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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-03-04 00:00
One Last Try
One Last Try - Kari Gregg Too much anger. Too depressing. Not enough romance for me. And this was not really mpreg book. I only liked Dio. The rest of it, not so much.
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review 2017-02-06 07:18
A little confuzzled, slightly around and wanting more...
Act Two: New Beginnings (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns Book 2) - Kari Gregg

3.75 HEARTS--Once again, I finished a story by the Gregg a little confuzzled, slightly aroused and wanting more.

Act Two: New Beginnings starts directly after that steamy ending in Act One: Safe Travels. You will be lost not reading in order.

Becket, the bibleot, is fully ensconced in the world of Ket. The giant ginger from Earth is to be trothed (arranged married) due to a sentinel scrying for him. His sentinel is Becket's uncle Theo's rival, Kellan is immediately attracted to Becket. And Becket can't deny immediate attraction as well.

So maybe this magic stuff might not be all that bad for the man devoid of magic?

The two have to be guarded until Becket makes a decision. Bibelots are to be protected since they're suppose to be unworldly. Becket doesn't fit the mold. And Kellan wants his man, his bibleot...now. He schemes to get his ginger right where he wants him.

The kittery buzz of arousal arcing between him and Becket wasn't a magic Kellan could scry in a pool of water or mix inside a witch's bottle. It couldn't be conjured with herbs or focused with stones, candles, or heartfelt pleas to the four powers. The attraction that drew Becket a stumbling step closer was more primal. Elemental.

Told from Kellan's POV, Act Two continues the heavy high fantasy world building. It starts in the constrictive, stone dwelling aerie Nitcha and ends in the tree dwelling aerie of Melaeum (think massive Redwoods with elevators!) Besides the hot attraction between Kellan and Becket, there is the mystery of both men. Kellan is a master magic practitioner who knows Becket is lying about where he's from and can't figure out why he is or who he is. The reader already knows Becket's background from Act One, don't expect a rehash in Act Two.

Kellan can't put his finger on where the lies start with his bibleot, but Becket is his. And he'll take him, lies and all. I enjoyed being in Kellan's head. I want to know more of these "secrets" that he kept alluding to. Melaeum definitely is a more interesting world. Kellan and Co. had to fly to get there on mythical creatures!

My fantasy loving heart squeed when Pegasus, griffins and phoenixes were mentioned. I hope for more of that in future Acts. The story is the beginning of Kellan and Becket's bonding. Becket's uncle and his magical crusade is secondary to Kellan's rush to troth, There is a presence of imminent danger, but no one knows where it's coming from.

Becket and Kellan succumb to their lust but surprisingly it doesn't take up the entire book. What does is more of the world building. We get to read about stones and their magic or gardening and its yield. It doesn't overtake the book, but it is heavy throughout.

Immediate gratification lovers, this is still not one for you.

The story is still slowly unfurling, along with the world.

But this was the start of the foundation of Kellan and Becket. I like them together. I can't wait to read how they grow together s a couple and how they face this magical world of Ket with its intrigues.

A copy provided for an honest review. 

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review 2016-04-12 20:40
Stray by Kari Gregg
Stray - Kari Gregg

Not the usual Kari. Sure enough first 15 or so percent of the book was good, but then it strayed (ha-ha.... that totally makes sense now!) ... so, then  ....it strayed into werewolves being green and organic and environment friendly and just.... just... ugh! :/


I was hoping for rough, tough and sexy, instead I got this


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text 2016-04-11 23:35
Stray by Kari Gregg - I am 40% done
Stray - Kari Gregg

I'm 40% done with Stray: This is hard to read. There are too many words about pretty much everything but the developing relationship. I don't care about US packs politics, nor do I give a rat's bottom about where the wolves are getting their hot water from. Or why their kids are so careful around solar panels. More were-love, DS and knots galore, pretty please! =)

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review 2016-04-09 22:53
The Gregg. KNOTTING. *confetti for the erotica*
Stray - Kari Gregg

3.5 Hearts--

"The human," Dean said, rubbing his cum into Luke's ass cheeks, "is mine."

I have now returned to The Gregg's Planet Fuckatron. All unicorn bot systems engaged.

If you're not familiar with The Gregg, know she writes erotica really, really well. And if non-con & dub-con are your kind of kink, she really excels in writing those kinks.

But...there is none of that in her latest, Stray. Triggers: past abuse (off page)

If I had to describe Stray in few words: softer erotica in an alternate universe/paranormal world where werewolves are known.


Ahem, KNOTTING with lycan penis that is always hard. Did I just hear simultaneous grunts through the screen?

Set in Maryland, Luke is a thirty-six year old human/lycan hybrid accountant who is short, a little paunchy in the middle area and tired of fitting in the human world. He checked out a local pack known for taking in strays and he wants to be their latest one. Luke has hangups but he bravely enters on territory he might get run off since the pack's leader has a horrific past with humans. But nature doesn't care about potential problems. You see the blurb. *leers*

Stray has good characters, the most developed were Luke and Jeremy, Luke's neighbor. The story explains a lot about werewolf society and how they survive in modern day USA. While helpful, the story came across as info dumpy in parts. And The Gregg can set up suspense and great thrillers. Stray is more about explaining the world and the other parts include a mating couple who possibly have crosses to bear.

I think the problem with this story was the plot was underdeveloped. It had potential - pack-born human who was getting over past abuse, touch starved and human enough to live in human society meets lycan who doesn't trust humans and had some of the worse crimes committed against his family and land. It could have been mega angst central. But not so. This was closer to romantic, definitely softer. It was more about courting and mating. It didn't really expand on either men getting over their baggage, or striving how to learn one another. It was more like - move in, sex, mating, done.

Strongest parts? 

The dialogue when it did finally happen in between the explanation was good, at some parts really great. The entire dialogue between Luke, his mother, and Jeremy about their sex lives? Comedic gold. I felt for Luke especially when his mother started to discuss her vagina and lube. Just...yeah. Moving on!

The world created was super interesting. Werewolves live in modern America where prejudice is heavy. There are rights on paper for anti-discrimination but it depends on the part of the country you live in to expect it actually followed. And even if it is, their rights are still tentative in a human dominated world. While on one hand the story is heavy handed with explaining just about all the history of werewolves, it also was a great idea. As usual, the world Gregg created would be a place I'd love to revisit, maybe with one of those ferals? (I won't hold my breath)

The smut was hot as hell.

"You're a skittish little thing for a pack-born human."
"You should be nervous. Undress."


It hit my kinks: exhibitionist sex (lycans don't care where they fuck or who is there) and KNOTTING. Lots of semen, swollen holes and growling. Hot. So while the story isn't in my Gregg favorites *coughs* I, Omega, Pretty Poison, that really long title with space cats*coughs*, the erotica is worth a gander. Dean was a considerate patriarch (alpha) of his pack. And it also applied to his mate. He fucked Luke thoroughly. Put that permaboner to great use but never let his wolf behavior dictate how he treated Luke.

The ending was kinda expected, so it didn't really surprise. Usually, I'm left with wanting more at a Gregg story ending. This one it wasn't as urgent.

Still hot though.


And since the strongest parts were favorable, I'll go with the higher end of my 3-3.5 Hearts rating range.

A copy provided for an honest review. 

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