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review 2017-09-11 23:53
The Mystery of Nevermore by C.S. Poe - My Thoughts
The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

I was vaguely disappointed by this book.  I say vaguely because it wasn't a bad read, it just didn't satisfy me the way I was hoping it would. I mean, it has some of my fave tropes - the shop owner and the cop, a mystery or two, the promise of a series of adventures, even a holidayish setting.  It just never clicked for me. 

One problem I had with with it was the shop owner main character.  He suffers from achromatopsia, which is total colour blindness.  He only sees in shades of grey/white/black and is extremely light sensitive.  Now that's not a problem in and of itself, it's just that I spent at least half the book wondering how he saw things and how he could do certain things.  Not that the author didn't explain things, she did.  It just took a hold in my mind and the wondering would not stop!  It was very distracting.

And then there was the instalove.  Now.. I find that as I get older, instalove has begun to lose some of its lustre.  Especially when the characters aren't new adult age, but one is 33 and the other is 42.  Insta- LUST, I will buy.  Big time interest?  Most certainly.  But in this case, Sebastian and Cal seemed to get deep really, really fast and for no perceptible reason that I could see.  If anything, the subplot of Sebastian breaking up with his boyfriend, Neil, should have made impeded the whole deepness thing, IMO.  Sufficient to say that I wasn't buying it. Now, I do think the characters will grow on me.  I hope, anyway.  I liked many of the basic traits etc... that were set down in this first book of the series. 

I liked many of the secondary characters as well.  Seb's father, Cal's partner, Seb's antique store employee and Seb's store neighbour.  They all seemed pretty authentic and I hope we see more of them as the series continues.  I also hope that the mystery will be a little more weighty - I like it when the mysteries are as important to the story as the love story, but I didn't get that here.  It felt to me like the mystery was created so the guys could have some hot sex.  So maybe, next book, a little more sleuthing and a little less dancing in the sheets?  And some more delving into the emotions of the MCs would e nice too. 

I did find that there was more than an echo of the Adrien English mysteries by Josh Lanyon, but thank heavens I didn't dislike one of the MCs the way I do Adrien's erstwhile cop lover.  I do believe that if you're a fan of the Lanyons, you'll enjoy this book.  So, all in all, the book just left me, as I said, vaguely disappointed.  But I will be continuing the series.  :)  Oh, and BTW, I love the covers of these books.  They are nicely evocative, I think. 


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text 2017-07-30 14:38
The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

I'm going 3 stars even though I don't know if that's how I really feel about it. 

Good lord, I don't know what to say, so I'm going to say everything and this will be a rambling incoherent mess. This will be spoilery. I mean everything that bothered me will be highlighted. Read at your own risk. 


First...I don't care if Poe themed murder mysteries have been done a bajillion times. I like them. Okay? 

I liked the writing style a lot. I know that some people complained about our MC, Sebastian, but I liked him okay...he was just...unhappy. 

Now, I'm not in any way trying to discount his feelings, hell, I'd be unhappy too. His BF is a douche...and I'm not trying to discount Neil's fears of being outed, but really? you're pissed that your live-in BF needed you as an alibi so he didn't get arrested for MURDER?

So yeah, he sucks...however, this does not make anything that happened with Calvin okay. Simply break up. Just ...break up.

And don't get me started on this first little "encounter" with Calvin and Sebastian.

Now, I know I'm just an old married woman, but do you really go from just speaking to someone in an official capacity -as in reporting a crime or being a SUSPECT-to getting a blow job without any...I don't know...flirting or...something?

And the use of "baby" just pulled me out of the story, more than if he had dropped to his knees without a word. 


I did really like Calvin, though. I thought he was a good guy. I know he had his issues too, but he was likable. I liked Max. I loved Pop. 


I will say as much as it was WTF at times, I kept reading, it never occurred to me to DNF or anything, and I saw there is another one and I reckon I will read it too. 


Because really, I did like the writing and I did like the murder mystery part. Was Sebastian a complete idiot? Yes. Yes he was. Just because your cop-lover dumped you doesn't mean you don't call the police when your house is broken into. I mean, I am fairly certain there are other police officers in New York. Call one of them.


So yeah, Sebastian--an idiot that makes bad choices...I mean, if you've solved a crime, you might want to , I don't know...alert the proper authorities instead of thinking you can handle shit on your own...but...again, I'll read the next one and maybe since I won't have to worry about the Bf, ex-bf, new bf, bad decisions because of ex-bf or new bf, then I can just enjoy the story. Hopefully.




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text 2017-07-29 23:56
Reading progress update: I've read 13%.
The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

"Why'd you never get married again, after Mom left?"

"Well, that came out of left field."

"Just curious"

"I was too busy raising you."

"You're not raising me anymore."

"A father's work is never done."

"I don't want to see you lonely. That's all."

He snickered. "Do you think I'm lonely, Sebastian?"

I wisely kept my mouth shut and just shrugged.

"I'm not. But do you want to know something?"


"It's not smart to project your own feelings onto others."


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review 2017-05-15 23:26
I like antiques...
The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

I really enjoyed 'The Mystery of Nevermore' it's C. S. Poe's first book in her 'Snow and Winter' series and I enjoyed this first time offering from a new author, so needless to say when the audio book was made available for review I was more than willing to take revisit the world of Sebastian Snow and Calvin Winter. 


As tends to be the case with me, because I really enjoyed the book my original review is a bit on the longer side so here's the link for anyone who's curious...

The Mystery of Nevermore - original review


Derrick McClain is the narrator for this audiobook and over all he did a solid job with this one. His voices ticked all of my basic requirements they were consistent, unique for each individual and expressive with the added bonus that while in general Mr. McClain's voices worked for me, I really liked the voice that he put to Calvin Winter. Calvin's voice in the audiobook was a very close match to the Calvin who occupied my head when I first read this one.


So over all my rating for this one hasn't changed it's still a 4.5 star experience that I very much enjoyed and look forward to seeing where things go in future with this series.



An audiobook of 'The Mystery of Nevermore' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-01-05 16:30
Nope. Nopety Nope.
The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

The protag was one of the worst I ever met while reading.


He was selfish, whiny, stubborn, TSTL, needy, and extremely stupid.

I hated his guts.


The totally unrealistic and boring insta-love-fest with the tough cop was only icing on the cake.


This felt like a bad fan-fic version of the Adrien-English-series. 


antiques-dealer/book shop owner

color blind/heart condition

love interest is strong, tough cop

falls for cop

cliche-ridden Edgar Allen Poe Murder Mystery (Please for the love of all things written stop writing mysteries about Poe stories!!!)

cop in the closet

amateur sleuthing


What was definitely not Adrien English: mediocre writing, boring/unrealistic/stupid MCs, Insta-love-fest, unnecessary drama, totally unsexy dirty talk (ewwwwwe), total lack of fun or wit...




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