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review 2017-04-19 15:51
Relic Book Review
Relic - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

This was fun and not my normal genre. I had these audiobooks recommended by a friend and they are definitely well worth listening too. Though I have to say, if I didn't listen to it I'm not sure I would have finished reading it. The plot didn't totally grab me. The narration did. 


The museum is under attack but they don't know by what. After two kids die an investigation is under way. They quickly find out that what's in the museum may actually not even be human? What is attacking these people? It's up to Moriarty and his team to find out. 


A good book for a family car ride as it has lots of action and will keep your attention. 

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review 2016-12-27 20:48
Beyond the Ice Limit By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel (Gideon Crew Series) - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

First off let me say something I didn’t know prior to reading this, but should have, since I’m a long time Preston & Child fan.  Beyond the Ice Limit is a sequel to The Ice Limit published in 2000, which I have somehow missed reading to this point.  That being said, Beyond the Ice Limit is an enjoyable read whether you read it as a stand-alone or a follow-up. 


The events that took place in The Ice Limit are well outlined as a historical lead-in to this storyline.  Those events involved the head of Effective Engineering Solutions, Eli Glinn, who is also Gideon Crew’s boss.  Eli Glinn and his team tried and failed to recover a meteorite off the coast of South America.  The mission was a disaster from start to finish, revealing that the whole crew was in way over their heads, and that what they were messing with was not your average meteorite.


Now, five years later, Glinn wants Gideon to participate in a new mission, not to recover the meteorite, but to destroy it.   As usual, Glinn isn’t putting all his cards on the table with this new assignment.  But Gideon knows enough about working for Glinn now, to know that his life is in peril.  What the hell, he’s not long for this life anyway, right? 


So…a fun (or is that harrowing?) new adventure begins.  I’ve always found thrillers that take place on the sea really keep my on the edge of my seat!  The confined state of a ship, submarine, or any other seagoing vessel is just plain scary to me if you’re trying to get away from something!  This one isn’t an exception.


As I’ve said in my previous reviews, this series has grown on me quite a bit and it’s pure escapism.  A fun read from start to finish.  The only tiring thing that each of the Gideon Crew books has in common is that whoever winds up being Gideon’s romantic interest doesn’t seem to have a storyline much past that book, á la James Bond.  But Lincoln and Child always give us a solid read, with a thrilling and adventurous storyline.  These authors have a talent for making you feel as if you’re right in the thick of the adventure.        


I want to thank the publisher (Grand Central Publishing) for providing me with the ARC through NetGalley for an honest review.


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review 2016-12-19 17:29
The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
The Obsidian Chamber (Agent Pendergast series) - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child


After a harrowing, otherworldly confrontation on the shores of Exmouth, Massachussetts, Special Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is missing, presumed dead.


Sick with grief, Pendergast's ward, Constance, retreats to her chambers beneath the family mansion at 891 Riverside Drive--only to be taken captive by a shadowy figure from the past.


Proctor, Pendergast's longtime bodyguard, springs to action, chasing Constance's kidnapper through cities, across oceans, and into wastelands unknown.


And by the time Proctor discovers the truth, a terrifying engine has stirred-and it may already be too late.
I read the first Pendergast book Relic a couple of years ago and since then I have this been a favorite series of mine. It has been an interesting journey where I have learned more about Aloysius Pendergast and his family as the books progress and now here we are at book 16.

Pendergast is missing after the harrowing ending in the last book, and no one knows if he is alive or dead. For Constance, his ward is this a traumatizing experience and she has decided to retreat to the world she is so familiar with, the chambers below the Pendergast mansion. However, and an old enemy has returned, someone that she knows very well. But, Constance will soon learn that not everything is as it seems.

As with most books in this series was The Obsidian Chamber a pure joy to read. I miss the time when I had several Pendergast books to read, but in a way is it also nice to get a new one every year. This book felt more like a Constance book than an Aloysius Pendergast book. Of course, he is not totally missing from the book, but much of the story is about Constance. It's actually a bit tricky to write this review without spoiling too much of the story, like for instance who is back. So, I will just write some general thoughts about the book.

