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review 2018-01-31 20:53
Wonder - R.J. Palacio


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text 2017-12-31 09:21
Wonder - R.J. Palacio

A ten year old boy, August pullman, was born with facial deformity and it made him difficult to make friends.He has been homeschooled until fifth grade because his parents thought that it was time for him to go to a real school. So he went to Beecher Prep,a neighbourhood private school. In School some of the kids Jack and julia took him on tour around the school. August struggled for the first few months. Jack became friends with August and also Summer whom sits with him during recess. One day he overheard Jack saying to Julian and some other boys that they will kill themselves if they look like August.Jack did not know that August is sitting nearby diguised in a costume on halloween. After all that August had been through, August became very popular in school. Everyone in school finally starts to warm up to him. August's family got a new puppy.Julian had been expelled from school. Now August has a solid group of friends. When he was about to go to bed, his mother whispered in his ear "wonder". To know more go and read the book Eye Wonder

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text 2017-12-31 09:17
Wonder By R.J.Palacio
Wonder - R.J. Palacio



This book, Wonder, is really unique and interesting.
The story is mostly about a boy, August (Auggie) Pullman, about his life and also the point of view of the people around him. August wasn't born an ordinary boy like most of us, he was born extraordinary!


Before August was born, the doctor realized there's something wrong with his face but they didn't think it was going to be that bad. Right after August was born, his mom didn't even get to see him cause the nurse had already rushed him out of the room. he was extremely sick. He had different features. To him, his loving parents and sister were very protective, they shield him from the negativity of the world. Ever since then, August's parents decide that he should be homeschool.


The story takes place when August's mum decides that August should start going to school for fifth grade, as he needs to learn more.  August wasn't confident about attending school. His parents didn't force him to go, but they wanted him to at least go for the organized unofficial tour of the school. On that day, he met the principal, Mr. Tushman. and was also introduced to Mrs. Garcia(Mrs. G), and three other students, Jack Will, Julian, and Charlotte. Jack Will, Julian, and Charlotte brought August on a tour of the school, while the adults stayed and chat. After August reached home, he told his mum everything that happened and he felt that he wants to go to school.


After a while, school begins and it wasn't that easy. Everyone started making fun of his face, everyone stared at him and there were many fake friends. At home was trouble too, He and his sister argued and soon after Daisy(the dog) passed away. That made him sad and insecure.


After those rough times, friendships were made and some were forgiven, August found many trusts, worthy friends. They stood up for him when the bullies bullied him and almost everyone wanted to become friends with him.


In this story, my favorite character was August, despite the many downfalls, he didn't give up and was kind to everyone, no matter what might happen in the past between them. I enjoyed the story and it was inspiring and touching. There was this inspiring, precept in the story by August:

Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world.


You can't blend in when you are born to stand out.


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text 2017-12-26 14:59
Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Who is my favorite character in the book and why?


My favorite character is Via Pullman. She is Auggie elder sister. She is kind and caring. Even though her parents does not give her as much attention as her brother Auggie, she still help with chores and takes care om for her brother which has face deformation. Adding to that she accommodate her brother hospitalisation by studying in the hospital to keep her brother company. She is also Independent. Much of her parents focus is on her brother thus she has to take public transport to school. She does not express her sadness and loneliness as she does not want her parents to worry.     

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review 2017-12-18 18:03
Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Well, I didn't finish this book in time for my real life book meeting which is nothing new. I actually didn't even make the meeting due to exhaustion but I did finish the book because I couldn't not finish it once I began.


4 ½ Stars


Wonder was pretty much exactly what I thought it might be and sometimes that’s a good thing. It’s a tear-jerker, very sweet and a little evil and a wee bit little manipulative with the emotions and I very much enjoyed it. There was one chapter that really hurt my heart. One I saw coming from the very beginning so I hardened my heart waiting for it happen and when it did it may me all teary anyway. Be warned.


I enjoyed the way the story was told from various viewpoints which helped you get a bigger picture of Auggie and the way he affected the lives of others around him. Had it been told only from his perspective, I doubt it wouldn’t have been nearly as well rounded or enjoyable.


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