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review 2018-07-15 12:59
Review: “Boystown 5: Murder Book” (Boystown Mysteries, #5) by Marshall Thornton
Boystown 5: Murder Book - Marshall Thornton


~ 4.5 stars ~


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review 2018-07-15 06:25
On the Other Hand, Death (Donald Strachey #2)
On the Other Hand, Death - Richard Stevenson

Don Strachey uses his powers of snark and observation to help a pair of old women being targeted for hate crimes. Wrapped up in the mystery are some eccentric neighbors, a shopping mall tycoon, one of Don's old lovers and a gay advocate trying to put together a national gay strike. Part-time helper/part-time foil Detective Bowman, who drops homophobic slurs like they're going out of style (hey, it's the 80s and it's New York) but somehow still manages to do his job and take Don seriously.


I thought I had this figured out at one point, but I was so wrong, lol. There are plenty of potential suspects to go around. The snark was off the charts, the characters were fun and well-written, and even Bowman got some ironic chuckles out of me. 


Timmy and Don are, well... Don's not the best boyfriend in the world. (These books are NOT romance.) Timmy finally puts his foot down but the conclusion of that was kind of confusing to me. It was left somewhat up in the air. 


The formatting is again terrible. There are no page breaks between chapters. It goes into italics for pages or chapters at a time for absolutely no reason, and at one point even switched to a smaller font size. I'm not sure if that's because I got these first few books at Kobo and so they're not Kindle-formated, or if that's just how the books are no matter where you get them from. But it was annoying.


Oh, and the author does that thing where he constantly shoehorned the title into the dialogued and text, which is a pet peeve of mine.

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review 2018-07-14 22:21
Death of a Snob by M. C. Beaton (audiobook)
Death of a Snob - M.C. Beaton,Shaun Grindell

Series: Hamish Macbeth #6


This was a straightforward little mystery wherein Hamish Macbeth acts like a pansy because he thinks he's dying of influenza when he catches a cold and later indulges in some slut shaming because calmly refusing a woman who makes a pass at him isn't acceptable; he has to try to make her feel ashamed for her behaviour. Give me a break. Oh, and Priscilla gets some much needed rest.


At least the book called out the ridiculousness of a romance plot (in a book) where the heroine falls in love with her rapist.

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review 2018-07-14 01:29
Death Defying
Death Defying - Nina Croft

This opens with how Tannis met Rico.  It had been hinted at, but it was good to read about her background.  Their first meeting explains so much of their friendship.  More about the Church, the Council, Meridian, Trakis Seven, Trakis One.  Callum's character was an interesting one.  He started out as an asshole, I didn't like him, but gradually eventually I did.  Tannis and Callum have a bit of a slow burn romance (if you count about a week).  There are new characters in this one and the death of 2.  I'm enjoying this series.  I like how each is about a couple, but there is a huge underlying story-line the connects each book.  I also love how the characters are in each one.  Think Firefly.  This is a chosen family.

Spoilers behind page break (mainly for my memory to help keep things straight).

For Ripped Bodice Bingo I am using this for the Extreme Location square (Space in the distant future)

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review 2018-07-13 05:10
Pirates and Demons With Feelings
Death Doesn't Bargain - Sherrilyn Kenyon,Holter Graham

Audiobook- excellent narration
4.5 Stars
Death, devils, pirates, princes, demons, love and friendship. All that and there was still some room for smexy time ! You know SK knows how to smex her characters right ! Just thinking about it all hot and bothered. Somebody grab me a fan it's hot in here. If you love her other series you'll love this one.
Man that was a fun ride. I can't tell you anything without ruining the story. it does pick up just after book 1 so go read that one first. it would also help if you read her Dark Hunter Series at least too. She pulls characters in from her other books and doesn't reintroduce them nor tell their back story. You'd be missing out on some seriously good characters if you don't. Acheron, Simi, Thorn, and a few other favorites make an appearance and set up for the next book. The ending is a humdinger of a cliffhanger. You have been warned.

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