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url 2020-10-07 09:32
Big Companies that have not Made Profits

Familiar does not mean profitable. Here are the 6 famous big companies with no profit. Watch our youtube channel for more details.

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text 2020-05-29 15:23
Are you eligible for SNAP Exam 2020?


SNAP Exam is conducted every year in the month of December. Candidates willing to join MBA programmes offered by Institutes of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) need to appear for SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude) Online Exam 2020.


Candidates need to register for SNAP Exam Online and also register for the institutes offering the choice of course you wish to pursue. The process of registration for SNAP and the Institutes is integrated. Once shortlisted, further admission process of GE-PIWAT will be conducted by each of the institutes.


To be eligible to appear for SNAP exam the candidate should be a graduate from a recognized university with 50% marks or 45% for SC and ST Category. Candidates in final year are also eligible for SNAP Exam 2020. SNAP Eligibility Criteria for programmes offered by different institutes is different. The List of colleges under SIU are:



Name of the Institute




Symbiosis Institute of Business Management








Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research




Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication






Symbiosis Institute of International Business




Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development 




Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies




Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management




Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology




Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management




Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences




Symbiosis School of Banking Management




Symbiosis School of Media & Communication




Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences




Symbiosis School of Banking & Finance





Below is the eligibility for each institute:




Eligibility Criteria



Degree from any recognized


of National Importance

SIBM – Pune
SIBM – Bengaluru
SIBM – Hyderabad

Master of Business Administration (MBA)    General

General (50%)



MBA(Innovation and Entrepreneurship)






MBA (Telecom Management)


MBA(Communication Management)



SC/ST (45%)


MBA (Hospital & Healthcare Management)

SSMC - Bengaluru

MBA(Communication Management)


MBA (Banking & Finance)


MBA (Sports Management)


MBA (Business Analytics)


Master of Business Administration (Agri Business)


MBA (Infrastructure Management)

General (50%)

Bachelor of Architecture or Bachelor of Engineering/

Technology in Aeronautical Engineering/ Agriculture

Engineering/ Planning/ Civil Engineering/ Environment

Engineering/ Water Resources/ Environment/

Chemical Engineering/ Oil and Paint Technology/

Petrochemical Engineering/ Plastic and Polymer

Technology/ Electrical Engineering/ Energy


SC/ST (45%)

Electronics Engineering/ Electronics and

Communication Engineering/ Instrumentation

Engineering/ Mechatronics Engineering/Mechanical

Engineering/ Production Engineering/ Automobile

Engineering/ Industrial Engineering/ Fire and Safety

Engineering/ Marine Engineering/ Metallurgy

Engineering/ Mining Engineering


Master of Business Administration (Energy and Environment)

General (50%)

Bachelor of Engineering/ Technology/

SC/ST (45%)

Architecture/ Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)



General (50%)


SC/ST (45%)

Defence: Candidates should be children/ward/spouse of Defence personnel.

SIOM – Nashik

MBA (Operations Management)

General (50%)

Engineering Graduate (B.E or B.Tech)

SC/ST (45%)


MBA (Data Sciences & Data Analytics)

General (50%)

Graduate with Mathematics at +2 level

SC/ST (45%)


Check your eligibility and start your preparation for upcoming SNAP Exam in December. We wish you all the best.

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text 2020-05-19 03:20
The plastic fishing initiative was primarily launched to bring together plastic fishermen


Welcome to Plastic Fishery, a community project to inform about plastic fishing developments and innovative solutions. It is an global initiative to connect worldwide fishers and global fishery, too. The project will develop and share plastic fishing innovations. We all together can build and establish a complete new branch or market. Plastic Fishing will reform the fisheries and even parts of the shipping sector. Sustainable Fishing and Sustainble Shipping together is possible!Plastic Fishingcould solve the worldwide plastic waste problem in lakes, rivers, seas and oceans fast and efficient. It is really necessary to clean up the waters fast as possible because of the microplastic problem. The world do not need new extra ships and wasting again resources like metals and plastics for this. The solution is to repair, recycle and upcycle old or current ships. Small and large ships such as boats, container ships and cruise ships could take a lot of plastic along their way, especially as many of them drive along coast with lots of plastic waste. Most of the worldwide ships could be upgraded in just one year! The Greenhouse Ship and Recycling Ship project introduced this new form of plastic fishing by upgrading new and old boats or ships with plastic fishing nets on the sides. The plastic fishery can become a complete new market and give the plastic waste a better value worldwide, in the end all would win. Humanity would profit, so like the nature with all their life forms, the poorest who collect plastic waste to survive, the sustainable fishery and sustainable shipping industry - who really will do something for the climate protection, nature conservation and environmental protection.


