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review 2014-12-13 00:00
Fruitcakes: An MM Fairytale Christmas - Nuts Included
Fruitcakes: An MM Fairytale Christmas - Nuts Included - Reneé George ★★★★ This was nothing short of holiday sexy fluff and I loved it! Donner ends up with "the sight" after getting a concussion and now he can see the true forms of the supernatural beings that share our world, including his ogre of a boss. That earns him a trip to the loony bin. Bran is one of Santa's elves and a drunken brawl gets him tossed into the same room as Donner, who can see him for what he really is. This is a super-short story and is essentially just one night in time, but oh what a night! I would love to read more!
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review 2013-12-14 20:27
Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane
Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane

4 1/2 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Rusty has always gotten everything he wanted without even really trying, he might be expected to follow in his father’s footsteps but he fully admits to being the stereotypical dumb jock. When he meets Oliver his views begin to change, he wants more than to go into his father’s business, he want to do something that makes him happy. Oliver is out and proud, he’s from the wrong side of the tracks and his best friend puts himself down. Kissing Rusty is one of the best things he has ever done and being there for Rusty as he struggles through his first semester at Berkeley keeps him hoping that Rusty will wake up to his true feelings. Rusty heads home for the holidays knowing just what he wants but his parents have very different ideas, when he finds himself tossed out on the street it’s Oliver and his family who help him back on his feet, but can Rusty accept the love that Oliver offers or will his stubborn pride keep them apart?


This is an incredibly wonderful story where a young man finds himself and sets out to live his life in happiness and accepting that family is more than who you are born to. Rusty is a character who is easy to fall in love with, he has no illusions about himself and knows his limits, although he is very hard on himself and self-disparaging. Oliver is a lovely young man who guides Rusty as much as he can to recognise his feelings and to also buff up Rusty’s confidence. They make a perfect couple who have the usual teenage problems involving pride and confidence, but their support of each other is heart-warming.


We follow these two young men as they make friends and develop a friendship that can and does stand against pressure. Rusty is oblivious to many things around him but finds that he has much more going for him in a world he makes for himself, rather than the world his parents want for him. His relationship with Oliver is the cornerstone for all that he wants to build and we see his heartache as he strives to be something he isn’t, we see Oliver and his family pulling around Rusty as his own parents turn their back on him and we see Rusty blossoming into a man to be proud of. Rusty and Oliver’s relationship is an incredible one, they have their ups and downs but it is all based in love and when they are together it makes you smile.


I adored this story, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to know what would happen to these two young men as they faced life with love from one side but disapproval from the other side. The story is from Rusty’s point of view but you get to know Oliver perfectly through Rusty’s eyes and Rusty is an honest character, there’s no false pretences in him so what you see is what you get. The story is written perfectly, the characters come to life and it is a storyline that happens all too often in real life. You get behind these two young men cheering for them as they build their lives, you feel their heartache, pain and disappointment, their confusion and hurt, their love and happiness and their dreams of the future.


I recommend this to those who love young adults starting their lives, fantastic characters, wonderful family, new blossoming love and an incredible ending.    

Source: mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com
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review 2013-12-14 15:19
Texas Christmas by R.J. Scott
Texas Christmas - R.J. Scott

4 1/2 Hearts


Texas 05


Review written for  MM Good Book Reviews


This story is part of a series and must be read in order. When Liam came to the Double D ranch he had little more than the clothes on his back, his trust had been destroyed and he was wary of what is expected of him. Now he has an admirer and he isn’t sure what to do, Marcus doesn’t seem like the type of man to hurt him but Liam finds it hard to open up. Marcus is determined to get close to the young man who fascinates him and discovers what has Liam so afraid, he woos Liam slowly but when danger comes from Liam’s past will he be strong enough to help Liam through it. Jack and Riley are looking forward to their expanding family but the red tape is tangled. Eli and Robbie are getting ready to settle into their new house but leaving their little apartment is harder than Robbie thought.


