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text 2019-02-16 07:50
Reading progress update: I've read 850 out of 1102 pages.
Complete Poems, 1904-1962 - E.E. Cummings

On to "Uncollected Poems."

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review 2019-02-16 06:51
Earliest English Poems, Michael Alexander (Trans.)
The Earliest English Poems - Various Authors,Michael Alexander

Alexander makes accessible poems that cannot be understood by native speakers of modern English without significant time and effort. Poems that nevertheless form the foundation of poetry in English and provide a window on the Anglo-Saxon world, its history, culture and values. This collection, despite its modest size, shows the range of modes and interests of Anglo-Saxon verse. Fragments such as The Battle of Maldon also make me wonder how much great literature has been lost irretreivably - a sad thought.

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review 2019-02-15 03:34
The Mermaid's Voice Returns in this One - Amanda Lovelace

I received an e-ARC of this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  


This book is really similar to the other two books in this series. So if you liked those, then you’ll probably like this one. That being said, I still think her first book is the strongest. 


The subject matter of the book is very timely. A large majority of the poems center on the Me Too movement. 



The theme of this book is mermaids/The Little Mermaid story. However, there wasn’t a lot of actual mermaid inspired poems. She seemed to revert back to princesses/queens and fairy tales in general. Given the focus on Me Too/sexual assault, there could have been a lot done with The Little Mermaid theme. To me it felt like a missed opportunity. 


This collection also contains some guest poems from other poets and I loved that addition. It added some variety and it worked well with the Me Too message because it showed strength in numbers. 


I did enjoy a lot of the poems. There were some that really spoke to me. I did love that one of her poems was an homage to The Chronicles of Narnia, which is one of my favorite book series of all time.  


Overall, this collection is perfect for fans of Amanda Lovelace. If you’re looking for something different from her, you may want to skip this one. 

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review 2019-02-06 16:15
Searching for the Truth: Poems & Prose Inspired by Our Inner Worlds - Maranda Russell
Searching For The Truth: Poems & Prose Inspired by our Inner Worlds by Maranda Russell begins with the dedication: “For everyone who isn’t afraid to search for the truth, even if it means looking outside your comfort zone.”

The book takes a very personal look at difficult topics like death, uncertainty, pain, and fear. In the intro Maranda describes her writing style as “short, blunt, and to the point”; personally I found that strengthened the poems rather than weakening them. Descriptors are concise but meaningful, like “emotional sewage” and “their heads sloshing over with tough questions.”

One short, powerful poem focuses on all-consuming bitterness. Another talks about forgiving someone who only saw the worst in her. One of my favourite poems was On Opinions, and I think it needs to be put on a sign and waved around vigorously as needed:

Everyone has opinions,
but not everyone
should share theirs.

I’m sorry to tell you,
but your opinions –
no matter how closely held,
do not override
scientific fact.

This is a short book that's easy to read even for non-poets, and I'd definitely recommend it!
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review 2019-02-03 17:30
Selected Poems, Carol Ann Duffy
Selected Poems: Carol Ann Duffy - Carol Ann Duffy

I quite liked a number of the poems collected here for their sentiments but in terms of poetic expression, Duffy does not compare well with many modern poets. Much of her work could be re-arranged into prose without the loss of anything - not the sign of a great poet. Disappointing for the current Poet Laureate.

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