Constance is an intersecting character, not my personal favorite, but her backstory is truly intriguing and her first introduction to the series was spectacular. I do find myself not overfond with her growing attraction to Aloysius. I just can't seem to enjoy that idea. I must prefer her just being his ward. She has a central role in this book, and I did enjoy her part in this book. I was a bit surprised by her action in this book, how docile she seemed. However, everything got explained nicely towards the end of the book.

I was a bit worried that it would end with a cliffhanger, and yes, there was a kind of cliffhanger, but still the story felt ended at the moment. It's the kind of ending that felt satisfying and not frustrating. The previous books end was way more frustrating than this.

Finally, I hope that Corrie is in the next book. She has not had a prominent role since White Fire book 13 and I loved that book and I adore her.

I want to thank Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a free copy through NetGalley for an honest review!


The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (US/Canada)


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review 2016-11-02 22:44
The Lost Island by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
The Lost Island: A Gideon Crew Novel - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

The Lost Island is Book 3 in the Gideon Crew series.


Gideon has wrapped up his latest mission and he is ready to jump right into the next one.  At this point, there’s no question that he will go on working for Eli Glinn at Effective Engineering Solutions.  This time he will be utilizing skills from back in the days before he became a nuclear scientist.


There’s a special exhibition at New York’s Morgan Library; the Book of Kells, the finest illuminated manuscript in existence and Ireland’s greatest national treasure.  Ireland’s government is reluctant to let the manuscript out of their hands and has insisted upon the highest security measures during the exhibit.  Gideon has been tasked with a seemingly impossible assignment; he must steal a single page from the manuscript.


Gideon started stealing from art museums and historical societies when he was a teenager.  He knows that every security system is vulnerable, either through technology or social engineering.  He will have to use all he knows to turn the impossible to the possible.  It is pure entertainment to read as he once more puts his skills to work to obtain his goal. 


Having accomplished the impossibility of stealing the page, Gideon then learns from his employer that there is an ancient Greek map hidden under the illumination.  This map leads to more than your ordinary treasure. 

“The manuscript in question was an early Greek geography, and it described various legendary wonders of the world. Among these was a most intriguing place: an island ‘far in the West, where the earth meets the sky.’ The geography went on to mention a ‘great cave overhung with laurels on the face of a cliff far above the sea.’ There, the manuscript claimed, a ‘secret remedium could be found, the source of eternal healing.’

So now, in the company of his new partner Amy, Gideon sets sail into the dangers of the Mosquito Coast.  Their encounters will be life-threatening but they must find out where the map leads and what strange wonder lies at the end.  It just might be a priceless discovery that could change the world and possibly save Gideon’s life. 


Having read other reviews of this series I have to say I disagree with the harsh criticism that I’ve come across.  The authors have drawn from many different areas in this series and they continue to entertain.  I have been a diehard fan of Preston & Child for a couple of decades now.   So far, the Gideon Crew series has been much lighter fare than the Pendergast books, and each one has been good fun.  They delve deeper into the main characters with each book, and at this point in the series, I felt a difference.  It seemed to me that the storyline more closely reflected the sense of mystery and adventure I first felt with these authors back when I read Relic all those years ago. 

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review 2016-11-02 06:51
Pendergast Series Book #16- Diogenes...
The Obsidian Chamber (Agent Pendergast series) - Douglas Preston,Lincoln Child

I absolutely love this series but this is the first book that didn't really grab me like the others. If you're familiar with this series and characters then you know Aloysius brother' Diogenes usually plays the bad guy role. In this book, he is supposedly turning over a new leaf and he has not only fallen in love with Constance but is giving up his bad boy ways.


I don't think I quite like this "new and improved" version. I just don't buy it so it was hard for me to reconcile this new personality with the evil person that has always committed such heinous acts. Plus Aloysius and Constance have been so set on finally just being done with him that what they did at the end, 


let him go, 

(spoiler show)

did not ring true to me at all. It felt totally contrived to keep Diogenes in the picture for a little while longer.


So this was definitely not one of my favorites but I am doubly curious now to see what the next book brings. I just hope it's better then this one!


*I received this book from NetGalley & Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! 



Professional Reader Reviews Published 2016 NetGalley Challenge



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