbort

Dass dieses Buch trotzdem schwer zu lesen ist, liegt am Inhalt.


In dieser Dichte wirken die schrecklichen Verbrechen sehr bedrückend, obwohl sich der Autor um Distanz und Sachlichkeit bemüht.


Besonders gut fand ich allerdings den Anfang: Die Ausräumung der Mythen um Serienmörder (die Hannibal Lectors aus Film und Fernsehen und zahlreichen Romanen).

Ebenso der Hinweise auf physische Merkmale im Gehirn von Serienmördern - diesen Part finde ich auch eine weitere Vertiefung wert.


Die tatsächlichen Biographien und Beschreibungen der in diesem Buch aufgezählten Verbrechen wirken traurig, teilweise tragisch, aber auch erschreckend banal.


Mangelnde Zuwendung und familiäre Geborgenheit sind ein wiederkehrendes Muster - es erklärt vielleicht einige Entwicklungen, aber wirklich verständlich machen kann es die Entstehung solcher Gewaltbereitschaft für mich nicht.

Am Ende bleibt man doch trotz aller Erklärungsansätze ratlos.

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review 2015-09-14 21:54
Hannibal: Season Two Review


Unfortunately, I found Season Two only slightly better than season one, and only because they strayed from the CSI: Virginia series arc. Gone are the near-constant crime scenes. They are replaced with character arcs. This is a good thing, but the plot is still terribly predictable. And that's all because of an early episode where Will and Jack are ice fishing. If you pay attention to that scene, the end of the season is spoiled. I suppose this tactic would work if we had to wait a week between episodes, but marathoning them, watching one episode every night, my wife and I were able to accurately predict all of the major plot twists. That was disappointing. With that being said, we did enjoy ourselves. 


Some of my enjoyment came from the tie-ins with the books. This television series is a perfect example of how to successfully adapt a book into another medium while being unfaithful. Your adaptation doesn't have to follow the source material word for word, scene by scene, to be good. But it must hit the same notes. I really dug how Mason Verger was added in, and how Will ends up receiving the same wound he speaks about in Red Dragon. I'm not thrilled that it seems Hannibal Lecter will never see his time behind bars, but I dig that Will took on that role for a while. The Chilton subplot was cool, too.


The biggest compliment I can give this series is the fantastic production quality of every episode. The series is gorgeous and visceral. The makeup effects are some of the best in the business, and nowhere is that more obvious than Season Two's finale. 


And the fight scenes... Wow. They are, without a doubt, my favorite part of the show. Bravo.


My biggest problem with the show, once again, is the writing. All the twists and turns of the season finale are phoned in at the beginning of the season. Why this choice was made is beyond me. I was happy to see that there were fewer filler episodes, and that the filler episodes we did have served the plot to a point, but I felt the overall story arc could have been hidden a little better. I know people love the writing, but I don't think it's actually the writing they love. I think most people are confusing the fantastic direction and cinematography for writing. When you strip away the amazing production value and the incomparable acting, you have a skeletal tree with terribly thin branches. Any plot that banks on its viewership's bad memory isn't a very good plot. This show actually hopes you'll forget what happened earlier in the season so it can trick you with the finale. Sleight of hand is fun and whatnot, but not when I can see the magician stuffing cards up his sleeve.


I will say this: This show knows its strengths and uses them to its advantage. Whether or not they are using them as a crutch is for you to decide.


In summation: Hannibal is an addictive experience beautifully rendered. The acting, direction, and special FX are mind blowing, the plot is not. Unless of course you suffer from short-term memory loss. 


Final Judgment: Easter-eggy goodness.

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review 2015-09-02 19:35
Book Review
Hannibal - Thomas Harris



This is another great book in this series. I read this quite a few years ago, and I actually found this one quite disturbing in places, even made me feel physically sick. Although I really enjoyed this, I still prefer The Silence of the Lambs.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/141454485
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review 2015-09-01 07:22
Hannibal: Season One Review


Hannibal Lecter is one of my all-time favorite psychopaths. I've read three of the four books wherein he makes appearances, but after the disappointment that was Thomas Harris's Hannibal, I decided not to read Hannibal Rising. Also, some of my problems with previous cinematic depictions of Lecter are fixed in this series. Yes, I'm the odd motherfucker who preferred Brian Cox's Lecter in the oft overlooked Manhunter over Anthony Hopkins's performance in Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, and  Red Dragon.


I don't think Anthony Hopkins ever made Lecter a likable character. At least not as likable as Harris's creation in the books. Hopkins's Lecter was scary, sure, but he wasn't someone you wanted to pal around with. He was too crazy for me. I never fully believed Hopkins's version was ever a pillar of the community. Mad Mikkelsen's Lecter is far more likable, and I can easily believe he's able to draw people in close and have them for dinner. 


More positives concerning this series would be the fantastic sound and set design, the incomparable acting chops of just about every cast member, the fight choreography, the exquisite cinematography, and the nearly-perfect direction. In fact, my only complaint is some of the writing. Certain episodes required huge leaps in logic to succeed, and others were very obvious filler. I dislike the way Crawford's wife was thrown in for two episodes only to never be heard from again. Hell, she's not so much as mentioned after her second episode and the damn woman is dying of cancer. It's How to Cheat at Character Development 101: Do you need to make an audience care about a male character in a little amount of time? Make their wife pregnant or ill. Bam! Insta-feelz!


Having Freddie Lounds as a female in this version of Harris's Red Dragon universe was a nice twist. The Freddie Lounds of the book was just as vile (some might remember Philip Seymour Hoffman playing the character in the Ed Norton reboot of Red Dragon), but for some reason he's even moreso as a woman. Is it just me or are heartless women worse than heartless men? Anyway, moving on...


I enjoyed how the first season ended. I wanted to jump right into Season Two, and I did just that. And what a fucking opening, man. The fight sequence that begins the second season is better than most of the fight scenes in modern action movies. I've said it once and I'll say it again - whoever is doing the fight choreography for Hannibal deserves some kind of award. Absolutely terrific. No other show on television or streaming even comes close. 


Oh, and Hugh Dancy, the actor who plays Will Graham, deserves an Emmy. I love every scene with him in it. Mad Mikkelsen and Laurence Fishburne are damn good, too, but Dancy steals the show, in my opinion.


In summation: Although the writing is laughable at times, everything else is flawless. Unfortunately, with a show like this, much of my entertainment is derived from the plot. Because of this, I had to give the first season three stars out of five. It's not quite great yet, but I can see it becoming so.


Final Judgment: Better than the last four seasons of Dexter combined, but not quite as good as a single episode of Breaking Bad.



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text 2015-08-21 08:19


While I'm not a huge fan yet (some of the leaps in logic the script takes pisses me off because the acting and the direction is amazing and I just wish the writing/plotting were equally great), this series does have its moments. For instance, the fight scene in the eighth episode of season one is one of the most well-shot fight scenes I've seen since Casino Royale. The sound effects were on point. I could feel every punch, every kick. I'm damned impressed with the direction of that sequence. 

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