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review 2018-12-06 22:36
It's the ghost of Christmas past...present...
When Christmas Lights are Blue - Karen Harper,Gilbert Morris

whichever, for Rob and Karan it's very possible that their future is what's at risk.


'When Christmas Lights are Blue' is a short holiday story that has big feels and a lot of message in it. Rob and Karan are partners at work but they're also partners in life and it's only a few days before Christmas and Rob knows they're on thin ice. Things aren't good...he just does't know how or if he should fix them, but he does know that Karan is the man he loves.


It's going to take an ice road and a ghost from the past to get Karan and Rob back on track. 


As always Harper Fox has managed with just these few words...at 1 hour and 36 minutes this ones not that long. But this is an author who knows how to make the most of each and every word. 


Often times it's not the big things that can tear at a relationship, it's the little things the everyday things, things that sometimes aren't even with in a person's control and sometimes it's those same circumstances that can change the course of events.


Rob and Karan's relationship is sitting on a razor's edge when they the get the call out that brings things to a halt and that will have a stronger influence on them than either man would have ever guessed. 


There's so much emotion in this story and for the 1 hour and 36 minutes of this story I really just sat and listened to the a about two men and how they met, how they loved and ultimately if there was enough love left to see them through...


Harper Fox is an author who never fails to capture my imagination and my heart with her stories and once my heart and my imagination have both been fully engaged. 


For me 'When Christmas Lights are Blue' is a contemporary nod towards Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' not in terms of the actual story but because it's the story of how one man's future becomes altered when he's given pause to reflect on events of the past.


'When Christmas Lights are Blue' is my first time listening to narrator Tim Gilbert and I'm happy to say I really enjoyed the narration in this story, which I also have to say makes me very, very happy. I'm not sure why but I've not listened to a lot of Harper Fox books on audio...I've read quite a few but I'm a fan and her books on audio are definitely in my future especially now that I know for sure that I'm going to enjoy the narrator. You see when I check on audible Tim Gilbert's the narrator for a number of books by this author...so good to know, I'm going to enjoy them.

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text 2018-12-01 19:54
24 Festive Tasks: Door 12 - St. Andrew's Day, Task 4 (Books Featuring Golf)
4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie
Murder on the Links - Agatha Christie
Why Didn't They Ask Evans? - Agatha Christie
The Clicking of Cuthbert - P.G. Wodehouse
Goldfinger - Ian Fleming
Murder in the Mews and Other Stories - Agatha Christie
The Mystery of the Blue Jar: A Short Story - Agatha Christie
The Sunningdale Mystery: A Short Story - Agatha Christie

Golf is key to a number of books by Agatha Christie (not only in the Poirot series -- Hastings is not the only character by Christie who is an ardent golfer).  So my list of favorites is largely a mash-up of BrokenTune's and Obsidian's:


Agatha Christie favorites:

1.  4:50 From Paddington

2.  Murder on the Links

3.  Why Didn't They Ask Evans?


Honorable mentions from my TBR:


1.  P.G. Wodehouse: The Clicking of Cuthbert (short stories)

2.  Ian Fleming: Goldfinger (I've seen the movie but have yet to read the book)


... and a few Christie short stories:


1.  Murder in the Mews (Poirot)

2.  The Mystery of the Blue Jar (standalone)

3.  The Sunningdale Mystery (Tommy & Tuppence)


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review 2018-11-30 21:09
The Blue. A Novel. - Nancy Bilyeau

As with any book by Nancy, I always learn something. I never knew that the color blue had such a significant place in history. Genevieve Planché is an English born woman but is actually a Huguenot and absolutely hates the French and all they stand for, including the King. She aspires to be an artist, but of course, women in 1758 London are not taken seriously so she paints porcelain. She lives with her grandfather on Spitalfields, a questionable area to live in. 

She meets Sir Gabriel Courtenay who wants her to spy for him regarding the color blue, he wants the formula for the color.  She is tasked with going to Derby and is expected to infiltrate the lab where the color is formulated. The main obsession of Sir Gabriel is with getting the information on a new shade of blue on porcelain that is a perfect shade. 

She wants to be able to go to Venice as Sir Gabriel has promisedto fulfill a lifelong dream of being able to study so she agrees. Things don't go as planned though and she finds herself in France, the very place she hates. She is concerned though that the task she has to undertake could cause problems for her grandfather. Spying is not something she has wanted to do but in order for her to fulfill her dreams, she must do this.

Like I said before, Nancy's novels always seem to teach and thrill at the same time. An exciting story that is character driven, and has a female protagonist that is strong and goes after what she wants and does not let society tell her what she can and can't do. The addition of a love story keeps the story fluid and easy to read. When I look at some of the porcelain figures I have, I just never realized nor cared how they were made or about the colors that they are painted with. Well, I will now..lol.

 I always look forward to a new book by Nancy and this one did not disappoint! Go get your copy when it is released, you won't be disappointed!

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text 2018-11-28 18:09

Image result for the grinch gif


I read more books than what I posted on Monday. Decided to break up my review wave into two days. I finally got my stuff together today since I was so busy yesterday at work. I have two meetings today, so hope to post reviews in between all of that mess and maybe finish up by tomorrow.

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text 2018-11-26 13:49
Review Wave Incoming

Image result for wave gif


Apologies in advance. I read a lot of books since Wednesday. I tried to keep up with my updates here, but often forgot. I tend to have an easier time posting updates to Goodreads via my Kindle.


I also have some 24 Tasks posts to do too. I saw them all as they were revealed. But I was extremely lazy the past few days, just reading, hiking (on Sunday) and napping. 


Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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