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text 2017-11-22 17:17
Reading progress update: I've read 48 out of 686 pages.
The War of the Flowers - Tad Williams

Yesterday was a weird day in which I did very little reading until I crawled into bed.  Unfortunately, I crawled into bed because I was tired!


This is a very different book from what I expected, and I'm not even sure yet what's going on, but the writing is superb and I'm being sucked in.


I've decided, not for the first time, that I really, really like big fat long books.  I have a feeling I'm going to do a blog post just on that . . . after I finish reading a few more big fat long books.

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text 2017-11-21 19:04
I'm set for the week-end
The Dragonbone Chair - Tad Williams

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text 2017-11-21 06:07
Reading progress update: I've read 22 out of 686 pages.
The War of the Flowers - Tad Williams

After some of the crap I've been reading lately, the writing in this is beautiful and refreshing.

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review 2017-11-14 23:29
Forgive Us This Day
Forgive Us This Day - Barbara Joe Williams

Title:  Forgive Us This Day

Author: Barbara Joe Williams

Publisher:  Amani Publishing, LLC

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Forgive Us This Day" by Barbara Joe Williams


My Thoughts....


What will happen when Michael Wayne does something that is almost unthinkable to his wife Alese whom he had been married to for years?  This was definitely not the fact that he didn't love Alese but just a real bad judgment that did cause quite a stir in his marriage.  Not only this matter was going on but it looks like there will be some trouble in adopting their foster daughter [Bianca] and Alese's mom Ma Dear being ill. 


With this story being of just a christian faith marriage will the power of prayer and forgiveness be enough to keep these two together?  The author does a wonderful job with her story where she really works the descriptions up front and center to it all giving the reader quite a story.  I loved how Michael refuses to give up and how well his best friend [Martin] was their to help him in his hour of really needing a friend and the fact that Alese was finally able to stop and listen to the words of her friend Karema and Ma Dear who had told her of 'forgiveness.'  I loved that ending with this couple getting something that they both had so desired.  Now, to find out about what all goes on in this story of "Forgive Us This Day" you will have to pick up this good read to see how well this author delivers it so well to the reader. 


I enjoyed this beautiful love story that dealt so well with marriage, family, secrets, betrayal, hope, forgiveness, commitment and faith. Would I recommend?  YES!


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review 2017-11-14 17:51
To Green Angel Tower / Tad Williams
To Green Angel Tower - Tad Williams

As the evil minions of the undead Sithi Storm King prepare for the kingdom-shattering culmination of their dark sorceries and King Elias is drawn ever deeper into their nightmarish, spell spun world, the loyal allies of Prince Josua desperately struggle to rally their forces at the Stone of Farewell. And with time running out, the remaining members of the now devastated League of the Scroll have also gathered there to unravel mysteries from the forgotten past in an attempt to find something to strike down their unslayable foe.

But whether or not they are successful, the call of battle will lead the valiant followers of Josua Lackhand on a memorable trek to the haunted halls of Asu'a itself - the Sithi's greatest stronghold.


A satisfying ending to an engaging trilogy. I can see why this final tome was originally published in two parts—it was a definite door-stop! I sprained my wrist two years ago, and I found that old injury aching at the end of lengthy reading sessions!

However, the size of the volume was necessary in order to tie up the many, many loose ends from the first two books. I especially appreciated the return of “Rachel the Dragon” as an honoured elder lady, even as I grieved the loss of other characters. I also have to say that I appreciated the focus on Miriamele, despite the fact that she often came across as spoiled and irrational. I was able to endure that portrayal because Simon was often angry and petulant for no particular reason that I could discern either. Equal opportunity bad behaviour!

I appreciated that Osten Ard was not just a clone of Middle Earth. Williams gave the world his own structure and rules, and created unique creatures and challenges for his characters. I really liked the ending--it worked for me. I always feel the tug of emotion as the war ends and the circle of friends must split up to return to their own lives—happy to get back to normal, sad to be parted.

Book number 267 in my Science Fiction & Fantasy reading project.

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