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text 2019-10-17 10:00
Why are There Different Shades of Tartan?

Tartan is a historically and culturally significant pattern that is made of up crossing horizontal and vertical bands or threads of colors. Scottish Tartans were historically made with woven wool; however, today they can consist of most other materials. The pattern is most heavily associated with Scotland due to its many uses in times of war, and Scottish kilts almost always will feature tartan patterns.



Most of the tartan patterning is due to simple choice, much like people will choose colours and clothes they enjoy to wear in modern times. It was this way from the 17th century until the mid-19th century when many patterns were created to be associated with Scottish clans and families. Today, it is estimated that there are nearly 7,000 different tartans that exist, with around 150 new ones created each year. This begs the question: why are there so many different kinds of tartans?

The different kinds of tartans can be broken down by colour into three categories: modern, muted, and ancient. These categories simply reflect the type of dye or colouring agent that was used to create the tartan. The colours themselves can range all across the rainbow and have meanings such as blue, symbolising bodies of water, green for forests and prairies or yellow for crops, depending on the regional backgrounds.
Stone Skimming

The registration and naming of official clan tartans began in April of 1815. Many of the people during that time had no idea what their tartan might be or what it meant but were ready to comply with the registration. Today, the tartan and “clan tartan” is a crucial part of a Scottish clan. Most Scottish clans will have many different tartans correlated with their name, and several clans even have official tartan patterns. More tartans can be created and added to the list of clan tartans, but they must be approved by the clan chief, and the Lord Lyon King of Arms, and then finally the Advisory Committee on Tartan.


Other tartans are available that have no correlation to Scottish clans. There are tartans for families, individuals, districts, corporations, institutions, ethnic groups and commemorative tartans for various events throughout history. fabric Tartans has a long history with the military, especially with the Commonwealth, thereby affording many military units tartan dress uniforms.


There are even regional tartans that are officially recognised by governmental entities. In Canada, for instance, most territories and provinces have an official tartan, and the country itself boasts an official fabric Tartans as well. Many Canadian municipalities and counties also hold official tartans, as well as some of the states of the United States of America. Scotland has two local government councils with official tartans, too.
While the origins of the tartan remain unclear–some say, Asia, some say Europe–have become heavily recognised all throughout the world as testaments to Scotland and its rich culture. Even then, there has been a generation of tartans all over the world for different regions, peoples, institutions, or simply for use as a fashion trend.fabric Tartans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and are being updated constantly so that this stylish garment can continue to be worn for centuries to come.


Please do visit scottish kilt shop and do browse their large collections of Scottish Tartan and tartans kilts and order one of your choice!

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review 2019-10-02 20:13
Highland Jewel by May McGoldrick
Highland Jewel: A Royal Highlander Novel - May McGoldrick

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

“Cinaed Mackintosh is my sister Isabella’s husband. I can’t let you do it. I’ll not let you kill him.”

Highland Jewel is the second in the Royal Highlanders series that follows three women. In the first, readers learn that Isabella's husband was killed by British soldiers as they ransacked their house thinking it was a den of traitors. While the first is more of an after the fact, this story brings us back to the beginning and follows Isabella's sister Maisie. We learn about the build up to the impetus that led to the three women (the daughter of Isabella's husband) having to run for their lives. While I wouldn't say it would be absolutely necessary to read the first before this one, like I said, this story gives us the background story glossed over in the first, having knowledge about Cinaed (Isabella's love interest) would certainly help as the connecting thread between the series is not only the women's connection but the tumultuous time period in Scotland and how Cinaed is tied up in it.

Lieutenant Campbell was far too bossy and interfering for her to harbor any illusions about.

Niall is the brother of Maisie's bestfriend Fiona and comes into the picture as he rescues Maisie during a public protest that gets broken up by British soldiers. Niall was a solider in the Black Watch, so Maisie is distrustful of him at first but Niall does a sweet job of breaking down her walls. He listens to her and admires her will and mind, which her family has no idea about as they just look upon her as a pretty empty headed girl. I was a little confused by Maisie and Isabella's relationship as I thought they read to be closer in the first but here we see them as pretty distant and not knowing one another at all. Maisie purposefully keeping her actions, like starting a chapter of the Female Reform Society, from Isabella didn't competently feel true to me. As Fiona becomes the catalyst for angst between Niall and Maisie and they are kept apart, I missed that friendship, too.

