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review 2019-03-21 13:22
ARC REVIEW In A Badger Way by Shelly Laurenston

In a Badger Way (The Honey Badger Chronicles) The Honey Badger Chronicles #2, I didn't get a chance to read the first book in the series but after starting this one I didn't feel it absolutely necessary to read the first. It explains well enough how the three sisters came to be especially since one is full honey badger, Max very protective and very violent, the oldest, Charlie, is half wolf and basically a helicopter mom for the sisters, and the youngest sister Stevie is half tiger and she's... well this is her book.

Stevie is a former child prodigy in science and music but like many geniuses she has extreme social and anxiety issues. Shen was initially hired to be the bodyguard for a sixteen year old child prodigy, Kyle who lives with the sisters and whose only real friend is Stevie, but when Stevie gets asked to look into one of her ex-boyfriends because he may or may not be experimenting on hybrids like her Shen feels it's his duty to protect Stevie.

The plot takes a roundabout way of getting to the point because the characters keep getting distracted by other things, like all the sisters having to go in to see psychologist, someone hugs Stevie she freaks out and shifts and almost tears a house apart, there's a death in the family and they have to deal with honey badger drama, and of course there is the romance between Stevie and Shen. Shen is physically attracted to Stevie but he had a hard time reconciling the fact that he is older and she's freaking brilliant and he's not. Stevie doesn't care the cat part of her has already claimed him as hers it takes her literally throwing herself at him before he gets the message.

Overall, it was a great book. If you've read Shelly Laurenston before you know her style humor if not you are in for a treat, as long as you like strong, foul mouthed, sassy, crazy women who can hold their own in a fight, and in Max's case fight dirty. I love Laurenston's female characters and the guys aren't too shabby either they are strong enough to hold their own against the women and smart enough to understand them. Her writing is adventurous, humorous, and hot as heck, I still have a bunch of her books I need to read but every single one that I have read I've loved.   


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review 2019-02-28 17:30
The Day of The New Gods - Leesa Wallace,Graeme Parker,Luke Walker


Are you in the mood for a quick romp through a gory country of cosmic horror? Look no further because this is the book for you!


Even though THE DAY OF THE NEW GODS is a prequel to THE MIRROR OF THE NAMELESS, you can read these in whichever order suits your fancy. I've read MIRROR twice now, and both times left me wanting-at least as far as more information about the 3 "Gods." In DAY, I finally got a bit of an origin story and it did not disappoint.


A small group of bank robbers has their plans change unexpectedly during their getaway. A huge giant appears, bits of which fall off at random- burning and killing people, but really? That's not that big a deal, because there's also an eerie green mist which turns people into mad, murdering, gibbering things, until it wisps off and people discover what they have done. Then they usually kill themselves. I didn't even bring up the huge, white worm yet! What will happen to our group of thieves? What happens to all of these monsters and how how they did here? You'll have to read this to find out!


I've been a fan of Luke Walker's for a while now, and when I was offered a chance to finally see how these gods came about I jumped at the chance. I find this world to be imaginative, unyielding and pretty much insane. It's perfect for me! We all know, deep down inside, that the cosmos doesn't care for us-but what if it were personified? Now it's, (they're) walking around earth, (or floating or slithering), demonstrating how useless we really are and what's more scary than that? Not too much!


At a few points, the pacing seemed a bit uneven, but this is a picky thing. Since all of these events happened over the course of one, very long day, it's most likely just me. One thing that WAS even throughout though, was the gore. There is no shortage of monster GOD carnage, human on human carnage and sometimes both all at once.


Good times!


I thought this prequel was a great way to revisit the Gods in this ultra violent world that Luke Walker has created. If this all sounds like your cup of tea, (or cup of bloody gore?), this is the book for you!




Get your copy here: THE DAY OF THE NEW GODS


*I received an e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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review 2019-02-20 14:27
ARC REVIEW You Will Suffer by Alexandra Ivy

You Will Suffer (The Agency, #3) The Agency #3, Each book in this series is a stand alone. More suspense than romance but both equally balanced throughout the story. A story of a small town lawyer, Ellie Guthrie, and former FBI agent, Nate Marcel, working together to unravel the dirty secrets of their town Curry, Oklahoma. Ellie went against her parents wishes and settled in the small town she spent part of her childhood in; Nate after leaving the FBI got in his truck and just started to drive he ended up in Curry started ranching and woodwork. Nate was already living in Curry when Ellie moved back to her old home; Ellie was attracted to Nate from the get go but something about him told her he was an all or nothing kind of guy, and not wanting to settle down with anything other than work she tried her best to ignore her sexy neighbor. That is until weird stuff started to happen.

It started with a weird feeling and then slashed tires and escalated to dead animals outside her work. She wasn't the only target another woman in town, Mandy, was the victim of what seemed like normal vandalizm. But the first dead body shows up a supposed drug overdose and then Mandy ends up the same way not even a full day later. Ellie and Nate both know something else is happening but the local sheriff is lazy and easily accepts that it's a drug overdose. Things start to go sideways when the dead body of a known dealer is found in a building that Nate just bought. Now the narrow minded sheriff thinks Nate is behind it all. Good thing Nate has a good lawyer. Despite it all it doesn't slow Ellie down trying to figure out what's happening and why she's being targeted along with her father and other prominent figures in town.

Overall, it was a really good read. I loved the ending it was a nice twist. The suspense kept me guessing the whole way the pacing was good it had a nice flow one event to another with enough down time for Nate and Ellie to fallin love. I liked Nate and Ellie together. I love it when the guy is already halfway in love with the woman and she just needs to be shown how much and that it's okay to fall in love back. For Ellie the attraction and the feelings are there she just never had a good example of a happy couple and Nate is fully prepared to show her what one looks like and his entire family embraces her into their fold.   


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url 2019-02-08 10:24
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review 2019-01-30 16:17
Review ~ Urban Fantasy
Souls of the Damned - E.S. Moore

Book source ~ NetGalley


Kat Redding is a vampire who hunts down rogue bad supernatural beings. But she’s tired of it all. The death, the darkness, the claims so many have on her - she’s tired of being Lady Death. When an opportunity pops up for her to take out a rogue angel, she initially says no. But eventually she gives in because it’s the only way to advance the plot.


I’m so disappointed in this book. This series started out kickass with Kat as a great but flawed heroine and a cast of side characters worth noting. And then it deteriorated. This last book (that I can tell since there’s not another listed in the series) is completely ugh for me. Kat is whiny. So whiny. And mad all the time, taking it out on everyone and they put up with it. She hasn’t grown and neither have her companions. She does stupid shit when she should be smarter and balks at things she shouldn’t. This book ended with me sighing in relief that it was over instead of hoping that someday there would be more to Kat’s story. So much potential wasted. Oh, well.

Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/01/souls-of-damned.html
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