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text 2017-03-19 16:34
Reading progress update: I've listened 591 out of 4318 minutes.
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection - Stephen Fry - introductions,Audible Studios, Arthur Conan Doyle,Stephen Fry

I´ve been awfully busy last week and I didn´t get much reading done. However, I managed to put a huge dent into the Sherlock Holmes audiobook.


I finished the first two Holmes novels, A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four. Both have been rereads for me and I will stick with my initial rating of 3,5 stars for both stories. The infodumping in both of them concerning the perpetrators still bugs me, I just can´t help it.


I really like the narration by Stephen Fry, since he manages to make the stories come alive. And I´m enjoying the forewords by him. He gives for each novel / short story collection an introduction in which he puts the stories into a historical perspective. It´s really interesting and I cannot help but notice just how much of a Holmes-fanboy Stephen Fry is.

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text 2017-03-08 20:15
Reading progress update: I've listened 26 out of 4318 minutes.
Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection - Stephen Fry - introductions,Audible Studios, Arthur Conan Doyle,Stephen Fry

After 5 hours of Dickens David Copperfield I had to throw in the towel. The audiobook, narrated by Richard Armitage, is excellent, but I wasn´t interested in Davids life at all. I guess Coming-of-age stories are not my cup of tea.


However, while browsing the Audible website, I found this collection of all the Sherlock Holmes novels, narrated by Stephen Fry. Each story has an introduction by Stephen Fry himself and what can I say, Stephen Fry is great and it is a pleasure to be listening to him. It´s a tome of an audiobook (approx. 72 hours), but I´m looking forward to every second of it.

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review 2017-02-05 16:06
The Blank Wall
The Blank Wall - Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Blank Wall tells the story of Lucia Holley, a suburban housewife in 1940s America. Her 17 year old daughter falls in love with a considerably older man and one morning Lucia finds this man in her boathouse, dead. She decides to protect her family by dumping the body in a nearby swamp and from this point on Lucia´s life begins to unravel.


I really enjoyed this suspense novel about a mother, who is willing to do everything to protect her family. The discovery of the body is only the beginning of her problems and it´s been fascinating to see how every new turn of the story increases the physical and emotional strain on that woman. 


Elisabeth Sanxay Holding writing is very descriptive. Think of 1940s black and white movies like Hitchcoks "Rebecca" and you might imagine how I felt while reading this book. I couldn´t put it down and I would have devoured this novel in one sitting if I would have had the time for it.


If you´re a fan of suspense novels with a classic feel to it (I felt reminiscent of novels by Patricia Highsmith), I highly recommend The Blank Wall.





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review 2016-11-13 18:33
Broken Monsters
Broken Monsters - Lauren Beukes

A prime example how a otherwise decent three star book gets ruined by a ridiculous ending.


I was intrigued by the twisted murder mystery. A body, half boy, half deer, is found and I expected a compelling thriller. But the story turns into a weird horror-mystery-thriller-mix with a central message regarding social media that I didn´t care about and ultimately has been lost on me. The descriptions of derelict Detroit are pretty good, though.

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review 2016-10-09 14:39
The Hollow Man
The Hollow Man - John Dickson Carr

The Hollow Man is supposed to be one of the best locked room mysteries of all time and it is surely a tricky case, that superintendant Hadley and Dr. Gideon Fell have to solve. But to be honest, I don´t particularly like this book. The plot is so convoluted that I as a reader haven´t had the slightest chance to figure out anything about the crime. It´s cleverly told, but I can´t get beyond the fact that this book frustrated and exhausted me and the ending left me quite disappointed.

I guess I will stick with Agatha Christie´s books, which I do enjoy a lot more.






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