The back of their hands brushed. Her fingers were cold, his hand was warm . She wondered what it would feel like to entwine her fingers with his, to absorb the heat.

The majority of the story takes place in the past, with going back to explain how Maisie is at the place she is and why she distrusts Niall. Around the 60% mark is where the story catches up and we get to the present time. I liked this as it helped fill in a lot questions I had and we get to actually see Maisie and Niall fall in love. However, I did think the romance took somewhat of a backseat to the political drama going on. The authors do such a great job melding true history with their fictional story. The intrigue with Cinaed, the Scots wanting freedom, spy rings, and a Queen, were absorbing. The placement and tie-ins with the three women are very well done and although you have to pay attention and keep some characters straight in your mind, I thought how everything and everyone was brought together was inspired.

He stared into her face, and for the first time, Maisie felt like he was seeing her, who she really was. Not the outer shell of a young and reasonably pretty woman. And she saw him too. Niall Campbell was a man who wasn’t intimidated by talk of equality or of women fighting for their rightful place in society.

This series is shaping up to remind me of Grace Burrowes' Captive Hearts and Marsha Canham's Highland, the historical intrigue can eclipse the romance at times but it's interesting and still highlighted with sweet and sexy moments. I can't wait for Morrigan's story, the daughter of Isabella's husband, and to read about her hardened heart captured by a hero.

What duty did a man owe to a king and a government that had forgotten the people, he thought. Not only forgotten. Conspired against, stealing their rights under the pretense that their actions were for the good of all. 

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text 2019-10-01 10:36
It’s Not Just About Kilts: Fast Facts for the Scottish Kilt Shop

When it comes to kilts for those on the outside looking in, at first glance, they may simply think that they are only skirts. But just as the kilt is not a skirt, there are other myths surrounding it that many people who do not personally wear them may believe, and many truths that they may not know. Check out these quick facts on kilts to fine-tune your knowledge before your next trip to Scotland or to your first Highlands Games event. That is not always true. Especially during the chilly months of winter and fall, men in kilts will wear undergarments; however, there is a phenomenon called the True Scotsman that is simply a euphemism for men who wear nothing beneath them, just like rumor suggests. Some people believe that kilts are only to be donned by bagpipe-playing men and Royal Guards, but that is not true. Kilts are able to be worn by anyone. They can be worn on the street, to graduations, to weddings or any other occasions you can imagine. There are even kilts that are designed to be worn by women. While the movie Braveheart may have led you to believe that kilts have been around since the 13th century, that is simply not true. The film got it wrong and made people think they had been around for longer than they were. In fact, the first kilt was worn in the 16th century, meaning that they are still a fairly new cultural item. That is not always true. Especially during the chilly months of winter and fall, men in kilts will wear undergarments; however, there is a phenomenon called the True Scotsman that is simply a euphemism for men who wear nothing beneath them, just like rumor suggests. If you're thinking where can i buy a kilt online then you can consider scottish kilt shop because they have most high kilts i've seen.

Buy cheap kilts online
Buy cheap kilts online

Some people believe that kilts are only to be donned by bagpipe-playing men and Royal Guards, but that is not true. Kilts are able to be worn by anyone. They can be worn on the street, to graduations, to weddings or any other occasions you can imagine. There are even kilts that are designed to be worn by women. If you want something high quality, you have to be willing to pay for it. Companies might offer kilts for under 100 dollars, but those are not actual kilts and won’t be well made. A good kilt is made out of pure wool, which of itself is expensive. Not to mention that there are other accessories like kilt hose, sporrans, kilt flags, kilt jackets and so much more. That can really run up the price, but if you want a good kilt, it is going to be worth it. The kilt is typically worn in a tartan print. This tartan often stems from the family, or clan, that the Scotsman is from. It is a way to represent a person’s heritage and culture. But beyond that, the kilt is practical. It was once worn by warriors because it afforded them greater ease of movement, and at night when it got cold, they could unwrap it and sleep under it like a blanket. There are some truths to the myths about kilts, and there are some that are just that: myths. Learning about kilts is a very important part of the journey for any person of Scottish heritage to understand when they came from, so keep these facts in mind the next time someone asks. If you're thinking that where can you buy a kilt then i would recommend giving scottish kilt shop.

