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text 2018-04-29 18:01
Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 288 pages.
Sherlock Holmes: The Red Tower - Mark Latham

Holmes taking control of the chaos at Crain Manor. Holmes wreaking havoc on any and all attempts to commit the "perfect" crime in a "haunted house", whether the perpetrator or perpetrators dabble in spiritualism, or fraud, a bit of both, or none of that (killing has nothing to do with any of that, maybe??). an exciting and somewhat shiver-inducing locked room Mystery.

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text 2018-04-29 01:34
Reading progress update: I've read 60 out of 288 pages.
Sherlock Holmes: The Red Tower - Mark Latham

Watson has come to regret accepting an old friend's invitation to take a sort of holiday at the friend's country estate (that's where the Red Tower is, of course...creepy, and supposedly haunted). the place is full of stern, awkward people, who can be divided into two camps: those who feel spiritualism and seances are a waste of time, and that James Crain should get over the death of his mother and stop trying to contact her via a medium who has come to dominate Crain's life; and those, like Crain, who have become believers in the paranormal. though, he's in the minority. of course Watson is a doubter, even getting tetchy over Madame Farr's intent to link him up with the spirit of his dear departed Mary--not buying into it.


then again, a few chapters ago, Watson is the one who was apparently woken by a ghost in the middle of the night, prevented from peacefully sleeping off the effects of a anxiety-inducing Tarot card reading. he should just go home to Holmes. but he did telegraph Holmes, with a few hints of what has been going on, and with an assurance that he would write Holmes again if things got "more sinister".


I suspect Holmes--who had said he was going to find out what he could about Madame Farr when Watson left, and who won't be thrilled about any hint of distress in a telegram from his closest friend--may be showing up at Crain Manor any second now...


pretty cool book, so far--I'll do my usual and go dark about plot points now that I've divulged the gist of the beginning, and just hope it fulfills its early promise.

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text 2018-04-28 14:49
Reading progress update: I've read 8 out of 288 pages.
Sherlock Holmes: The Red Tower - Mark Latham

I'm not sure it's a lock that this is really Sherlock, but...I'm gonna read it. a sucker for a Mystery featuring a seance, that's me...

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review 2018-03-20 16:36
Montana Born Bachelor Auction series
Bound to the Bachelor - Sarah Mayberry
Bachelor at her Bidding - Kate Hardy
The Bachelor's Baby - Dani Collins
What a Bachelor Needs - Kelly Hunter
In Bed with the Bachelor - Megan Crane
One Night with Her Bachelor - Kat Latham

***copies provided by publisher through NetGalley***


I wasn't expecting a work of art, but at least something that would've kept me engaged. It didn't.

It was filled with clichés, it was predictable, featured bland characters and a very iffy insta-love romance that failed to strike the right notes, but at least it was a quick read.


The hero was a saint, the heroine was a self-righteous bitch filled with self-pity, the plot was rife with clichés and seemed written by a high-school student.


This book was one massive clichéd rip-off of a Harlequin story (just read the blurb to know why).

The characters were poorly (or none at all) developed, the heroine's issues were annoying and the "drama" unnecessary and forced...I ended up skimming the better part of it.


If I had to use a word to describe this story it would be "simple". Too simple, in fact, with a very basic, rehashed and clichéd plot, and a cheesy, ordinary romance.
There was no conflict, no depth, no agency...It was just there, not doing anything.


Poorly written with way too much inner monologues and with even more poorly drafted characters making them difficult to understand, empathize, sympathize and/or like.
Slow, boring and firmly in the "meh" category.


Rather inconsistent (character- and their behavior-wise), and definitely nothing to write home about.
It had potential, but the author failed to bring it to fruition.

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text 2017-10-30 18:04
Knowing the Score by Kat Latham 99 cents Love this series!
Knowing the Score - Kat Latham

Rugby player Spencer Bailey is determined to win a spot on England's World Cup team. But with a month break before the selectors start watching him, he's eager to have fun with a woman who knows the score: the relationship will end when rugby season begins. The lovely American Caitlyn Sweeney seems perfect for the role of temporary lover, since her visa will run out soon anyway.

Caitlyn works for an international disaster relief organization and can handle the world's worst crises, but she flinches from her own. Her past has left her with a fear of intimacy so deep that she has trouble getting close to anyone--until she meets sexy Spencer. His hot body and easygoing nature are too much for even her to resist.

Neither Caitlyn nor Spencer expects to fall hard for each other. But with their relationship deadline approaching, the old rules of the game seem less important than before...until past secrets surface, challenging everything they thought they knew about each other.

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