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review 2017-11-27 16:17
Review: Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan
Moonlight Over Manhattan (From Manhattan with Love) - Sarah Morgan

Harriet Knight has always been introverted, relying on her more confident twin, Fliss, to help her navigate the uncomfortable sea of humanity outside their apartment. But now Fliss has moved out to live with her fiancé, and Harriet has decided it’s time to push herself outside her comfort zone in order to seek changes in her life. She’s put herself on a month-long challenge to do something she wouldn’t normally everyday between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Dr. Ethan Black works in the ER of a Manhattan hospital. He’s great at this job, knowledgeable, friendly, and able to put aside the overwhelming array of emotions that can spring up in his intense line of work. But when he meets Harriet who simply twisted her ankle and takes his professional advice at face value, he realizes he’s become too cynical. When Ethan agrees to watch his sister’s dog for a short time and Harriet comes as part of the package, Ethan begins to question his own outlooks on life.


Moonlight Over Manhattan is another wonderful romance in Ms. Morgan’s enjoyable From Manhattan with Love series. This time, the story focuses on Fliss’s twin, Harriet, the timid sister who lets Daniel and Fliss take care of her. In the previous two books, we’ve gotten glimpses of Harriet, but in Moonlight Over Manhattan, Harriet is allow to develop and grow. 


Challenge Harriet, the name she calls herself because of her goal to do something outside of her comfort zone for a month, is full of surprises, doing things that would be difficult for Harriet. But what happens over the course of the book is that Challenge Harriet and Harriet become one. She learns how to be comfortable in her own skin and discovers she can trip up, recover, and move ahead. And Ethan’s genuine joy in seeing this transformation in Harriet is contagious. I found myself cheering for Harriet each time she tried something new.


While Ethan is an equal partner in this romance, I feel his storyline is overshadowed by Harriet’s. Not only did it seem he had fewer POVs, but because he has given up on love and the messy emotions that get in the way of his job, we don’t get a lot of emotion out of his POVs. Yet, he’s empathetic and kind, with a bedside manner of a saint. And Ethan is freakishly perceptive, in ways I’ve not seen in real life men. For example, realizing how Harriet uses food to help people and make things better and that she isn’t trying to win his heart, but just being who she is: an honest, giving person. He’s just too astute. But that’s also how his character is developed.


While minor, I did have a couple issues with the storyline. For example, Ethan’s need for Harriet to move into his home, rather than have his sister’s dog go home with Harriet. Although I feel the reason for Harriet moving in is a bit ridiculous, the author doesn’t use it to press them together. Additionally, for someone who is so dedicated to animals, Harriet spends a lot of time not walking dogs and easily finding other people to take care of her responsibilities. At one point she is bottle feeding kittens, which is a huge responsibility and a round-the-clock job, yet she goes out of town the next day or so. 


In the end, I loved Harriet and Ethan; I loved watching them grow close, and loved how they ended together. Moonlight Over Manhattan, and the entire From Manhattan with Love series, is great because it is about all of those warm fuzzy feelings that make romance my favorite genre to read.


My Rating:  B+ Liked It A Lot

Review copy provided by Netgalley

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-11-04 09:10
Lichterzauber in Manhattan
Lichterzauber in Manhattan - Sarah Morgan


Mo, 09.10.2017






E-Book Format:





Lichterzauber in Manhattan

Eva ist eine hoffnungslose Romantikerin und sieht nur die guten Seiten des Lebens. Kein Wunder, dass sie Weihnachten in New York liebt wie kein anderes Fest im Jahr. Um ihr Konto aufzustocken, tritt die New Yorker Food-Bloggerin eine Stelle bei dem erfolgreichen Horror-Autor Lucas Bale an. Womit sie nicht gerechnet hat: Der grimmige Brite kann die Feiertage nicht ausstehen. Mit Tannenschmuck und Plätzchenduft will Eva ein kleines Weihnachtswunder an ihm wirken - mit mehr als frostigem Ergebnis. Warum nur fühlt sie sich zu ihm hingezogen, obwohl sie unterschiedlicher kaum sein könnten?


Meine Meinung:

Ich bin beim Stöbern bei Netgalley auf dieses Buch aufmerksam geworden. Dieses wurde mir dann freundlicherweise von diesen zu Rezensionszwecken zur Verfügung gestellt. 

Der Einstieg in das Buch ist mir sehr leicht gefallen, auch der Schreibstil war schön flüssig. 

Ich habe jetzt bei erst gesehen, dass dies wohl der 3. Teil einer Reihe ist, dies war beim Lesen aber nicht zu merken, so dass ich der Meinung bin, dass man die Bände nicht zwingend hintereinander weg lesen muss. Bei der Vorgängerbänden geht es wohl um ihre Freundinnen Paige und Frankie.

Der Hauptprotagonist Lucas konnte mich von Anfang an begeistern, mit Eva hatte ich anfangs etwas Probleme. 

Ich lese nicht so häufig reine Liebesromane, aber so und ab und an kann es mich schon begeistern. Allerdings muss ich sagen, dass dieser Roman schon auf sehr viele Klischees zurückgegriffen hat, was ich ein wenig schade fand. 

Alles in allem kann ich hier aber eine klare Kauf- und Leseempfehlung aussprechen für alle, die Lust auf eine lockerleichte Liebesgeschichte im Winter haben. Von mir bekommt das Buch 4 Sterne.