Plastic fishers and other new jobs in this relation could be created with a worldwide plastic fishing market. It is not just a chance, it has really big potential and will create a lot of opportunities for existing companies, branches and industries.PlasticFisher.org will be a community network project to inform and to connect worldwide fishers and global fishery to new forms of plastic fishing and innovative developments for a complete new fishery market, the Plastic Fishery. It will reform the fishing market, real sustainable fishery and even parts of the shipping sector.PlasticFisher.org will be the official platform, directory and network for Sustainable Fishery, Plastic Recycling and Sustainable Shipping. Of course there will be a lot of more topics, innovative solutions and branches represented.More details and background information:The Plastic Fishery project was founded by Greening Deserts founder Oliver Gediminas Caplikas as part of the Greening Camp and greenhouse project 2017 in Leipzig. The Cleantech, Greentech and Greening Camps will develop innovative technologies and sustainable products in this direction, for example intelligent, transparent and vertical solar greenhouses. These future greenhouse containers, solar containers and hydrogen energy storage containers can be used for Energy Storage Parks, Greenhouse Ships and Recycling ships. This will enable a whole new generation of ships. They can then be powered by solar, hydrogen and Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT). Foldable solar panels (Floating Solar) can be used in addition for charging, e.g. at stopovers and at habours or ports. Similar methods will also be applied for Greening Deserts projects such as the Agrophotovoltaik project. Foldable solar modules or solutions are good for flexible energy use on demand and for soil improvement in all regions who need renewable energy. Solar fields can thus be easily folded and transported in containers with balloons, solar transporters and hydrogen trucks. For mobile greenhouses, greenhouse equipment, solar and other equipment, a greening bus or truck is possible, too.


These greening trucks can then also pick up containers directly from the coast, because the Greenhouse Ships will have landing boats which can deliver containers to almost any point along the coast. Many of the innovative concepts and projects have been developed since 2016. Most of the developments have been published internally on scientific platforms, but also publicly and internationally. The plastic fishing initiative was primarily launched to bring together plastic fishermen worldwide and motivate them to fish for plastic. The international plastic fishing profession should be officially recognized and other plastic collectors should benefit from it, e.g. by the increasing value of plastic waste worldwide and better integration into plastic deposit systems and the plastic value chain. Plastic fishing opens up completely new opportunities and markets, especially when conventional fishing and shipping recognize these opportunities and support this global initiative. The oceans, seas and other waters can be cleaned up if all ships take the plastics on their way. Huge amounts of plastic waste can be collected just in a few years. Every day counts in this regard, as the plastic waste in the lakes, rivers and seas continues to dissolve into microplastics on a daily basis. Or you want to eat plastic fish from the polluted food chain? Let's reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans! Further information and links will come on the official project pages and in the international media. Constructive feedback and active support is always welcome.A healthy ocean is vital to our economy and well-being. We need clean and healthy oceans to sustain tourism and fisheries. - Scott PetersClimate protection, conservation and environmental protection is also species protection. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replace and Upcycle Plastic Waste is the formula. - Oliver Gediminas CaplikasHealth to the ocean means health for us. - Sylvia EarleIdeals are like stars: you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but like Interlock snap suppliers the seafaring man on the ocean desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them, you reach your destiny. - Carl SchurzLimitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth. - Heinrich Zimmer


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text 2020-04-13 13:23
It is very important as a client coming down to fish, whether it be his your time


WELCOME TO THE GO FISH COSTA RICA TEAMMy name is Dan Ross, founder and owner of Go Fish Costa Rica. I moved to Costa Rica some 15 years ago after having lived in Alaska, Oregon and a long stint in Zihuatenejo, Mexico. I was born in Ilwaco, WA, at the mouth of the Columbia River. From day one, my mother always said it was like I was born with a fishing rod in my hand. I started fishing in our local trout pond, conveniently located in our backyard. I caught my first salmon and steel head in the creek on our property, and spent all the early part of my youth fishing the mighty Columbia River.As you can probably tell, fishing runs in my blood. I have been in the fishing business since I was 19 years old. I owned and operated a large fishing lodge in Alaska on the Nushagak River for 18 years, where I employed 15 captains and 25 staff members.


