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review 2017-11-15 21:17
Cuffed by His Charm: A Dirty Little Secrets Novel - Stacey Kennedy

This is the 4th book in the Dirty Little Secrets series and we finally get Gabe O'Keefes's story.  Gabe may be rich and likes his sex a little dirty (why else would you own a sex club?) but what most people don't know is that enjoys being a pub owner and serving beer, not the CEO to his huge company.  They might not also know that Gabe has been lusting after McKenna Archer, a bartender that work for him.  Since Kenna is an employee, she is hands off but when she ends up as the source for all the personal leaks of Gabe and his best friends to Gotcha! magazine, all bets are off.

Damn, you do not want to cross Gabe when he is not happy!

It quickly comes to light that Kenna's brother Evan is behind all the leaks and not Kenna, which leaves Gabe feeling a little guilty.  When Kenna realizes something is wrong regarding her brother, Gabe and his friends step in to help.  It was a twisty, turnie ride these two had to go on to find Evan and stop the leaks.  I really loved how Gabe helped Kenna even though he'd rather have her brother rot in hell for the things he did to him and his friends.  Overall, this was another great addition to this series with all your favorite alpha DC men back together.  I really liked how loyal Kenna was, especially to her brother, even if he didn't always deserve it.  And I really enjoyed the happy ending that Gabe and Kenna finally got!

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review 2017-11-15 20:48
Restrained Under His Duty (Dirty Little Secrets) - Stacey Kennedy

This is book 3 in the Dirty Little Secrets series and Ryder's story.  Ryder has been lusting after Hadley Winters for a long time but since he is her father's bodyguard, it has to be hands off.  Too bad Hadley doesn't see it that way.  She has tried anything and everything to be with Ryder.  While info regarding Ryder and his friends keeps getting leaked to the tabloid paper Gotcha!, the latest one is regarding Ryder and Hadley, and then a sexy photo of Hadley bound and gagged with two guys has been brought to light.  Ryder promises Hadley he will put a stop to this so it doesn't come to her father's attention but of course that means that they must spend more time together.  Ryder realizes that there is a bigger story underneath everything and is stepping up security for Hadley and her dad.  Just when Ryder thinks things are looking up....Bam....his world starts to unravel!  It takes Ryder's security team, his best friends and a leap of faith to fix his problem and get the one thing that he didn't realize meant so much to him before....Hadley.

I really loved this book.  Great characters and a great plot that kept taking me in a different direction than I though it was going to go.

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review 2017-11-14 02:27
Lust, not love
Cuffed by His Charm: A Dirty Little Secrets Novel - Stacey Kennedy

Let me start by saying that I haven't read the other books in this series, but I didn't have too much difficulty figuring out the connections between this group of friends. That part of the story line was interesting and it was obvious that this group would do anything for each other. The romance between Gabe and McKenna was where I ran into problems. I was put off by Gabe's initial treatment of McKenna, but as the story progressed, he did redeem himself. McKenna, however, was the source of much eye-rolling and head shaking. From the star ratings that I've seen, I realize that I'm in the minority here, so I will try to explain without too many spoilers. McKenna loves her brother and would do anything for him, which I can understand. What I couldn't understand was her willingly participating in a "scene" with Gabe right after finding evidence that her brother could be in serious trouble. I completely understand two people with a strong attraction coming together in times of stress, but this situation seemed almost separate from any worries McKenna may have had. Gabe had no reason to care what happened to McKenna's brother, other than his feelings for her, but at times it felt like I was reading two separate stories - one that was an emotional hunt for Evan and another that was a steamy BDSM light romance. Again, toward the end, I was a bit confused about the money. I don't know if it was intentional, but it came across that McKenna didn't want Gabe when she though he'd paid one amount, but when the truth comes out, it's a different story. I'm still confused as to why it matters how much was paid as long as her knight came riding in to save her. The romance between this pair never felt like a romance to me. A strong physical attraction, yes, and Gabe does things that only a man who loves a woman would do, but I never felt like McKenna had anything more than lust for him. 

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review 2017-10-24 19:34
Wesley the Owl
Wesley the Owl - Stacey O'Brien

Charming. A quarter into the book, it starts picking up for me.

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review 2017-10-23 17:53
Review: Hold Her Again by Shannon Stacey
Hold Her Again - Shannon Stacey

Ava and Jace were a perfect match; young and in love with big dreams of marriage, a family, and a country-music singing career. However, that all ended the night Jace left Ava behind and headed to Nashville with a solo singing contract in hand. Now Ava has spent the past five and a half years trying to make a life for herself and getting over the one man who held and then broke her heart. Meanwhile, Jace has spent the same time becoming a music sensation with only one regret: walking out on Ava. 


Hold Her Again is another delightful (and probably my favorite) holiday-themed romance novella from Shannon Stacey. The night that Jace walked away to make it big was the night that Ava gave up on all of her dreams. Right from the start of the book, I was all “Team Ava”, and I couldn’t conceive of any situation that would put the pair back together. There is absolutely no doubt that Jace made the wrong choice five and a half years ago, and Ava’s hurt is deep. But Ms. Stacey puts together a genuine reconciliation that had my heart beating faster and brought a few tears to my eyes. It is hard to get over that kind of soul-deep hurt, but it is equally difficult to show honest regret and prove the apologies are sincere. 


Ms. Stacey won me over with small gestures, while simultaneously moving the couple closer together over a short period of time. And it works because it is obvious this couple never stopped loving one another.


“The connection between them was still strong, and she thought of it like an invisible tread that was slowly darning the hole he’d left in her heart.”


Ava and Jace have that true love that lasts because they are “meant to be”, and after time, they realize second chances are worth the risk. 


While Hold Her Again has a Christmas-themed setting, it’s a wonderful gift to give yourself any time of the year. Second-chance, feel-good romances are a weakness of mine, and Hold Her Again is a wonderful fit.


My Rating:  A- Enjoyed A Lot

Review copy provided by Netgalley

Originally posted at That's What I'm Talking About

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