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review 2017-03-11 00:00
A Love for Romance
A Love for Romance - Debra Presley,Kahle... A Love for Romance - Debra Presley,Kahlen Aymes,Micalea Smeltzer,Amber Garza,Magan Vernon,Amber Garr,Freya Barker,W. Ferraro,R.C. Stephens,Elizabeth Hayes,Misha Elliott Book: A Love for Romance
Author: by Debra Presley , Kahlen Aymes, Elizabeth Hayes , Ashlee Taylor , Misha Elliott , Micalea Smeltzer, Magan Vernon , Freya Barker, Amber Garza, Amber Garr, Elison Grace, W. Ferraro, R.C. Stephens , Sammi Starlight, Ashlee Sinn
Publication Date: 4/24/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

At this time I have read one book in this set and I am leaving a review.

The Break by Debra Presley

This book is about fighting to have a life.
Rachelle thought she married a good man, and that life would be perfect, but of course, she was young and naive.
Trey her husband, a great doctor, a pillar of the community has it all including the sheriff in his pocket.

What's, a woman to do when she has no one to turn to when the abuse becomes just too much?

The story is compelling although short, it's emotional, it's intense, and it leaves us with a cliffhanger. And I for one am waiting for more.
[a:Debra Presley|7778350|Debra Presley|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1447558914p2/7778350.jpg]
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text 2016-10-13 05:47
Great Story and Characters
When Stars Collide (Light in the Dark Book 2) - Micalea Smeltzer

Thea got wasted in Vegas and married Xander who is her brother Cole best freind. Cole had made it clear to Xander to stay away from Thea. All Thea ever wanted  with Xander’s dad as his assistant for the summer and they lived in the same house. Xander asked her to wait till summer was over before deciding what to do about their marriage.

This was an excellant story. It was a romance but more than that. It held secrets, betrayal, physical and mental abuse, friendship, family, marriage, hidden love, terror, anger, fear, stalking, and so much more. For Xander and and Thea to have that special bond from childhood til marriage I have on occassion seen that but it is rare and very awesome to read. This story had me from page one until i closed the last page. Then to have a second story line or even third just came all together in one story I believe I have a new arthur to read. I loved the characters other than Thea’s father. I loved how the characters all interacted and how very realistic this story seemed to me. I loved all the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.

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text 2016-06-10 10:30


by Micalea Smeltzer
Series: Us #3
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: June 27th


Hockey’s bad boy needs to clean up his reputation…

Bennett James has built his career at being the best, on and off the ice, and now it’s come back to bite him. The media has turned against him, and with a near career-ending injury, he needs to clean up his act and prove that he’s serious about the game. For Bennett, working with his old coach at his alma mater feels like a step back, but it might be just what he needs.

…and she’s going to help him do it.

Grace Wentworth has always been the good girl, and she’s tired of that stigma. She wants to prove that she can get down and dirty with the best of them. The problem? She doesn’t know how.

Bennett will teach the good girl how to be bad, if she pretends to be his goody two-shoes girlfriend in front of the media.

But what happens when the game becomes real?


(on sale for a limited time)


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review 2015-11-23 00:00
Rae of Sunshine
Rae of Sunshine - Micalea Smeltzer Amazingly Sweet and Emotional Read!

"Cade Montgomery crashed into my life, literally, and now I never wanted him to leave. He was my salvation."

I sit here and I’m still in awe after finishing this book, not even sure where to start. Before I start let me just say my review won’t matter as your reading this amazing story. Everyone and I mean everyone will take this story differently. If you are in a hard place this is the best book for you hands down. Everyone needs a little Rae of Sunshine. Trust me grab your copy today and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. This story told for Rae “Rachel” Wilder’s point of view. It’s written amazingly well. Michalea has a new reader in me.

"You're my Rae of Sunshine, and I mean that. Before you, I was a ghost in my own life. You woke something up in me."

Rae Wilder is a broken girl who has never dealt with a horrible tragedy. She’s now running from her past. She moves to a new town, 3 hours away to a new college. All she wants is to be left alone, no friends. Just her camera and classes. What she wasn’t ready for was her roommate Thea. Can Thea bring Rae out of her funk?

"I hadn’t been looking for love.
Or friendship.
Or a lot of things.
But the things you think you don’t need can turn out to be exactly what you didn’t know you were searching for."

Cade Montgomery is the college football star. Though he isn’t your natural football star. He’s sweet and caring, very much determined but patient in his pursuit of Rae. Did I mention Cade is Thea’s (Rae’s roommate) older brother? Well he is! Makes for a crazy time. Hee Hee. Cade know his fair share of tragedy and is living through the pain.

"My skin was warm despite the cool temperature and I felt almost drunk—drunk on life, maybe, because for the first time in a long time I was happy to be alive."

Will Cade be Rae’s strength when she has none? Will he give her the loves she needs? What will she do? Is there anything he can do? Will they get their happily ever after? I guess you will just have to read and found out!

"Memories have a way of haunting you for the rest of your life. They don’t just go away. They become a part of you—an essential element of your make up."

Oh hell I forgot to add there are a few major twists that you will not be expecting. Well I know I wasn’t. Also be prepared you will get brought into the story while reading as if it is you going through this. With that being said I want to thank Micalea for writing such an amazing story. Now after all this I have to sit and wait for the next one. I do wonder if we will get any more Rae and Cade. Oh Maybe Thea and Xander or even Nova and Jace. Hmm I suppose I will have to wait and see.

“I mean, I did lay on top of you, so I figured I should at least know your name.”
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-04-29 12:28
Last to Know - Micalea Smeltzer

Hey my lovelies, this weeks book review is Last to Know by Micalea Smeltzer. After discovering the world of free kindle books I found Last to Know. The cover is not the most interesting thing to look at and it kind off reminds me of a wattpad book, but it meets its purpose, as it is a young adult romance about a teenage girl who falls for a mysterious boy, who then spend their summer together doing wild and crazy things.

Emma was a good main character, she wasn't the sharpest tool in the box, but that was okay. It didn't make her unlikable it just made the book seem realistic. Maddox wasn't a total mystery like he was supposed to be, but he was still likable. Personally for me I think Mathias is my favourite character. Sadie was annoying and after she ditched Emma at the concert she needed a bit of a slap.

The ending was alright, I know she spent like two weeks or something like that ignoring him, as I am too proud, I would have made him wait longer. If you've read the book (which you should of because hello! it's free) then you will know that the ending after Mathias picked her up and then Emma went to meet Maddox, for me this seemed sort of slow compared to the rest of the book, maybe this was just me? But it definitely opened the possibility for a series, which I believe their are four books planned in. In fact (this was completely coincidental) but I read it the day before the sequel came out. Hopefully I should read that at some point in the future. So due to this I have rated this 4 stars,

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