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text 2019-11-25 12:16
5 Ways Climbing Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

Climbing has gained popularity in recent years, there are more and more people who have joined this very exciting sport. As the number of climbers are increasing, so is the awareness about how it can benefit your physical and mental health. There has also been an increase in awareness about the exact clothing that is suitable for climbing. Climbers are ensuring that they have the right climbing tank top and other pieces of clothing suitable for the movements of the sport. Before we discuss further about climbing clothing, you can have a look at some of the benefits that climbing offers:

Climbing is a full-body workout

It strengthens the whole upper body while using the legs for pushing and keeping the core engaged for a better connection with the wall at the same time.

Problem-solving mindset

It takes loads of concentration and skill to make fast decisions on the spot in order to climb that wall. These skills also come in handy in our day-to-day life!

Climbing combines strength and endurance

Instead of going to the gym several times a week for separate strength and endurance workouts, climbing sessions easily bring the two together, maximizing your time and effort.

It reduces stress and helps to overcome fear

Exercising itself is a great stress reliever, and climbing has extra benefits: from being in nature to facing and overcoming ones fears by pushing you to commit and step out of your comfort zone.

Opens up your social circle

Climbing is a very social sport. Everywhere you go, the climbing community is welcoming; they are supportive and give each other loads of encouragement while motivating you to push past your limits.

Now, lets us come to the right clothing for climbing. We suggest you invest in HoldBreaker’s own tank top or their especially designed climbing sports bra for a comfortable experience. Climbing involves lots of stretching, pulling and pushing, so it’s important to wear comfortable clothes, designed specifically for this sport. And this is what was kept in mind while designing all of HoldBreaker clothing. The team behind HoldBreaker are experienced climbers who have themselves experienced the troubles that you face while climbing. As climbers they understand and thus they have designed clothing that will be comfortable for you while you are scaling heights.

About HoldBreaker:

HoldBreaker is a reliable provider of rock climbing tank tops, and other climbing clothing and gears.

For more information, visit Holdbreaker.com

Original Reference: http://bit.ly/2QPGvwi

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review 2019-09-03 05:35
Shills up and down my spine
Rockhead - Sean Toren

So, I haven't read this yet, but Rockhead is by a friend of mine, Sean Toren. He moved in next door to me over a dozen years ago; his son and my child were born weeks apart and grew up together. When he learned I was a big book nerd, we talked at length about this nascent novel, which he'd been tinkering with for quite a while. It's very satisfying to learn it's going to be out in the world. Apparently it's had a favorable review in a rock climbing magazine and everything. 


Anyway, when Sean first told me about his rock climbing novel, I was put in a funny spot. At the time, Mr Ceridwen was a huge baby about rock climbing and thought all climbers were douches. This went back to a traumatic experience with a college girlfriend and the climbing geeks she knew and kinda messed around with. Mr Ceridwen has since well gotten over it -- he even climbs with kid #2! -- but the incongruousness of how awesome Sean is compared to how much Mr Ceridwen hated climbing slash climbers made for some backyard comedy. 


Anyway, so this is my non-review. If you like climbing maybe check it out. I don't think anyone has to cut off their arm, but you never know...

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review 2015-05-01 14:46
The lure of discovery and adventure
The Lost World of the Old Ones: Discoveries in the Ancient Southwest - David Roberts

One of the focuses of this book is the examination of the archaeological record of the peoples who once occupied the Southwestern United States. Around 1300 AD the Fremont people seemingly disappeared from the region and the reasons for this have never fully been explained. David Roberts is a climber (mountaineer? scrambler?) who also happens to be a writer for such publications as National Geographic. This is the second book that he has written which focuses on this particular area of the world but according to the preface this book delves more into the why and the how of the Fremont peoples lives and 'disappearance'. His fascination and passion for the topic are evident in his attention to detail (and sometimes his dreamy prose). You probably won't be surprised to learn that I plan on doing more research on this topic by checking out some of the books he referenced as source material (especially Steve Lekson's groundbreaking work The Chaco Meridian which caused significant backlash among the archaeological elite). If you have an interest in archaeology or simply want to learn more about the wonders of the Southwest (of which there are many) then I recommend you give this book a try. It's made me want to go hiking of all things! O_O

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2014-07-02 13:11
[MANGA REVIEW] Kokou no Hito (The Climber) by Shinichi Sakamoto, Yoshiro Nabeda, Hiroshi Takano

Kokou no Hito, Volume 1-17 (Kokou no Hito, #1-17)Kokou no Hito, Volume 1-17 by Shinichi Sakamoto
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Read from June 20 to 28, 2014, read count: 1



Dark, dramatic and powerfully captivating. Absolutely not a typical sports manga.

