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review 2020-05-02 15:27
Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Leave Me Breathless - Jodi Ellen Malpas

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Former MI5, Ryan has been working for an exclusive protection agency for the last couple years and he is weary. Deciding that it is time to retire, he can't wait to get home and spend more time with his daughter but a new woman in town is disturbing his peace.
Hannah is constantly on the move and knowing she is only going to spend six months in this new town, she doesn't want attachments. When the town hottie almost runs her over though, all kinds of complications arise, the biggest starting with her heart.

Ryan's a good man. He deserves my all. But one thing I have to accept is that he can't have one piece of me. My secrets. No one can ever know that part of me. That alone could ruin everything.

Leave Me Breathless is a stand-alone but readers of The Protector will remember Ryan and enjoy the little appearances from that couple. Readers will also notice how similar this story line is to Protector; protective man falling in love with a woman who has secrets about an abusive man in her past. What hurt this story the most was the tried and true but nothing new formula. Told in alternating chapter first person povs, the beginning drew me in with Ryan quitting his job so he can spend more time at home relaxing and spending time with his daughter. While Hannah's past is not fully revealed until the second half, there are enough hints that the reader has a good idea what she is running from. The second half dragged as Hannah kept hiding her past from Ryan and their sexcapades took over for plot.

Hannah was a character that came close to a form of manic pixie girl, she is so adorably clumsy (to the point at times I worried she had vertigo), so sweet, and look how cute she is when she always has paint on her and doesn't care about make-up or appearance. It also made no sense that she would go to the trouble of setting up a paint store when she only planned on staying in town for six months.

Ryan was a hero that I probably would have liked more in my teens but older me was cringing at times at his controlling attitude; there were moments I felt his actions weren't that different or far off from the abusive husband Hannah was running from. His relationship with his ten year old daughter was nice, even though I thought his daughter's personality seemed a bit advanced for a ten year old.

Hannah and Ryan did have a nice feeling of fitting together, they did lack some foundation or solidness to their relationship that had me thinking their love was too quick to come to fruition. They did play off each other well, I just wish some of Ryan's “protectiveness” had been toned down.

There's a tiny bit of ex-wife drama but the characters' acted in a way that I appreciated, not overly dramatic about it and the resolution was pretty quick. The danger from Hannah's past was hinted at, slow to fully reveal, and then quickly (and a bit worrisome how Ryan immediately wanted to and dealt with it) wrapped up. If you like the classic story of woman in danger and protective man this would fit the bill, just don't expect any freshness to the tale.

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text 2020-04-29 21:31
Reading Update: 50%
Leave Me Breathless - Jodi Ellen Malpas

Spring stuffing! Ever just have a craving for a random food?

Can’t wait to enjoy it with a protective hero and strong heroine story.


Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas purchase link


Cornbread Stuffing recipe

Used turkey sausage, liked the seasonings :)


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text 2018-08-23 17:01
Reading progress update: I've read 24%.
The Controversial Princess - Jodi Ellen Malpas

Started expecting it to be a contemporary romance book, ended up reading bdsm erotica...

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-08-24 00:00
The Forbidden
The Forbidden - Jodi Ellen Malpas The Forbidden - Jodi Ellen Malpas At first, I was really into this story. The author did an excellent job of making you feel the forbidden desire. Yes, it is an affair, but the pull is still so strong. Later, my rating dropped some when the characters started doing such dramatic things. Example: She overhears him with going at it with his wife in the bathroom so she picks up a guy and takes him home. He comes and knocks her door completely down because she's in there with the man. She sends the man away and ends up comforting her lover because of his "crazy" wife. I would have probably given the story a 3-star rating up until near the end. An abortion clinic comes into the plot. I was offended by the language used (ex: hideous, immoral) and the way the scene was portrayed. I'm supposed to be open to a person having a long term sexual affair with a married person but not a woman's right to choose?
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review 2017-06-19 00:00
All I Am: Drew's Story
All I Am: Drew's Story - Jodi Ellen Malp... All I Am: Drew's Story - Jodi Ellen Malpas All I Am was everything I expected from a This Man series offering. It wasn't so long ago I did a re-read of This Man books. So my mind was ready and willing when Jesse, Sam and Drew popped up on my radar. I was NOT disappointed.

Once again, Ms Mapas endears your heart to the dirtiest and swooniest of alpha males. And I will say Drew's story stole the show. Here's a man not looking for anything. He is a dedicated single dad. His daughter IS the love of his life and you know it . *queue ovaries bursting* However, there is something so fetching about Raya that beguiles and confounds him. Unable to walk away, he needs more. And gets more than he bargained for.

Interestingly, I had just posed a question about novellas with bookfriends. If often hard to get a complete story with either needing back history or left on a cliff. This gem gives you everything in a quick read that leaves you satisfied. This easily stands alone. However, if you fall in love with Drew and his cast of friends, you'll be jumping onto the This Man trilogy. 5 out of 5 stars
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