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text 2017-10-30 00:59
Exciting November New Releases TBR
Mustard Seed - Laila Ibrahim
The Austen Escape - Katherine Reay
Out of the Ordinary (Apart From the Crowd) - Jen Turano
Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race - Reni Eddo-Lodge
Perennials - Julie Cantrell
Secrets of Cavendon: A Novel (Cavendon Hall) - Barbara Taylor Bradford
Moonlight Over Manhattan - Sarah Morgan
A Hope Divided (The Loyal League) - Alyssa Cole
Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto - Bryan W. Van Norden,Jay L. Garfield
The Diamond Empire (A Diamonds Novel) - K'wan

I'm super excited for these reads. It's a good variety. I have very high expectations for A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole. I will need to read the first book (I do have it) An Extraordinary Union. I read The Diamond Empire last month and loved it! I gave it 4 stars. K'wan knows how to draw you in and keep you there. Moonlight Over Manhattan will be my first read by Sarah Morgan. So many readers love her books. Since I'm familiar with the works of authors Jen Turano and Katherine Reay I know these will be awesome. Over the years I've seen the works of Barbara Taylor Bradford in bookstores and have been curious about her writing. Finally, I can see why she's so beloved. The big book of the month is Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race. This book has been read widely and is being promoted everywhere. Overly hyped books scare me and I usually try to keep them for some time to not be influenced by frenzy.



November 1


Beyond Freedom: Disrupting the History of Emancipation by David W. Blight


A Tangled Web: Mata Hari: Dancer, Courtesan, Spy by Mary W. Craig



November 7


Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge


Mustard Seed by Laila Ibrahim


The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay


Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano


Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto by Bryan W. Van Norden





Perrinials by Julie Cantrell



November 21


Secrets of Cavendon by Barbara Taylor Bradford


Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart



November 28


Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sara Morgan


A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole

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review 2017-09-12 20:04
Holiday in the Hamptons (From Manhattan with Love) - Sarah Morgan

4.5 Stars


This was my first book by Sarah Morgan and as such, the first in this series. I had no trouble following along and actually I didn't even remember that it was a series until I started to review the book. In reading the book, I had no idea! Yay!

This was a great beach read, escape story and every entertaining. I loved the bit about the twin sisters, Fliss and Harriet, and how it was hard, if you didn't know them real well, to tell them apart. It reminded me of that "Parent Trap" movie, only a lot more grownup. 

I sped through this book and while the main character, Fliss was going on and on about whether she should give Seth a chance and did she really have any feelings for him, yada yada yada. While some books can drive you crazy with this issue, I think the author handled it beautifully. I did not tire of the story or characters and sped right through.

Thanks to Harlequin, HQN Books and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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review 2017-08-25 13:12
Review: Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan
Holiday in the Hamptons (From Manhattan with Love) - Sarah Morgan

Fliss and Seth share a history that was left in the past ten years ago. He broke her heart, she broke his, and they walked away from their brief but passionate love. However, now Seth is in Manhattan, working at the vet office Fliss and her twin/business partner, Harriet, frequent with the animals they care for. Since talking to Seth would be too difficult for Fliss, she flees the city only to end up in Seth’s arms. 


Right from the start, Holiday in the Hamptons sets the stage perfectly for the emotional journey that is Fliss and Seth, and I fell in love with the idea of Fliss and Seth. Teenage crushes, first loves, broke up for all the wrong reasons. This second-chance romance brings together two people who have always been in love, but lack of communication and some other external issues tore them apart. The opening prologue set the stage for what I knew would be both a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story. I love that their relationship brought readers some of both. This is probably the slowest slow-burn romance I’ve read, but it’s just marvelous. The emotional connections are worth it. 


I was concerned with Fliss’s idea of pretending to be her twin, Harriet, as I am not a fan of the mistaken-identity trope. But my worries were for naught, because the author has fun with the situation, yet never lets it get out of hand. I mean… if you are related to someone, can you really fool them by pretending to be another? There are several silly moments, but there is a larger benefit to Fliss’s efforts. When pretending to be Harriet, Fliss doesn’t have to have her walls up, and she can talk to Seth. While they don’t share anything earth-shattering, it creates the foundation for their new friendship, something that wouldn’t have happened without the protection of pretending to be Harriet.


Fliss had a rough childhood, and many of her issues with personal connections stem from her upbringing. I admire that the author demonstrates how tough it was through flashbacks and ties it into her difficulties as an adult. I also love that Fliss is a work in progress - committing to changing, and that there is no pretty bow put around her issues. We know there is still work ahead. Which is also why I had a big issue with a very small scene at the end of the book when Seth says something to Fliss that is intended to be sweet and funny; however, with her history, and the care Seth has for her feelings, was the exact wrong thing to say. Most readers will probably gloss over it and never have an issue, but it pulled me right out of the happy moment. It wasn’t a game changer in this otherwise amazing romance, but it did give me pause right near the end of the book.


In the end, Holiday in the Hamptons is another wonderful story from the talented Sarah Morgan. She creates characters that I care about - ones I can relate to in some way and I want to befriend. Such is the case of Fliss and Seth. Their second-chance is full of ups and downs, and I enjoyed taking the journey with them.


My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot

Review copy provided by NetGalley

Originally Posted at That's What I'm Talking About

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