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text 2018-12-09 23:04
Fancy Food Shopping Splurge; or, the Cats and the Candle

My BFF and I took a trip down to Frankfurt yesterday, to stock up supplies at our favorite tea and spice store; and while we were there, we also took a look at Frankfurt newly-restored (pseudo-)medieval quarter (whose medieval buildings were destroyed in WWII and were now finally restored from scratch, some 70+ years later -- and wow, they sure did an amazing job there) ... and of course, at Frankfurt's main Christmas market, where I found a lovely Rosina Wachtmeister candle holder.


Charlie inspects the gift box I secretly had the store put together for my friend while we were there ...

... while Sunny goes straight for the jugular -- or for his human's jugular at least:

"This smells interesting.  So what exactly are pralines, mom?"


Seconds later, though:
"Why does this light keep moving and flickering?  That's ... intriguing, but it's also seriously spooky!  Lights aren't supposed to behave like that!!"

(Not to be outdone, Charlie has a look as well -- but to everybody's relief, doesn't dare get any closer, either!)

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text 2018-11-28 13:42
24 Festive Tasks: Door 10 - Bon Om Touk, Task 1 (Paper Boat ... and Cats. Because there can't ever be too many cat pictures in the world.)

I confess I needed the instructions -- when I was a kid I could have done this in my sleep, but that was a long time ago and I haven't made one of these in decades.  It looked reasonably seaworthy at first sight; upon closer inspection, though ...

"Mom?  This is boring ...

... can I have some belly rubs instead, please?"


Second opinion:
There also seem to be tail, um, action issues ...
... though on the whole it would have seemed battleworthy enough -- if it hadn't capsized under friendly fire!


Also, just FYI:

This narrative is officially cat-approved.


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review 2018-11-27 02:14
Six Cats a Slaying
Six Cats a Slayin' (Cat in the Stacks Mystery) - Miranda James

Charlie goes out and finds a box of five kittens on his porch with a note asking him to take care of the kittens, because "he" said he is going to drown them. Charlie brings in the kittens and starts caring for them with the help of his cat, Diesel. While this is happening a mysterious woman moves into the house across the street from him. She is very flirtatious and seems to be looking for a wealthy man to take care of her, but also is a realtor who wants to "sell" the houses of her neighbors. She has a party and during the party, she dies. This is where Charlie starts using his skills for research to find out more about the woman and learns more than he thought that helps Keisha Berry find out who murdered the woman. He also tries to find out who the child is that left the kittens on his doorstep, as "she" seems to be keeping track of the kittens and leaving money to help care for the kittens. 


This was such a great story. It looks at how a new mom can need help and how children can overhear a conversation and not understand all that is happening. This would fit under my holiday listing. 

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text 2018-11-25 16:03
24 Festive Tasks: Door 10 - Bon Om Touk, Task 3 (Rainy Day Books)

Any book that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings will be a rainy day book to me -- most likely, a Golden Age mystery (from either side of the Pond), but not necessarily these alone.  To get comfortable, I like to curl up on my sofa with my books and my favorite blanket ...

... and with a mug of tea -- well, actually, I have a mug of tea (preferably the supersized one depicted below) sitting next to me pretty much all day every day, so obviously there has to be tea with my reading, too.

Cat on my lap optional, but as of two weeks ago (again) a virtual certainty!


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text 2018-11-24 22:30
Festive Cats!

I've been pulling out the Christmas decorations, and as cats are wont to do, two of my four have found places to hang out, right in the thick of things!



Jonesy wants to make sure that he gets a stocking full of cat toys, and Brie has found a cozy spot on an old Christmas quilt that doubles as a tree skirt, right under the living room Christmas tree!


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