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review 2019-03-10 10:29
One Summer in Paris
One Summer in Paris - Sarah Morgan

by Sarah Morgan


I don't read many Romance books but I did enjoy this one. I'm always drawn to stories set in Paris.


The chapters alternate between the pov of two protagonists: Grace, a mature woman whose daughter is about to travel in Europe before going off to college and Audrey, a girl the same age as Grace's Daughter. Grace likes her life planned and ordered. She thinks she has the ideal life, until it all comes crashing down. Audrey has spent her life looking after her alcoholic mother and is used to complete chaos, but looks to Paris as her escape.


The two meet in Paris and with a few hitches, become unlikely friends. Each have their own problems, but they support each other and find they have complementary talents.


So first the negative: Many plot points were easily predictable or really stretched belief. Near the end the moralising got rather thick and I didn't like the turn things took for Grace. My decisions would have been different.


However, as a complete fantasy romance story, it was entertaining. I did care what happened to both women and wanted them to find happiness in their own ways. The characters were well done, even if the plot hit me over the head with both moralising and obvious clues of what was to come.


On the bottom line, it was a fun story if you don't mind a little insta-love and unlikely human behaviour in favour of a light fantasy romance.

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text 2019-03-04 14:37
Snakes and Ladders roll 2
One Summer in Paris - Sarah Morgan

That's right, I'm only on my second roll!


But it was a good one.



This puts me on:

20. Set in a country that is not your country of residence


Easy peasy. As it happens, one of my current reads starts in USA and takes us to France, neither of which is my country. It also puts me at the foot of a ladder! So, I get to find something with an Autumn theme on the cover for my next S & L read. Nothing in my Netgalley books to fit, so I'll have to check on my Kindle.

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text 2019-02-21 17:16
Lora's Snake & Ladders Post
Black Wings - Megan Hart
Nation of the Beasts - Mariana Pavlova
One Summer in Paris - Sarah Morgan
Any Witch Way You Can (Wicked Witches of the Midwest #1) - Amanda M. Lee
A Conjuring of Light - V.E. Schwab


Well, as I've learned we can start with a book we're already reading, for square one I'm reading Black Wings by Megan Hart. I'll list the criteria for the squares as I occupy them.


1. Author is a woman: Black Wings by Megan Hart


Roll 10


11. Author's last name begins with the letters P, Q, R, or S:

Nation of the Beasts by Mariana Pavlova


Roll 9


20. Set in a country that is not your country of residence

One Summer in Paris by Sarah Morgan


Up the ladder to:


70. Something related to fall/autumn on the cover

Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda Lee



Roll 10


80. Main character is a man

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab




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review 2018-01-24 00:00
Sunset in Central Park (Hqn)
Sunset in Central Park (Hqn) - Sarah Morgan Shelving this as brother's best friend even though it's best friend's brother...cause...convenient.

It was a sweet story; I don't have too many negatives. My major problem was the hero (Matt) was utterly perfect. I think he might've been a protective jackass of his sister in the prior book, but here he makes no mistakes. None. He even knew how to handle Frankie's reluctance better than her own best friend. He shows her great sex the first time. He makes her realize she needs to move on from her past, while simultaneously convincing her to start a future with him. Matt's been in love with Frankie since forever.

He's a miracle worker. If this sounds snarky, maybe it's meant to be....the book was light and readable but if I were looking for a hero similar to this I'd probably fall back to [b:Wild at Whiskey Creek|29436302|Wild at Whiskey Creek (Hellcat Canyon, #2)|Julie Anne Long|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1473678817s/29436302.jpg|49704361] (of course)...or friends to lovers that is [b:Sutphin Boulevard|25404499|Sutphin Boulevard (Five Boroughs, #1)|Santino Hassell|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1435776893s/25404499.jpg|45158379] with a patient, steady, dependable guy, or slow burn new to each other but friends first [b:The Hot Shot|29541797|The Hot Shot (Game On, #4)|Kristen Callihan|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1489760751s/29541797.jpg|49842497]

It was cute, and I won't hesitate to read another, but it's just not my favorite the genre has to offer.
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review 2018-01-01 00:00
Moonlight Over Manhattan
Moonlight Over Manhattan - Sarah Morgan Wonderful book, full of love, joy, dogs and Christmas spirit. I really loved Harriet and Ethan's characters and I fell in love with both of them. Wonderful book!
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