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review 2020-01-23 14:48
ARC REVIEW Hero's Haven by Rebecca Zanetti

Hero's Haven (Dark Protectors #11)Dark Protectors #11, The story of the seven continue on, it is best if you start at the beginning or at least Vampire's Faith (#8) which is the start of this story arc. When we last saw Quade his world was on the brink of collapse, Haven a special woman who has the ability to travel to other worlds in her dreams has seen Quade, talked to him. Haven doesn't always have control of where she goes but she was lucky enough to get to Quade before his world collapsed and somehow brought him back with her. Quade is thrust in to modern times and unlike his brother who had the help of Siri to adjust Quade is figuring this out on his own with Haven's help, his favorite thing is toothpaste.

On the run from human police and the Kurjian are the least of their problems when Haven's past finds her and tries it's best to take her way from Quade with the help a creepy shifter. But that's just the beginning. The Kurjian and the Cyst are still hot on the Seven's tail and the big bad is closer than ever to breaking free and it's up to Haven to stop it from happening.

The romance between Quade and Haven starts really nice, they have great chemistry but once it gets to the whole have to mate to protect her I lose interest, normally I love oblivious guys but Quade is just being too stubborn for his own good and it gets tiresome. The ending was brilliant though, I really liked how this one ended.

Overall, out of this new story arc this is definitely one of my favorites. It was action-packed and exciting from cover to cover. And Finally Grace and Adare's book is going to be next, well after the novella.     


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review 2020-01-07 14:18
ARC REVIEW A Lady's Past by A.S. Fenichel
A Lady's Past (Everton Domestic Society, #4)Everton Domestic Society #4, I have enjoyed the entire series so far, they can be read as standalones. The Everton Domestic Society prides itself on finding the right woman for the job needed. Jacques Laurent has seen the proof of the good the employment agency for Ladies does so when he sees a Lady stranded on the side of the road obviously running from something he recommends her going to Everton. Reluctantly Diana goes but only after confiding in Lady Jane the nature of her past that she felt safe enough in staying. Lady Jane even set up a job in Diana's prefered subject, chemistry; with a footman/guard and no one else knowing Diana's true past she started to feel a little safe.

Jacques was deceived once before by his fiancee and it has jaded him, he finds it hard to trust again but in the three weeks since he met Diana she was never far from his thoughts. Imagine his surprise when he goes to his friend/investment, inventor Francis Edgebrook, and finds he has hired an Everton Lady as his assistant, Diana to be exact. There is something about Diana that calls to him, he knows she's in danger but he would rather remove the obstacle than risk never seeing her again. It's a good thing he's got friends in high places. He works hard to earn Diana's trust and her love.

Overall, it was a great read. I love all the characters. You have no idea how long I have waited for a story where the characters are called Jack and Diane, this is the closest I've gotten yet. It's a beautifully written romance with enough intrigue to keep it interesting and humor and angst in all the right places.      

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review 2019-09-24 20:34
Beyond The Gate (A Kathy Ryan Novel Book 3) by Mary SanGiovanni
Beyond the Gate (A Kathy Ryan Novel Book 3) - Mary SanGiovanni

When the theoretical research group, with a shady reputation opens a dimensional doorway to another world....a world where only plant life thrives, it is a discovery of unlimited potential.
None of it good.
The discovery of a dead city on this silent world ends in tragedy, as the first research team to cross dimensions vanishes....and a scientist connected to the project falls prey to an infestation that haunts the minds of hardened police detectives.
The corporation hires occult investigator Kathy Ryan to spearhead a rescue mission across the barrier....but their true intentions have little to do with rescue. And Kathy finds herself thrust into a world beyond the veil, joined by a team of non-volunteers, to explore a dead city that doesn't lie still. Where a horror older than time waits.
Mary SanGiovanni spins an engaging horror/thriller that weaves the Lovecraftian Mythos into a fresh, new horror mythos that is hers alone.
Highly recommended. I look forward to more in the Kathy Ryan series and from the pen of Mary SanGiovanni.

This was an eARC from Netgalley.

Expected publication: November 26th, 2019 by Lyrical Press

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review 2019-06-26 16:31
ARC REVIEW Alpha's Promise by Rebecca Zanetti

Alpha's Promise (Dark Protectors #10)Dark Protectors #10, I enjoyed this one for the most part. I'm excited for the direction this is going, The Seven working with the Demon Nation and The Realm to stop the big bad from being released and destroying everything they hold dear. I like the side story with little Hope Kylwood and her friends. What I didn't like was the romance, not romance sex, I like Ivar and I like Promise I just didn't like them together or I should say when they got it on. I guess I'm just over the whole dominance thing, ya know been there done that now it just triggers me. But the actual story was great.

Dr. Promise Williams is just the scientist they have been looking for and she's an enhanced. She's someone who can figure out how the transporting works and figure out a way to bring home safely their missing brother. Ivar Kjeidsen demon vampire hybrid survived jumping through countless hell worlds before finally finding his way home and it just made him all the more determined to bring back his brother, Quade, before his world collapses, literally not figuratively, in fact the prison world they trapped their big bad on is colliding with Quade's world. It's crunch time and the Kurjans aren't helping matter because it's their religious figure they are trying to release so they will stop at nothing to prevent the Seven from completing their tasks.

I liked Promise, she's logical and everything is math and very analytical. Half the time I figured she was a high functioning autistic with how she was around other people but with the parents she had it's no wonder she's that way. She was rational and listened when it came to her own protection she is Sooo not the TSTL heroine, that is probably what I liked the most. I'm however getting bored with Grace and Adare's bickering I wish their book was next but no it's not, frustrated sigh. Overall, it was a good read. Not really meant to be a stand alone I would suggest at least starting at Vampire's Faith for this story arc.   


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review 2019-01-25 15:20
ARC REVIEW Crave the Heat by Marnee Blake

Crave the Heat (The Smokejumpers #2) The Smokejumpers #2, This can be read as a standalone. The two main characters in this book have quite a bit of baggage and throw in the suspense and you have a good read. It didn't jump out and catch my attention like I hoped it would but it wasn't bad. It went along at a steady pace the suspense and action were very good the romance is what got me. Dak and Heidi's attraction was pretty much instantaneous but Heidi moved to Oregon to escape her past, her ex and all the grief that relationship caused so she's pretty hesitant to get involved with someone again especially someone who such a high risk job. Dak has family drama up the wazoo, back home for the first time after ten years and the first time he sees his father it's only because his father needs him to do something and thinks he can manipulate Dak, he's very wrong about that. The romance, it was pretty hot and heavy at times but Heidi's wishy washy, back and forth actions got old quick, after the second time you just want to smack her upside the head and say, "it's a good thing".

Dak is a smokejumper he gets roped into acting as a liaison between the reservation and the forest services. Heidi is new to the arson investigator position here and she doesn't know a lot of people when first assigned a liaison she's a bit put off but the hottie ends up really helping her by introducing her to people who could actually help her. For Dak the series of fires happening on the reservation is personal and even though he knows who might be behind this he tries to fix it himself instead of informing Heidi and the local authorities. Which in the end causes a big rift between him and Heidi.

Overall, this was a good read. I really enjoyed the climactic conclusion to the events and when Dak and Heidi were together and she wasn't running scared I liked them together.   


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