kilt company
custom kilt


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text 2019-09-25 11:33
Why wear Kilt |Is It Offensive for Non-Scots to Wear Kilt?
Some people may may think that why wear a kilt? Actually, Kilt outfits are about as diverse as kilts themselves. There are many different ways to accessorize your kilt outfit, and there are just as many different jackets that you can pair with those kilts as well. There are two ways you can break down the different styles when you are deciding which jacket you want to pair with which kilt, and that is by deciding whether you intend to wear the kilt outfit casually during the day or during dinners and other formal events as evening wear. A lot of these Jackets can be worn for both occasions, so it is wise to start by considering which design you are most fond of. Tweed is one of the most versatile, flexible choices for those looking for a jacket for both casual and evening wear. Tweet is able to complete Highland Kilt outfits for events like Highland Games, weddings, parties, funerals, dinners and more. It can also be worn as a sports jacket, like with chinos, trousers or jeans. The only thing that a tweed jacket should not be worn for is a black tie event, although sometimes you may be able to get away with wearing a dark navy or black one.

There are different tweed jacket styles, such as the Crail jacket. This jacket is more functional as it has a straight cuff and only one button. It can be worn to any occasion and with kilts and jeans alike. An Argyle jacket has a gauntlet cuff, which makes the sleeves a little bulky, but it is a bit more formal and is better suited for day wear or other formal day events. Baraemar jackets have the same button style on the cuff that the Prince Charlie jackets do, making them better for more formal daytime appearances. You can get these jackets customized to fit different events as well. Items such as the number of pockets on your jacket are an option. Scottish Kilt Shop and other kilt sites give you the option of jacket lining, button style, number of buttons, epaulettes, additional buttonholes, stitching, tartan inlays, contrast trimming and more. Epaulettes are able to be added in a number of different styles, like as plain or pleated on the shoulders, but they should only be worn if you are wearing a full Highland Kilt outfit & you can buy kilt outfit here. Buttons can be chosen, too, depending on what sort of jacket you are wearing or the style you are going for.

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text 2019-09-20 11:20
Scottish Kilt™ - Kilts & Accessories

Whether you live in the country or abroad, chances are when you think of Scotland, your first thoughts are drawn to the Scottish kilt. The kilt is so iconic that it is known around the world and instantly inspires thoughts of the nation upon sight. But kilts did not just one day appear out of nowhere; they are steeped in a deep, rich history that has made them so important to start with. If you are new to kilt wearing, including what sort of kilt shirt or sporran you are supposed to wear with a kilt, it’s important that you understand that very history. Today, kilts are known as perhaps the most important symbol of honor and patriotism to the country itself. People want to buy kilts but, where did the kilt come from? They come from a kilt company or what? When you want something more casual, you can wear sweaters or shirts that are plain without graphics that match up with the color of the kilt. If you aren’t going somewhere formal, it is still important to respect the kilt and to look stylish and put together, and so these neutral tops and colors are recommended. Avoiding busy patterns is a must as well. Simple, plain t-shirts are also accessible when you want to wear something out on the street and keep it as casual and informal as possible.



Dating back to the 16th century, Scottish kilts were worn as full-length garments by men who came from the highlands of Northern Scotland. At first, they were called a léine, which is the word “shirt” in Gaelic. Originally, they were pulled up over one’s head to use them as a cloak or were draped over the shoulder. These kilts were often worn during the 1720s, as the British military often opted to use them as their formal uniforms. For others in the military, they were also able to double as blankets to keep them warm on long treks and between battles. The knee-length style custom kilt as we know it today did not come to be until around the late 17th and early 18th centuries. In the beginning, kilts were simple in color and style, using neutral earthy colors. It wasn’t until different dying processes became popular in the late 1800s that Scottish tartan kilts became more vibrant and colorful. During the 19th century, Scottish kilts became more of a formal dress, often used for ceremonies and other important occasions. Now, they are used not only for such events but also worn during traditional Scottish Highlands games. If you want to learn more about kits and if you're wondering where can i buy a kilt online(s) then i would highly recommend giving scottish kilt shop a shot.



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