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review 2015-05-04 00:00
Fade to Blue
Fade to Blue - Sean Beaudoin This book jerks you around and you never truly know what is going to happen. Much of it was confusing for me, but I think that it was perfect that way, since the main characters were confused to the point that they believed they were insane. I feel like there is some kind of easy to grasp explanation to what I read, but it escapes me the harder I try to reach it.

I was very fond of Sophie Blue and was rooting for her from very early on. I was so frustrated by the Matrix-like cliffhanger at the end. Hopefully I will better understand this story someday. If not, I think I am okay with that too.
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review 2014-06-21 13:23
Review: Wise Young Fool
Wise Young Fool - Sean Beaudoin

I received a free copy of this novel through the Arcycling blog


Ritchie has a bad attitude. He kinda has a few reasons for the chip on his shoulder; his dad left, his sister was killed by a drunk driver, and his mom decided to become a lesbian. Plus he’s in juvie, serving a ninety day sentence and there are two boys who would love to get rid of him.


He tells his story from the moment him and his best friend (only friend) Elliot Hella a.k.a. El Hella, decide to form a band and enter in a battle of the bands type contest. El Hella is a bit intense, more serious about the possibility of becoming rich and famous. He pushes Ritchie hard and Ritchie doesn’t always respond well.


The story goes back and forth from his time in juvie to his life before. In his life before, he lusts after the hot girl of the school, Ravenna, and bides his time messing with the ex-frumpy girl that’s turning into a cute punk chick. He gets lectures from his mom’s girlfriend about not being such a teenage hardass because it will get him nowhere in life.


In juvie, he spends his time trying not to get his ass beat. He makes one friend B’lo, a quiet boy that gets library duty with him. He writes song lyrics, and is forced to see the therapist.


Throughout the book you can feel something building, but you don’t know why he’s in juvie until the end of the book. Once you know, you finally understand why he’s been such an A-Hole.


Most of the book, I though “man are all teenage boys this freakin’ obnoxious?!” But I get it, the angry teenager vibe because you’ve been dealt a crappy hand. A lot of us have been there, I wasn’t exactly a nice teenager either.


It’s a rough coming of age book; Ritchie learns a lot harder of a lesson than most characters in these types of books. Ritchie pissed me off a lot with his stunts but I’m old and cranky.


Overall, I liked this book more when I finished it than when I was reading it but I read it fast and it keep me interested. I recommend if you are looking for a coming of age that’s a little different than the normal YA book.

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url 2014-06-11 02:12
{Top Ten Tuesday} Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far This Year
A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five - George R.R. Martin
The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line - Jennifer Graham,Rob Thomas
"Author:Laini Taylor"-is the title for"Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy)"-2014 - Laini Taylor
Cress - Marissa Meyer
Shadows - Paula Weston
Wise Young Fool - Sean Beaudoin
The Here and Now - Ann Brashares
The Fever - Megan Abbott
Steal the Light - Lexi Blake
Inhuman by Falls, Kat (2013) Hardcover - Kat Falls


Source: ficcentral.com/central-picks/memes/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-books-ive-read-so-far-this-year
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url 2014-05-22 02:41
{Review} Wise Young Fool by Sean Beaudoin
Wise Young Fool - Sean Beaudoin

Click HERE to read the review

Source: ficcentral.com/central-picks/book-review/review-wise-young-fool-by-sean-beaudoin
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review 2014-01-30 00:00
Wise Young Fool
Wise Young Fool - Sean Beaudoin The voice in this is amazing. Couldn't put it down. Ritchie is the most authentic teen I've read since Winger by Andrew Smith.
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