Kokou no Hito is a unique manga experience with dark and complex storytelling combined with breathtaking artwork that captivates the mind and soul. Since this manga was a Seinen category, both the plot and the theme focused on heavy subjects which are intense as well as disturbing in nature. The story explores role of emotion, morality, rationality in human reason when pushed to to the edge of survival. The mountains is no place for the weak, the same goes for those below the mountains. Above or below, only the fittest will survive and prosper.

This riveting manga series was inspired by Kato Buntaro, he is one of Japan's famous solo mountaineer of the early 20th century. Buntaro began his winter solo moutaineering career in February 1928 in the Hyōnosen mountains and from then on he couldn't stop climbing until he drew his last breath on Mount Yari.



In Kokou no Hito we follow an extremely introverted protagonist, Mori Buntarou as he progress from high school climbing to professional high-altitude mountaineering and later as a challenger of the untrodden K2 East Face. K2 was known as the holy grail of mountaineering and also as 'The Savage Mountain' due to countless lives lost to it. Even though it was only the second highest mountain in the world, it was far more hazardous than Everest. Until now the eastern face of K2 was untrodden land because it has the hardest and deadliest routes. 


As opposed to many other readers who finds it hard to relate to the protagonist, I am completely enamored by him for I truly admire his character and personality despite his shortcomings. I do believe he can't function well with people around him due to severe anthropophobia. This makes him a true loner and an outcast to society. And it is also one of the reason why is he drawn to the mountains all the time. I find him fascinating and quite a romantic person. Romantic not in the sense of being in relationships but the sentimentality of his being. His heartstrings quivers at the slightest provocation and sometimes this trait of his maddens me. I am torn between wanting to embrace and protect him from harm and wishing to knock some sense into him, hard.

Despite not being a sports fan myself, I was highly intrigued by the mountaineering technical details presented in this series. The mangaka did so well with it that a layman like me finds it easy to follow and appreciate the mountaineering aspect of the story. The realistic portrayal of mental and physical challenges faced by the mountaineers was insightful and eye-opening. Apart from that what makes this manga unputdownable was the thrilling conflicts sparked by feuds and controversies in Mori's life especially in the world of mountain climbing. When it comes to extreme sport like mountaineering, your life literally lies in the hands of your teammates and theirs in yours. Therefore mountaineering as a team could potentially turn into harsh trial of humanity where ethics and morality are stretched as thin as the air in high-altitude. 


I would highly recommend this manga to matured readers especially to those with broad-minds and appreciative of visual metaphors. I am glad to learn that Kokou no Hito won an award at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival in year 2010. This exceptional manga absolutely excels in terms of its fine artwork, amazing character arc, compelling storyline and its great sense of place. There's also good balance between the sport and slice of life aspect, both elements blended really well together. I wish I could watch a film adaptation of this manga in the near future. I already felt like I am missing out because I couldn't read the original novel of this story by Jiro Nitta sensei as it was in Japanese and there's no translation for it at the moment. But I do count my blessings for the existence of this manga in English scanlation. I vow to own the entire series in paperback should one day Kokou no Hito was ever licensed in English. It is totally worth collecting.

Title: Kokou no Hito (The Climber)
Associated Names: 孤高の人 / 孤高之人 / 고고한 사람 / Ascension / Koko no Hito / The Climber
Mangaka: Shinichi Sakamoto
Author: Shinichi Sakamoto (art and story from volume 4 onwards), Yoshiro Nabeda, Hiroshi Takano
Publication Date: 2007
Type: Serialized Manga (17 Volumes) based on the novel by Jiro Nitta
Genre: Seinen, Sports, Drama, Slice of Life, Contemporary

dead friend(s), death, accidents, suicide, deliberate loner, guilt, hiking, loneliness, loner protagonist, rock climbing, mountaineering, soul searching, social outcast, time skip, tragedy, mature

(spoiler show)

On his first day of transferring to a new high school, a loner named Mori Buntarou, is cajoled by a classmate into climbing the school building. Despite knowing that one misstep could send him spiraling to his death, he moves forward, and upon finally reaching the top, Mori experiences a sense of fulfillment. That feeling, which seems to be telling him, "You're alive!" gives birth to an adrenaline for rock-climbing.

*From volume 4 on, Sakamoto Shinichi has done both story and art.

* Reviewed on July 2nd, 2014


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Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/972423769
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