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review 2018-05-19 00:00
Marrying an Athlete (A Fake Marriage Series Book 2)
Marrying an Athlete (A Fake Marriage Series Book 2) - Anne-Marie Meyer When it comes to love, Anna and Michael have scored a miss. Batting zero is no fun, but when fate swings your way the rewards can be marvelous. Marrying an Athlete debunks the stereotype of love, with humor, heart and romance. Meyer delights as she enlights with a tale of countless mistakes and ultimately getting it right.

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text 2018-05-18 19:51
The Faelti (The Aronia Series Book 2)
The Faelti (The Aronia Series Book 2) - Rachel Pudsey

Never wish upon a star.

Sixteen-year-old Abigail Crumble’s learning this the hard way.

During a moment of weakness, Abigail wished on the stars only to discover she’s cursed as a result. And she’s been on a journey to rectify her mistake ever since. Trouble is, the quest to rid herself of the curse has proven to be much more arduous than she could have ever imagined. And far from over.

Separated from her friends and believing them dead, trapped in the faelti camp and being held hostage by the evil Kai Sisu, Abigail is no closer to reaching Levana’s Dwelling and breaking the curse than she was the day she left her hometown


Ya / Paranormal / Fanstay 


Order now ->

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review 2018-05-12 00:23
Impossible Bachelor (Bachelor Tower Series, Book 2) by Ruth Cardello
Impossible Bachelor (Bachelor Tower Series, Book 2) - Ruth Cardello



Kylie is a sheep in wolf's clothing. Her heart is more fragile than she let's on. Ben is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He knows how to fool the best. Impossible Bachelor thrives on illusions. The characters are not the image they present to the world, but a work in progress striving to find a happy ending as elusive as the stars in the sky. Broken by life, hurt by love, Kylie is afraid to trust her heart. Ben is the piece of the puzzle that could mend her soul and he'll break every wall she erects to build himself a home in her sheltered heart. Cardello makes complicated look like a piece of cake. A little rough around the edges, but a deliciously flavorful treat. (4.5 stars)

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text 2018-05-04 10:12
Friday Reads - May 4, 2018
To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918 - Adam Hochschild
Harmony Cabins (Finding Home Series Book 2) - Regina Hart
He's So Fine - Jill Shalvis
When Snow Falls - Brenda Novak

To all the Star Wars fans: May the 4th be with you. 


I adulted so hard this week, including a five hour drive to/from Central London for a 15 minute VA medical appointment that could have been done via a telephone call. So I am going to enjoy this beautiful bank holiday for all it is worth, starting tonight with taking the family to a food truck rally on base (which means I don't have to cook dinner!).


Books: I finished The Miner's Lady (Land of Shining Water #3) by Tracie Peterson last night. So I am going to start on To End All Wars by getting part 1 (six chapters). I borrowed from OverDrive Harmony Cabins (Finding Home #2) by Regina Hart and He's So Fine (Lucky Harbor #11) by Jill Shalvis. I borrowed from RB Digitial When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek #2) by Brenda Novak. Seems like a contemporary romance binge is coming this week. 


Hope you all enjoy this first weekend of May.

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quote 2018-05-02 07:23
He reached across the car and took my hand. "I know I haven't been around as much," he said, "but after today, my schedule won't be so busy."

"I understand," I said softly. And I did. "Football is your life. It's your dream."

He made a sound. "You're just as important to me."

I smiled. "I have to admit I won't be upset when this game is over and all the girls around here stop wearing your number all over their bodies."

His white teeth flashed. "Is someone jealous?"

I snorted.

His smile grew wider.

"Maybe a little," I admitted.

He lunged forward and in seconds had me in his lap, my legs straddling him so we were face to face. He buried his hands in my tangled disaster of hair. I admit I hadn't even brushed it when we got out of bed this morning.

"You're my favorite girl," he whispered.

"I better be your only girl."

He smiled. "That too.”
#Hater (Hashtag Series Book 2) - Cambria Hebert

~~Cambria Hebert, #Hater

(Hashtag series book #2)

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