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text 2018-12-19 15:55
24 Festive Tasks: Door 19 - Festivus, Task 3 (Book Stack / Scales Feat of Strength)
Die Romane: Buddenbrooks. Königliche Hoheit. Lotte in Weimar. Der Zauberberg. Joseph und sein Brüder. Doktor Faustus. Der Erwählte. Bekenntnisse des Hochstaplers Felix Krull. - Thomas Mann
The Collected Jack London - Jack London,Steven J. Kasdin
Deadly Pleasures: The Black Tower / Death of an Expert Witness / The Skull Beneath the Skin - P.D. James
The Complete Works (Oxford Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare,John Jowett,Gary Taylor

The books I picked for this task:


* My hardcover boxed set of Thomas Mann's complete novels (7 books)

* My one-volume omnibus of The Collected Jack London,

* A three-novel book club P.D. James omnibus edition named Deadly Pleasures (and containing the novels The Black Tower, Death of an Expert Witness, and The Skull Beneath the Skin)

* ... and, of course, my Oxford Shakespeare Complete Works.


Altogether, they came to a weight of 8.5 kg (= 18.7 pounds).


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text 2018-12-19 14:23
Reading progress update: I've read 4 out of 460 pages.
The Penguin Classics Book - George Eliot, Henry James, John Addington Symonds, Charles Dickens, Edith Wharton, Mark Twain, Herm

This book has already caused an expansion of my wish-list...

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text 2018-12-19 11:00
Facts About Me: Top 10 MM Holiday Stories


  1. North Pole City Tales, by Charlie Cochet
  2. Frostbite, by Alexandra Bellefleur (this isn't *technically* a Christmas story, but it has snow, ice, and winter, so I'm counting it.)
  3. Ranger Station Haven, by S.A. Stovall
  4. Krampus Hates Christmas, by Andi Van
  5. The Vampire's Christmas Surprise, by Caitlin Ricci
  6. Twelve Black Hearts for Christmas, by Wulf Godgluck
  7. Hearts Alight, by Elliot Cooper
  8. Of Christmas Past, by Teryn Day
  9. Matches, by Rick R. Reed
  10. One Wish, by Caitlin Ricci
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text 2018-12-18 22:08
Reading progress update: I've read 13%.
Mystery in White - J. Jefferson Farjeon,Patience Tomlinson

A slow but smooth start to a snowbound murder mystery with passengers from a stranded train striking out into the snow and finding an unlocked and well-provisioned country house to shelter in.


Sounds a litter tired now but it was fresh when it was written.

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review 2018-12-18 21:34
24 Festive Tasks: Door 15 - St. Nicholas' Day / Sinterklaas, Book
Desert Heat - J.A. Jance,Hillary Huber


I needed a break from all the Christmas and winter reads I've been indulging in lately, so I squeezed this one in -- the print version has been lingering on my shelves way too long as it is.  And I'm happy to have finally started on a series that I've long had a feeling I would like: There's a tiny bit of TSTL syndrome and a few somewhat implausible character actions / choices, as well as a bit of tautological writing at the beginning (surprisingly so, since by the time she published this book, Jance already had another successful series under her belt that had been running for almost a decade), but all of this is essentially over and done with -- and Jance and her protagonist Joanna Brady have found their book series feet -- by the end of the second or third chapter, and from then on we're off to very solid enjoyment.  The solution is clear pretty much from the word "go", too, but once the book finds its feet, it's fun to just come along for the ride.  This is definitely a series I'm happy to have added to my library.


And go figure, the audio version I listened to even has a bright red and orange cover, so it qualifies for the St. Nicholas square in 24 Festive Tasks!

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