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text 2017-09-26 10:47
Book Review For: Duke of Hearts
The King of Hearts: Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury - Dorothy Hunter Somerville

'Duke of Hearts' is a box set with about 740 pages with the total of Six Books by different authors.
I am a big fan of box sets like this. They give me a chance to read books by other authors who I may not yet had the chance to do so. Box sets are great for people that want a quick read for night time or when we are having to wait for an appointment. Some of the books had been released on their own standing which is always nice too but I appreciate a box set anytime. These all can be standalone books and theme is each male character is a Duke.
Book 1:It's in the Duke's Kiss by Julie Johstone;
Is the story of Lady Emmaline Radcliffe and Lucian the Duke of Blackbourne. Emma always had a crush on Lord Layton and tires to make him see her as a women. Lucian is Lord Layton older brother and when he tries to thaw what he fears is going to happen between them he ends up kissing her.
Book 2; Taming a Duke’s Wild Rose by Tammy Andresen;,
This is the story of Lady Rose Wentworth and Alexander Cross the Duke of Wellington.
Rose's father, The Earl of Essex has taken Rose in hand after her so many of her "falling in love" situations. The Earl has arranged for her to marry his friend the Duke of Wellington. Rose of course is upset because she is in love with Carl. Rose happens to meet "Alex' when she is taking time away from her father to pout about what he has done.
Book 3: Captivated by the Captain by Amanda Mariel;
This is the story of Captain Jasper Blackmore and Prudence Drake. Pru left America with her father on a business trip but it seem she was taken and ended up on the Black Dawn ship. Jasper is the Captain of the ship Marion. Jasper has been trying to take the Black Dawn down for a while and now has the chance. What he finds is Pru on the ship who is a feisty American.
Book 4: The Duke Next Door by Meara Platt;
This is the story of Lady Mallory Goodell and Lucien the Duke of Hawthorn. Mallory always had a crush on Lucien and now she just turned 18 and hopes to get a kiss out of him.
Book 5: The Lion: Lyons of the Hebrides by Hildie McQueen;
This is the story of Maddock Lyon, Laird of Clan Lyon and Ealasaid Lamont.;
Ealasid father traveled to Clan Lyon with her and her mother. Ealasid's father who is no real friend to the Clan Lyon but is greeted to their clan. Maddock is Leary of Lamont. But its Ealasid who has him taken by.
Book 6: A Hidden Ruby by Dawn Brower;
This is the story of Rubina Leone St. John The Duches of Hunt and Noah, The Duke of Hunt. Their story starts after they have been married several months. Rubina was kidnapped and thought dead but is saved by her brother's friend. Noah thought Rubina dead and three years later goes forward with taking a new bride But before the vows are spoken, Rubina walks in.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."



Source: www.amazon.com/Duke-Hearts-Historical-Romance-Anthology-ebook/dp/B074WDPP23/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1506280896&sr=1-1&keywords=Duke+of+Hearts
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review 2017-09-25 16:38
I Love Kids in Horror Novels!
We Are Always Watching - Hunter Shea

Over the past year or so I've become a huge fan of Hunter Shea so when my friend and I were looking for a buddy read, this became the obvious choice. "We Are Always Watching" grabbed me right from the start and didn't let go until the end - and that ending! 14-year-old West and his parents have had to move to Pennsylvania to live with his Grandpa Abraham on a rundown, decrepit farm. West's father suffers from severe vertigo which makes him quite handicapped following a car accident and the family has fallen on hard times. West's father hates returning to his childhood home and his mother is busy working so the family can eventually move out.

Immediately from the start, West senses something is wrong. His Grandfather has hinted that the house is haunted and West and the family starts finding messages left on the inside and the outside of the home. Grandpa finally discloses that the house is being watched by The Guardians, who do not like change and disruption. Things start happening around the home such as messages left on mirrors and finding Grandpa passed out and bound outside, but the more people whom the family tells what is happening, the more that happens.

I loved this entire book! Grandpa is an old crotchety drunk and not an very likable character, but ultimately he is trying to keep his family safe, although he is also hiding a lot of secrets. West's parents are just struggling to get by and not lose hold of their family in the process. However, West if by far the best character. First of all, he loves everything horror, in fact, he is initially intrigued that the house might be haunted. West always has his nose stuck in a horror book and he has posters from famous movies plastered all over his bedroom walls. "We Are Always Watching" took a real turn about halfway through the novel and I have to admit, it wasn't what I expected. Without giving too much away, it's best to go into this book with limited knowledge so the reader feels the shock and terror right along with the family.

This was a fun book to buddy read and I feel like I read enough of Shea's work. He's definitely an auto-buy author for me and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!


I will be using this novel for the HORROR square on my Halloween Bingo Card.

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review 2017-09-25 03:05
Forget Me Never: Hell Yeah! - Sable Hunt... Forget Me Never: Hell Yeah! - Sable Hunter,Ryan O'Leary,Jess Hunter

Forget Me Never by Sable Hunter is an awesome book.  Ms Hunter has given us a well-written book.  I really enjoyed the characters in this story, they are phenomenal.  Savannah and Patrick's story has lots of drama, humor, suspense and a touch of paranormal along with some sizzling sexy bits.  I enjoyed reading Forget Me Never and look forward to my next Sable Hunter book.  Forget Me Never is book 7 of the Hell Yeah! Series - Cajun Style but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-09-24 23:07
The Red Hunter
The Red Hunter: A Novel - Lisa Unger
Told in two different viewpoints, this is a story of a house and its history. Once upon a time, a family lived in the house and they were content. One day, a gang broke into the house and demanded to know the secrets the homeowners were hiding. They were not backing down until someone told them what they wanted to know. But the problem was, no one claimed to know the secrets that these individuals were looking for. The gang started to eliminate the accused, still no one could reveal what these individuals wanted and in the end, the two suspects were killed. Did they die not wanting anyone to know the secrets or did they truly not know the answer?
These secrets were important and the individuals who sought out this information believed that the house now held the answer. As a mother and her daughter move now into this house, they become a part of this mystery. The house still holds the key on the information that others want and these new residences don’t realize what they have walked into.
I have always liked Lisa Unger’s novel and this one is no exception. It was a suspenseful and action-packed read and I couldn’t wait until the end when things would finally come together. I highly recommend this book or one of Lisa Unger’s other terrific novels.


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review 2017-09-24 05:07
Seducing the Hunter
Seducing the Hunter - Vivi Anna

Daeva was sent back to hell by someone she loved. 3 years later, Quinn is in need of her help. Quinn, is the keeper of a key that opens a box that could be hazardous to mankind. He has that key stolen and now needs to find the box it opens in order to protect it. Daeva is the only one to know the location of said box.
I wasn't crazy about Quinn in the previous box. I thought he was uptight and too quick to judge. Daeva, on the other hand, I did like and thought she could do much better. I don't think Quinn groveled or suffered enough in this one. Daeva did pretty much all the work. Quinn does eventually see things in a more gray light. I did like how he gradually realized he was wrong and how their relationship progressed as a result. I thought the ending a bit rushed. 
Overall, not bad.

For Halloween Bingo, will use this for the demons square.


Another Harlequin Nocturne book with an ISBN number that belongs to a completely different book (A House for Sharing by Isobel Chace;  published in July 1965).

ISBN at B&N is 9781460343869; listed page count is 304 (mine is 299).  

Kindle is correct with ASIN, but 2 different page counts on the Amazon page (none of which match what my book is)- 162 and 188.

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