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review 2017-12-19 18:29
Christmas in New York series
This Christmas - Jeannie Moon
Christmas Light (Christmas in New York Book 3) - Jolyse Barnett
All I Want for Christmas - Jennifer Gracen
Goodness and Light - Patty Blount

This Christmas by Jeannie Moon ***


***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Ten years ago Jake broke Sabrina's heart by marrying a woman who carried his child, never knowing Sabrina was also pregnant.
It turned out, his wife's child wasn't his and they divorced, but Jake never returned...And Sabrina never told him about his daughter.

But now he's back, he's connected the dots and he wants to make amends. Will Sabrina let him?

This was a sweet little second-chances seasonal romance with a drool-worthy sweetheart of a hero, a cute little fruit of his loins that was definitely smarter than her mother, and set in a picturesque, idyllic little village.

It would've been much, much better if the heroine at the beginning wasn't a selfish and whiny bitch, and her family and friends had possessed a little more sense than just going along with whatever her reasoning for not telling a guy he was a father and then blaming the guy for not being there for the child he never knew he had.

And when she finally got over her selfishness, she was still a whiny scaredy-cat not trusting him because he abandoned her all those years ago (he thought he was doing the right thing) and not allowing him into her heart until her friends and family talked some sense into her.

It was cute and sweet, but it would've worked better with a different heroine. But then, a different heroine would've probably told the guy everything and we'd have no story.



Christmas Light by Jolyse Barnett *


***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Jade Engel is back in her hometown, just for a month, and hooks up with her childhood friend whose pre-teen heart, she'd so callously broken twenty years ago...But soon the friends-with-benefits agreement starts chafing.

Is a bitchy heroine a new norm in the contemporary romance category? Because you can be strong and independent without being bitchy. The problem was, Jade wasn't strong or independent, since everybody treated her like a doormat and she let them. She even ruined her friendship with Ben back in school because she was worried about what others thought.
So, since she was obviously unable to make decisions, let everybody dictate her life (she was thirty and still obeyed her mother!), and almost ruined her and Ben's love lives the second time around, no wonder she was bitchy.

Poor Ben for having to put up with her...And doing all the work in the end.



All I Want for Christmas by Jennifer Gracen **


***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Seven years ago, he broke her heart and left... Now she walks into his bar just before Christmas and it just might be the best present of all.

Yet another second-chance romance that would've worked better if it wasn't a constant mope-fest. I got the gist. He left for her own good devastating them both. She was afraid of trusting him again. He was trying to make her see he's changed. I got it! There was no need for repeating the same spiel over and over and over again.
The story was short as it was, the space could've been better spent with some character presentation and development instead of constant repetition.

In the end the characters were one-dimensional husks merely going through the motions.

I liked the premise, though.



Goodness and LightThis Christmas - Jeannie Moon  by Patty Blount *


***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

They met thirteen years ago when he gave her a crystal snowflake on the first Rememberance day. Now they meet again and he knows it's a good sign. She's not that optimistic.

This was a cute and sweet romantic story of (self)forgiveness, friendship, family and hope, yet it was completely ruined by an idiotic and extremely selfish heroine. Everything was about her, no one loved her, she was a black hole, she didn't deserve happiness...Boohoohoo.

Instead of romance we got drama, drama, drama.

What a pity.

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review 2017-12-13 01:37
This Christmas by Jeannie Moon - My Thoughts
This Christmas - Jeannie Moon

This is a charming novella-length love story filled with romance tropes which I didn't mind at all.  The heroine, Sabrina, Bree, is the single mother of an almost 10-year old daughter and the hero, of course, is the father, Jake Killen, pro hockey player. 

There's not a lot of real angst as Bree and Jake readily admit their past and the fact that their feelings haven't died.  Well, not to each other of course.  We need a bit of conflict!  The electricity between them is still there.  Their daughter, Charlie (Charlotte), has inherited her mother's looks and her father's hockey talent.  She loves her mom and she quickly comes to love her dad.  Her one wish for years has been to have her father back and whatddya know, this Christmas it happens!

We have Bree's parents who are suspicious of Jake at first and Bree's crew of girlfriends who have her back.  There are the obligatory confrontational scenes between them and Jake.  There is also an obligatory ice-skating scene.  A father-daughter dance.  Some not-really-needed bullying at school and a side sort-of plot concerning the local lighthouse that I thought could have been built upon more.

All in all, it was a charming read but I found myself wishing there had been less introspective inner-dialogue and more action.  And maybe a little more conflict?  Bree was a little too nice for me, I guess.  *LOL*  Anyway... a sweet holiday read. 

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review 2017-09-17 16:38
Then Came You (Compass Cove) by Jeannie Moon
Then Came You (Compass Cove Book 1) - Jeannie Moon


Jeannie Moon is a treasure.  Far beyond the new beginnings and second chances lies not just a romance but a family.  Mia, Ben and Adam are the key players, but it's the secondary characters that steal the show.   Mia's mother is a piece of work. Self -centered, cold, cruel and needy.  Her grandmother on the other hand sealed the deal for me.  Fiesty, funny and unforgettable are just a few adjectives to describe the firecracker of an old lady.  How can you not fall in love with such realistic people and such great writing?  Then Came You is an enticing beginning to what I think will be an unforgettable series.

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review 2017-03-17 00:00
Daring the Pilot
Daring the Pilot - Jeannie Moon ARC Review: Daring the Pilot (Men of Marietta) by Jeannie Moon

Daring the Pilot aims for the heart. Ms. Moon proved that short and sweet can be powerful and unforgettable. Keely was the a brainy, awkward teen with a thirst for knowledge, but easy prey for bullies. Jonah was a loner by choice who spent most of his time looking out for his best friend's kid sister. Adulthood took them in different directions but when life lands them both back in their hometown of Marietta everything changes. A childhood crush becomes an adulthood inferno that is rapidly spreading out of control. Can these childhood friends, build a love connection? Daring the Pilot tickles the funny bone as it stimulates the heart. A dare worth taking.
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review 2016-08-13 00:00
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Truly, Madly, Deeply - Jeannie Moon Life is too short to have to deal with mean spirited people. So if you have nothing good to say, don't speak at all. Jeannie Moon tackles the misery caused by gossip and how hope can bloom from the ashes of despair. Lila quickly learned that spitefulness has no age limit and no zip code. Even beauty hides ugliness. Misery loves to breed chaos and that is exactly what she faces down with integrity and grace. Nick, needs direction after being dealt a life changing blow. Can the beauty of Barefoot Bay smother the uncertainty of his future. Such a lovely story. Not even this ideal place is heavenly all the time.
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