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review 2017-04-13 17:39
Review: Convenient Proposal to the Lady (Hadley's Hellions #3) by Julia Justiss
Convenient Proposal to the Lady - Julia Justiss

I’m in love with this series, not only because the so-called Hellions are more like gentlemen in disguise but because the author knows how to weave a solid and interesting plot with a good dose of romantic emotions.

The “Hellions” are labeled so because of some shenanigans of the past, but their life is different now and as politicians they are trying hard to better themselves and the society they live in. Ben for instance set out to warn Lady Alyssa as soon as he learned of the despicable plot that others planned to ruin her. He was an illegitimate son thus he knew what was like to be shunned in life and did not want that for her or anyone else.

I liked very much that Alyssa and Ben’s relationship was more than anything based on honesty and openness. That helped them learn each other’s fears, wants, dislikes, and dreams. So once it was time to move into the romantic spectrum of the relationship they both knew what they were walking into.

They both had demons to overcome, and in a way Alyssa’s approach to conquer them put me off. I also think it put a hinder in the romantic side of the story because it sounded as if she saw Ben as a savior rather than a lover. I suppose there was nothing wrong with that but I thought he deserved better. In the end I think they found common ground and they set out to find their own HEA, which is of course the point of it all.

*** I received this book from the author at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.***

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review 2017-03-01 03:47
Kept me reading
Convenient Proposal to the Lady - Julia Justiss

Ben tries to help Alyssa avoid being ruined but things do not go as planned. Alyssa has a plan that is very much not what society wants for her. Together, they support each other and find a way to allow the love to come through. Ben is such a sweetheart, wanting to be honorable and having to work at it, but very sure of himself. He willingly gives Alyssa what she needs to feel strong and independent. Alyssa tries not to care about what others think of her, but she has the fortitude to do what is best for her and her future. When given the chance, she does what her heart tells her. I enjoyed this story, and have enjoyed the series, and I recommend both.

I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

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review 2017-02-18 00:00
Convenient Proposal to the Lady
Convenient Proposal to the Lady - Julia Justiss ARC Review: Convenient Proposal to the Lady (Hadley's Hellions) by Julia Justiss

Ms. Justiss has a lock on the three H's. Ben is an honorable man, with a tender heart and Alyssa and he definitely give off heat. Convenient Proposal to the Lady examines how an act of kindness between strangers can lead to finding the love of a lifetime. Ben may not live up to societies standard of a hero, but he scored some major points with me. His willingness to protect an innocent woman from a dire situation proved he was more than what he even believed himself to be. Alyssa is a dreamer with a gift for the arts. Frustrating, naive but her open mind, made her a bit easier to take. Despite the unscrupulous villains, Ben and Alyssa had an easy time of stealing my heart.
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review 2016-10-11 00:00
Stolen Encounters With The Duchess
Stolen Encounters With The Duchess - Jul... Stolen Encounters With The Duchess - Julia Justiss Victorian romance between a member of the house of commons and a widow. Full of class problems.
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review 2016-09-07 07:16
Stolen Encounters with the Duchess by Julia Justiss
Stolen Encounters with the Duchess (Hadley's Hellions) - Julia Justiss

This is the second installment in the Hadley's Hellions series but can definitely be read as a standalone. 

The author has a knack for making the reader immerse into the story right from the get-go, and her storytelling is so fluid and in accordance with the times she writes about that it was really hard for me to put down the book when it was time to make a pause (I suppose I had to eat and sleep, oh, and work too). 



Faith and David met at her cousin's 10 years earlier, when they were both full of illusions and life. They fell in love but well aware that as a lady of society they couldn't possibly ever be more than friends. Faith went on to marry a Duke and David went on to become a well-renowned member of Parliament. Now, recently widowed Faith is trying to find a new purpose in life while taking care of her 3 children. It seems all life had been extinguished out of her and David, as the true friend he's always been, tries to help her out while at the same time avoiding any interaction that could ruin her reputation or could break the little restrain he has when he's around her. 

Faith on the other hand looks for excuses to spend time with him and to be closer to him than it's acceptable *wink wink* So much so that she sometimes seems to forget she's a Duchess, her wary position in society, and even her children. 


What I like the most about this story is that the lady here is the instigator, the rake trying to corrupt the gentleman's honor. She makes the offer to take him as a lover but in her rush to live life to the fullest never mentions marriage and he is the one refusing the affair. In this role reversal story, he's the offended party and she's the one forgetting he's got feelings as well. 


"'Every creature, no matter how lowly, has value,' Davie said quietly. 'Only men with small minds and hard hearts treat cruelly or slightingly those of lesser estate than themselves. A man of high position, as you will one day be, has a responsibility to protect those who are poorer and less fortunate."


I think this quote describes David perfectly. He's not a titled man but knows a man capable of making great changes in the world does not need a title and those that have one have a greater responsibility for others around him. 

If you haven't noticed, my favorite character here was David because of his honorability, integrity, and courage. Faith was sweet and funny and a loving mother. Her children were on point, especially Edward, heir to the dukedom.


I definitely recommend this story to all lovers of historical romance. 

4.5 stars. 


** I was gifted a copy of this story by the author in exchange for an honest review ** 

~ Please note that the quote here was taken out of an ARC and may not be included in the final published copy of the book. 

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