We are back at Double D ranch watching as Jack and Riley’s family expands, as their friends, Eli and Robbie, settle into their new home and Liam learns to trust Marcus and find his place on the ranch. This is a beautiful addition to the Texas series; it’s filled with joy and sadness, pain and relief and men who love something fierce. It covers the months from September to December with us watching the ups and downs of these six men and we get the story of Liam’s life and hardships, we see the developing love between Liam and Marcus and the solid love between Jack and Riley, and Eli and Robbie.


So I might (under torture) admit to having to wipe a couple of tears away at certain times during this story, and some of those tears might have been for the joy and love that smacks you in the face, but some of those tears were also for the pain and heartache that Liam suffered and rolls off the page to torture your heart. Damn you R.J. Scott! I also admit to loving this story completely and having fallen madly in love with Max, that little tyke just about rips your heart out with his little hand *the one not clutching Thomas* and he refuses to give it back.


This is a wonderfully written story taking us through the journey of not just Liam and Marcus’ burgeoning relationship but the journey that Liam takes within himself to overcome his painful past with the help and love of Marcus and the support of Jack, Riley, Eli and Robbie. We see the struggles that Riley and Jack face with the red tape as they adopt Max, and as they get into the swing of being parents to the twins. We see the love that Eli and Robbie have for each other as they move into their own house and the support they offer to their Texas family.


I recommend this if you love cowboys, family, love and support. If you adore well-crafted tales of building families through love and trust, overcoming the past and welcoming love and a beautiful Christmas ending.             

Source: mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com
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review 2013-12-08 12:18
Christmas Serendipity by Liam Livings
Christmas Serendipity - Liam Livings

3 Hearts


Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


David leans on his mate Tony as he mulls over the ending of his disastrous relationship, when he gets fired from his job just days before Christmas Tony drags him home with him. Christian finds himself with nowhere to go for Christmas when his parents rescind their invite after he confesses he is gay, his workmate Cathy takes pity on him and invites him home for Christmas. As David and Christian share Christmas with the two flatmates, a spark of attraction flares between them and it just might bring them both happiness in the New Year if they can both resolve their past hurts.


I quite enjoyed this simple story of friends becoming a family for Christmas. David has had a terrible relationship where he was used as a doormat by his boyfriend, but with the boyfriend tossing him to the side David can’t just put his feelings behind him. When David meets Christian a spark is lit and although he doesn’t want to rush into anything he knows he has to give them a chance. Christian is still reeling from his parent’s actions and although there is a spark of hope that his parents will come around he is still miserable, meeting David sparks his interest and taking it slow is a great idea even if he would at first prefer passionate sex to ease his woes.


This is a very Christmas with friends story, where friends pull together to have an enjoyable Christmas and put their problems behind them for a couple of days. Cathy and Tony are incredible friends who make this Christmas for both men enjoyable, but while Cathy is overjoyed that David and Christian are becoming close, Tony is more cautious and encourages David to slow down and not jump in feet first. Both David and Christian seem to be wonderful men working their way through their personal issues but neither man is willing to turn their back on the attraction between them, it is a slow moving relationship that is still tentative and new but with much hope on both sides.


I recommend this to those who love saving Christmas stories, friends pulling together, support and friendship, a spark of new love and new hope and a very Merry Christmas.

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review 2012-12-16 00:00
A Christmas Carol (a M/M adaptation of C... A Christmas Carol (a M/M adaptation of Charles Dickens's story) - Em Woods, Charles Dickens I loved this! SO much! This is my father's favorite Christmas story, so I grew up watching at least one film version of it every year. All of those different interpretations, and this one has to be my new all-time favorite.

It's interesting that having seen and even read this story so often, I never questioned things the story has us take for granted: things like why Scrooge's father is so strict with him, why Scrooge's schoolmates avoid him, even why he's let money and gain consume him.

It fascinated me how many of those questions Ms. Woods answered by having Scrooge be gay. And she worked it in so beautifully seamlessly that I found myself enjoying her version of the story more even than the original. This interpretation provided motivations for Scrooge and even for Marley that made them much more sympathetic and interesting.

I did wonder, after reading the blurb, how she'd manage a happy ending when Marley is already dead. I thoroughly enjoyed the solution. I thought Alex was a delightful character, and that Scrooge's relationship with him was well developed given Alex's page time. One of my favorite things is that we're assured here--as we aren't in the original--of Marley's redemption.
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