During this time, I was able to travel and fish all over the great state of Alaska. My travels with my clients and fishing trips took me from Alaska, Oregon, and Washington to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, and as far south as Colombia.Having been here in beautiful Costa Rica for the past 15 years, I have had the incredible opportunity to travel and fish in fishing snap factory many of its outstandingly diverse locations. I have fished from the south end of Costa Rica (Golfito) to the North Region (Papagayo), and everywhere in between. I have also taken numerous clients to the Caribbean side of this easily-traversable country for very successful Tarpon fishing. By fishing in all these different regions, with many different captains and boats, my fishing knowledge base has expanded tremendously. I try to learn something new from every person I meet, from the size and brand of hooks, to the size of leader and leader material, to different techniques of hooking Bill Fish.I have also learned a tremendous amount about the boats themselves, including which ones raise fish and which ones do not, there is such a difference in the many different types of hulls that are out there to choose from. There are glass hulls that were layed up with mass producing chopper guns and there are hulls that were precisely built by hand. Then you have your epoxy over wood covered boats that are some of the most beautiful Yachts you will ever see. Our fleet of Maverick yachts that are actually built right here in Jaco, Costa Rica are some of the finest boats we have for fishing. I love doing this because I love catching Bill Fish on my fly rod and take great pleasure in teaching clients how to do the same, all the while being able to share my passion.Leveraging my different experiences here in Costa Rica, I have had the great opportunity to match my clients with the perfect boat and captain for their skill level and fishing plans. Pairing my clients up with the perfect captain and boat is what I do best.


All my years of experience as a professional fisherman have successfully prepared me for this. I know who owns all the boats and who all the captains are. It is very important that the captain has a great passion for fishing! This passion needs to course through their blood and they need to have been around fishing for most of their life in order for them to successfully take you on a fishing trip and meet all the challenges that entails (regardless of your skill level). The passion for fishing needs to outweigh the paycheck. The captains I work with all have years of fishing experience and truly LOVE the sport.Whether you are a conventional fisherman coming down to hook one of the many species, or an experienced fly fisherman with my many years of experience fishing in Costa Rica, I can certainly help you target the species and style of fishing you prefer. Over time, I have learned which months to fish for what species, and which places are the best to fish for them. Here, in Costa Rica, you can always find some Billfish every month of the year. As they move north to south, you can follow right along with the bait. It is very important as a client coming down to fish, whether it be his your time or your tenth time, to be able to talk to someone that has the knowledge, experience and honesty to help you successfully plan your trip and assure you of your expectations.I never want anyone to come down to fish for a specific species that isn’t going to be possible. If at all possible, please do your homework and plan many months in advance. Talk to me about your total expectations for your trip, and which species you would like to target. Here, we have many opportunities. You may target Billfish, Marlin & Sailfish, Tuna, MahiMahi, Roosterfish, Snapper, Grouper, Tarpon, and many other species of fish in Costa Rica.While here, you may bring your fresh fish into one of our excellent restaurants to have it cooked your way. Or, the chefs can make some specific suggestions on how to best prepare your catch. Personally, I love to eat fresh fish and enjoying some of our fine restaurants is a must.I work with many of the hotels, condos, and private vacation rental homes here. I know who takes care of their clients and wants to make sure that they will return soon. There are many price ranges for lodging, so again, planning and talking ahead of time is essential. Contact me and we will talk Costa Rica Fishing. Remember my slogan, “My secret to catching fish…fish where the fish are.”For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at costa rica fishing vacations, los suenos fishing packages, los suenos charter boats, marlin fishing costa rica&costa rica marlin fishing


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review 2020-04-05 14:00
Snap - Belinda Bauer

by Belinda Bauer


This was an entertaining story. It starts with three children left in their mother's car broken down on the roadside while she goes to make a phone call, promising to be only ten minutes. However, she doesn't return at all. The author does a brilliant job of taking us through the thoughts and emotions of the eldest, Jack, who has been left in charge though he's only eleven. With a snappy sister and a baby that probably needs changing, he suddenly has far too much responsibility.


The chapters alternate between the story of the children and another character, Catherine, who is a pregnant woman from a few years later and who also faces a difficult and frightening situation. The connection isn't immediately obvious.


When the connection gets made, things get a lot more fast paced. Even before then, the idiosyncrasies of the various characters keep the story interesting. I liked Jack. The mystery of their mother's disappearance dominates much of the story and there are some flashbacks, especially in Jack's dreams. It's all done very smoothly so that I never felt confused about time periods or when Jack was dreaming again.


In some ways, some of the characters weren't quite believable and bordered on a few clichés. The police procedures definitely wandered into the highly unlikely. However, I didn't care. It was a good story and I enjoyed the read, even anticipating some of the unlikely directions it was heading towards near the end.


The only thing I didn't like about the end is that Catherine's story was left partially unresolved. I'd like to have known what happened next. Jack on the other hand I felt satisfied about.


There were some interesting psychological aspects of the story throughout. Jack's motivations were clear and his cleverness in tight situations is what made me feel sympathetic towards him.

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